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  1. Last week
  2. swiftkey arrows keys order

    It would be nice to have a way to change arrow keys order. Example picture attached
  3. Earlier
  4. 7583 only. Does it reset if you change to different keyboard frequently? Sent from my ASUS_Z00A using Tapatalk
  5. Adaptive color theme

    I'm dying for SwiftKey to put this feature in the keyboard. I know we just got the custom photo feature, but having this feature enabled on SwiftKey would make me never want to switch keyboards again. One of the reasons being it keeps the theme exciting and fresh no matter what you're doing. Also, I trust the chrooma keyboard developer about as far as I could throw him (have not tested this) Would this be very difficult to implement? I'm not a dev just an avid SwiftKey devote-key (see what I did there?) Sent from my ASUS_Z00A using Tapatalk
  6. Almost one year ago i filed a support ticket regarding auto-capitalizing html input fields. (ticket 116289). This bug is still present. The bug is that Swiftkey is defaulting to Autocapitalizing for html input fields of type text. Even if that is considered a feature and not a bug, it should still be possible to use the attribute autocapitalize=off/none for the input filed to force non-auto-capitalizing https://developers.google.com/web/updates/2015/04/autocapitalize Stock Android keyboard, on Nexus 5x in my case, works as intended. Test here: https://davidwalsh.name/demo/disable-autocorrect.php
  7. Every time I come close to 15000, MAYBE 16000, the counter goes back to 10000. Am I alone in this? Do I loose words or is it a bug? Please check your stats for me, thanx.
  8. Rick & Morty

    Anybody here watch the show? Here's a few memes I've collected.
  9. -bìdh instead of bidh appearing at beginning of sentence (where bìdh could never occur normally) - this was mostly fixed in latest update -missing apostrophes, usually the apostrophes appear according to context but when I type Bidh mi.. The correct answer, a' never appears as an option instead the three choices (including a no apostrophe) could never appear in that context grammatically Another thing I have noticed is that these errors crop up in a lot of social media because Swiftkey is the only company that supports our language. The errors are so small that no one bothers to correct them so machine learning trains off a bad set. Other than that, it works great. I wonder if others have experienced something similar in other languages?
  10. We can never guarantee any features. But all suggestions are taken into consideration. I think this is a little beyond our scope for now, but who knows what the future holds.
  11. This is true, it's a fine line. We're already getting bloatware comments for adding GIFs and such. Yet, this is basically how the landscape is moving with keyboards. To a platform, not just a utility. We have some solid performance work underway right now. We should see some benefits of this soon.
  12. What would you like to share from your keyboard?

    I think that would be fun, my only concern is the bloatware factor. You could increase the overall performance of SK with the introduction of this feature and keyboard warriors everywhere would still scream bloatware.
  13. Yea, they can be savages over there. I only jump in where i feel like I can provide value to the conversation. I see no point in jumping into toxic conversations.
  14. General feedback from users of Androidpolice

    No problem! Great replies of yours, AP commenters are quite rough, it's difficult to start a peaceful conversation
  15. Partnering with game makers would be good. But again I would prefer to create them yourself as you would have a better control over it.
  16. Interesting, this is something I have not thought about. Would you prefer we partner with game makers and have them work within the keyboard, or would we create some other interesting word based/typing based games?
  17. Extreme lagging swiftkey beta

    on android 8.1 it takes several key presses before swiftkey displays letters
  18. Can you add some mini games right into the keyboard? I know it's weird but it's just a suggestion. Actually I have sometimes a very long conversation or sometimes have to wait for something to get answered in a group where you have 100+ members. So having mini games right into the keyboard will help to pass some time without actually leaving the chat. What do other members think about this?
  19. Hi Michael, AP is my favorite Android blog to read. I tend to jump in there and respond to people when I see them write about us. If you visit the link now, you'll see my commenting. Thanks for sharing.
  20. Hi Folks. I am a lover of SwiftKey almost from the beginning. I also love the Handcent SMS app. For years, they have seamlessly worked together. For some reason, sometime in the last few months, when I respond to a Handcent PopUp message, I am unable to see the text I am putting in the PopUp box. Doesn't make any sense. (Full disclosure...I have a new Galaxy Note 8. However, this problem started when I had my Note 4) I don't believe this is a Handcent problem, but I'm wondering if any of you has seen this behavior? Thanks A Bunch!
  21. Hi all, Not sure where to post this, so I'll leave it here. The last public Beta has been released, with the addition of custom themes. There is an article on Android Police that talks about it, and commenters were keen to join in the discussion. There is some interesting piece of feedback that SwiftKey Community Managers might benefit from, and report to the devs. You will find the comments BELOW the article, in the Disqus section. Link to the comments here.
  22. Force spacebar to insert space instead of prediction

    Quick Period, under Typing > Typing & Autocorrect I have Quick prediction turned off and Quick period turned on. Latest update broke this I think but it usually works.
  23. Creating your own keyboard theme?

    Hello, nice news about the own themes.. Maybe it could help to solve this by let the user select a own picture that SwiftKey is using as background by overwork it in a automatic process of making it look good. Maybe something like diffrent colors to select or some other animations? The animations of iOS are really nice - why not using this thought here with the photo effects? I guess this could be what customers want. It is really hard to make a own theme - colors and design are not easy to handle for lots of users. The import of a own picture could make that easier in combination with some effects. Google uses a picture upload in their Keyboard. But since the picture is used as it is without effects, it is nothing special about it. The effects of animations or color filters would be a good idea. What do you think?
  24. I noticed I'm having difficulties entering space on spacebar, since I've set mine to enter prediction. What if I need to enter a space instead? How can I do that?
  25. Galaxy S8 / S8+ freezing

    Hi there, Two things: We are looking into why this is happening. So this is good news This forum is no longer designed for support forums. They have moved to support.swiftkey.com Thanks, Ryan
  26. Galaxy S8 / S8+ freezing

    I'd been having an issue with my Galaxy S8+ freezing randomly and found a number of forums where it was suggested that SwiftKey was the cause. I desperately didn't want to believe this, but uninstalled Swiftkey two weeks ago and haven't had a single freeze since. Anyone have any idea why this is happening and if I can fix it? I really want to go back to Swiftkey! Thank you!!!
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