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  1. Yesterday
  2. @Tarka22 I can see that you are. You should see forums called Experiments. There is nothing active right now. I would make sure you have email notifications turned on so you can be aware of when new stuff is coming. Email is how most communication is handled with this community.
  3. Last week
  4. I'm quite sure I followed the directions in the email regarding our profile and account settings...is there a way to check if I am now a part of the New Insiders Community? Thank you! Tarka
  5. I definitely would! Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  6. So are you saying you'd like to join this new SwiftKey Insiders Community?
  7. Thanks for sharing that, @lyndale =]
  8. I've also always been proud to be part of the SK VIP community.
  9. Earlier
  10. i’ve been a VIP beta tester w/ Swiftkey for many years now. I was so ecstatic when i got to be apart of the VIP community and share my opinions/reports! i always had SK rule the topic of conversation once people would see me slide typing!
  11. Announcing SwiftKey Insiders Community

    Thank you for completely sidestepping the actual issue - that this keyboard is disfunctional! But in learning this forum has indeed been here, I saw this is the same place I received NO help before, too... so at least you are consistent! I shall search again in hopes that someone has developed a keyboard that can actually keep up with an old broad... SwiftKey has failed me again.
  12. Let me clear some things up. This Community platform has existed for a long time. It used to be a place to report beta feedback, and it was also a community to community support forum. All those things are in the past. It has become a new Insiders Community. Which is why almost everything else is hidden. There are instructions in this post for members who already have an account how to get access to this new community.
  13. Announcing SwiftKey Insiders Community

    I'm confused... This comes out in a notification today as if it's a 'new' thing from SwiftKey, so I join hoping to find out if I'm the only one who has so much trouble with this keyboard - only to learn the posts on here go back nearly ten years?! And it won't let me start a new topic? Yet another example of SwiftKey wasting my time, just not in having to go back and retype everything because this keyboard is sooo disfunctional. Although, I of course had to do that just now to correct words in here. (Including words that don't even start with letters remotely near the letters of the intended words!)
  14. What's Swiftkey prototype A and B?

    This test you were invited to is not part of this program. Please refer to any emails or surveys you got to provide feedback for this beta. Any projects that come through SwiftKey Insiders will come through this forum.
  15. I've just noticed them within the Playstore.... Well... After tried using them for awhile. I thought the language button's location is kinda weird and misplaced. It should have been on the left side :0
  16. pm sent sir... Looking forward your answer
  17. This program is Android only right now. Insiders help by participating in the experiments I send out and providing their feedback on those. Any general ideas and feature requests can be directed to support.swiftkey.com - but we also do encourage topics for discussion.
  18. What can we insiders do to help SwiftKey nowadays? I think a single-handed keyboard design would be just what the doctor ordered!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. Insightful Swiftkey feedback on VIP?

    Hi there, As you have pointed out, this forum is no longer used as feedback. It has become a new Insiders Community. All general feedback and bug reports can be posted in support.swiftkey.com. Things were jus too complicated having both forums in one place. There is a moderator team that manages the forums now, they flag things to me in which we discuss are important. The forums at support.swiftkey.com are where you can post a bug or start a discussion, if anything, that forum is more easy to find and has decent engagement and attracts more of the average user. If you feel like your forum post is not getting attention, tweet it to us and or submit a ticket as well. I hope this helps.
  20. I've been scanning this forum and it seems rather dead. Other than the small bursts of activity around insider projects, there's not much happening. I suppose that may be the intent... The high quality feedback on new feature integrations is very high value. I recall however how specific and valuable the feedback on VIP was before the support forum split. When I look at the support forum now, it's a dozen posts an hour, mostly from people who haven't checked the options menu, or need to restart their phones. I.E. It's truly a support forum, in the customer help sense. My recent thread on this forum was closed due to it being too support like. Fair. However, my post demonstrated a thorough understanding of the current state of the app, and rather than asking how to do something or reporting a perceived bug, made a suggestion for the UI design direction of the app. I feel like this community is uniquely made up of a group of users who are unlikely to miss an option in the app, or mistakenly perceive certain behaviour as a bug. However, there is nowhere on this forum to have these sorts of discussions or provide this style of clean constructed feedback. I wasn't even sure what the appropriate thread for this post was! I feel like you would see a much more carefully thought out set of feature requests and design suggestions from the subgroup of users you've gathered in VIP. Cheers.
  21. Incognito mode more clicks now

    Hi, Please post your topic to support forum. Current forum is for VIP program only. Thank you Alpert
  22. Incognito mode more clicks now

    Hey! Beta app updated this morning. While there's certainly something eloquent about the new menu bar that pops up (I imagine the primary motivation was not taking away the keyboard itself on accidental taps, which I applaud) it has also furthur buried the only feature I ever open that menu for, incognito mode. I would love to see incognito mode brought forward more. I've previously suggested letting it be a long press on the keyboard, perhaps as an option to switch it with the emoji or voice input keys. I know option menu items aren't a favorite solution, so maybe switch themes and incognito in the new menu? Do people really change their themes on the fly as frequently as they switch in and out of incognito mode?
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