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  2. Hello, I just had an idea about something I had to think about a long ago and everytime I switch a theme, I trip on that idea again. The themes are are shown in the category 'galery' (=all) and the ones that were downloaded. The section of my themes should have a little setting to change the order of the shown list. It would be great to switch between 'mostly used', 'latest download' and 'recomended'. Mostly used: Should list themes first that have been used ofen Latest: should list themes in order of the time it was download (so new ones are shown first to remember them, most people download new themes at once but can't find the latest ones in the long list). Recommend: should list themes that look close to the style of themes that were used ofen or could be a good choice in context of the theme that is used at the moment. What do you think about this, dear community? Do you feel the same or have some other ideas that could be useful for next developmene steps? Rick
  3. Sk never care to their RTL language's users since it's became Microsoft's property i tried so many times to make them do standard layout for our language (arabic) like the on in most Android keyboards, but fortunately they didn't do it, they don't even make it possible to edit the size of the font in buttons since it's look to small on it Sent from my Redmi 5 Plus using Tapatalk
  4. Dvs1jsn

    GIF Content

    I get it. We all saw what happened. Sucks for all of us that some a$$hat out there did that. Good luck to you guys!
  5. Prad

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    I understand how you feel. We are seeing others with the similar response. We have to talk a fine line due to our app being listed in the play store as all ages. So we have to be careful with the content we show within the app. There is internal conversation happening about how to best handle this.
  6. Dvs1jsn

    GIF Content

    Thanks for the response. Sorry for incorrect post. Just figured GIF content LOL. Understand the policies and everything going around, but with no notice of this happening, many will have stopped using the SK keyboard like I have until it is fixed.
  7. Prad

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    @Dvs1jsn Due to some policies we had to change our GIF search results to more strict. We are seeing this is not making people happy so we are going to revisit it. In the future, please post normal product related questions on our Community help forum found at support.swiftkey.com - thanks.
  8. Dvs1jsn

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    I noticed while searching for a GIF, certain search words are not there. The response in the GIF section states "No search results found" My friends and I have vulgar senses of humor, so we respond to one another in the same manner, and sometimes a GIF comes in handy. But with these certain words not able to search, it cause them to look elsewhere to get their content. Is there a reason for this change?
  9. Prad

    Move cursor

    Hi, This forum is no longer the place to post feature requests. Please go to support.swiftkey.com to do that. Thanks.
  10. Ademsofilic

    Move cursor

    I'd like to see a feature we're we can move finer over the keyboard and move cursor like that. Like kn the Samsung's keyboard Sent from my SM-G965F using Tapatalk
  11. I would love to be a part of (continue) making my, "go to keyboard", SwiftKey improve, and continue to shine ☺ PM sent.
  12. @Tarka22 I can see that you are. You should see forums called Experiments. There is nothing active right now. I would make sure you have email notifications turned on so you can be aware of when new stuff is coming. Email is how most communication is handled with this community.
  13. I'm quite sure I followed the directions in the email regarding our profile and account settings...is there a way to check if I am now a part of the New Insiders Community? Thank you! Tarka
  14. You're already in it. =p
  15. I definitely would! Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  16. So are you saying you'd like to join this new SwiftKey Insiders Community?
  17. Thanks for sharing that, @lyndale =]
  18. I've also always been proud to be part of the SK VIP community.
  19. i’ve been a VIP beta tester w/ Swiftkey for many years now. I was so ecstatic when i got to be apart of the VIP community and share my opinions/reports! i always had SK rule the topic of conversation once people would see me slide typing!
  20. breakthruracing

    Announcing SwiftKey Insiders Community

    Thank you for completely sidestepping the actual issue - that this keyboard is disfunctional! But in learning this forum has indeed been here, I saw this is the same place I received NO help before, too... so at least you are consistent! I shall search again in hopes that someone has developed a keyboard that can actually keep up with an old broad... SwiftKey has failed me again.
  21. Let me clear some things up. This Community platform has existed for a long time. It used to be a place to report beta feedback, and it was also a community to community support forum. All those things are in the past. It has become a new Insiders Community. Which is why almost everything else is hidden. There are instructions in this post for members who already have an account how to get access to this new community.
  22. breakthruracing

    Announcing SwiftKey Insiders Community

    I'm confused... This comes out in a notification today as if it's a 'new' thing from SwiftKey, so I join hoping to find out if I'm the only one who has so much trouble with this keyboard - only to learn the posts on here go back nearly ten years?! And it won't let me start a new topic? Yet another example of SwiftKey wasting my time, just not in having to go back and retype everything because this keyboard is sooo disfunctional. Although, I of course had to do that just now to correct words in here. (Including words that don't even start with letters remotely near the letters of the intended words!)
  23. Prad

    What's Swiftkey prototype A and B?

    This test you were invited to is not part of this program. Please refer to any emails or surveys you got to provide feedback for this beta. Any projects that come through SwiftKey Insiders will come through this forum.
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