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What Is SwiftKey Insiders?

SwiftKey Insiders is an exclusive community where you get to test new and unreleased projects & features.


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We are looking for people like you, who like using SwiftKey and want to help make SwiftKey and any future SwiftKey products better for you. Everyone's opinions matter equally here!


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We hope that you enjoy our SwiftKey VIP Community and look forward to your involvement and feedback in the community. By using this forum, you agree to follow the Terms and Conditions when you created your account and the Guidelines below.

General Guidelines

  • Illegal Activities - Do not post or request copy protected property. This includes older versions of SwiftKey.
  • Family Friendly - We have no minimum age; so posts need to be appropriate for all ages.
  • Language Filters - We use filters to block certain words. Do not attempt to beat such filters.
  • Respect Others - Be courteous to others. Be tolerant of those who disagree and discuss differences constructively. Personal attacks will not be tolerated. References to race, religion, sex, or politics are not allowed.
  • Post In The Right Forum - Please take a moment to look through the forums to see where a new topic should go. Moderators may move threads to another forum if deemed appropriate.
  • Private Info Is Private - Do not post other peoples email addresses, phone numbers, addresses, etc.
  • Spam - Do not market other products or services on this site.
  • Taking Threads Off Topic - Please open a new thread for each new topic. This helps the community easily find the right information.
  • Duplicate Posting - Once a topic has been posted, please do not spam other threads with the same topic.
  • SwiftKey Betas - All SwiftKey Beta keyboards are solely for the personal use of the members of this forum and may not be distributed.

Breaking any of the above guidelines is reason for either a warning or banning based on the discretion of the moderation team.

To Report A Post

Click ‘Report’ on the lower-left side of the post to let us know of a concern which violates our guidelines.


We cannot imagine every circumstance that may arise and reserve the right to change these rules, remove/edit posts, and ban users at our discretion. These forum Guidelines do not constitute a contract, warranty, or guaranty of any kind.