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  1. Yesterday
  2. Hello, I'm new. I've looked around the forum and I have to say, everybody here is so friendly.(:
  3. I am using TypingAid for autocomplete on windows and would like to have my Swiftkey dictionary on windows as well. So it would be great if we could export the dictionary as a csv or sqlite db
  4. Last week
  5. Hello all Aren't we drifting in this thread away from the original topic : recent global loss of prediction quality ? I thank you all for your help. @Prad i did what you told just after you said it (deleting all typing data). My new keybord map is attached. I also tried to disconnect and reconnect. SwiftKey read all my emails again, to learn. Maybe I should try again without learning through my emails ? The quality of the prediction is grossly the same. Sometimes it's just totally wrong. It appears to be something with punctuation, SK wanting to insert it when i don't want to. I'll keep you posted if I notice in what situation it apperas. Thank you !
  6. Having similar issues on the Nexus 6p, Android 7.1.1. Following the most recent update, using Swiftkey will cause the whole system to lag, particularly when trying to use the system Back, Home, and Multitask/Dual App keys. Swiftkey will not close and remains open even when no text field is active (or even when there is no text field on screen) (see photos). I am able to recreate the error when listening to music on either Google Play Music or Spotify and when typing in Hangouts. Switching to Google Keyboard eliminates the system lag. Swiftkey Beta
  7. Am I insane or is there no one-handed mode on iOS??? How the heck do I access it?
  8. Yes, I have done this and it does not work. The moment I type the word again, SwiftKey behaves as if I didn't delete the word. It is precisely because SwiftKey does not behave in the manner in which it is supposed to that is causing me frustration. Currently, I am testing out a fresh install of SwiftKey without logging in to my account to see if starting with a clean language model helps.
  9. I think that after using SwiftKey for a few weeks I just understood the meaning of "flow through space!" Thanks again for the comment. Sent from my Moto G (4) using Tapatalk
  10. Anything is possible Tagdan. What SwiftKey is trying to achieve (and according to the numbers, doing a fantastic job as such) is a better UX than its competitors. This means less intrusive permissions and the ability to zoom in on the keyboard that may be useful for some, if not most, of the users. I'm not saying this won't change in the future, that I cannot speak on as I'm not a developer. However, a feature request is the best way to go regarding this functionality. http://support.swiftkey.com is where you can find the feature request section. Happy typing! Sent from my SM-N920P using Tapatalk
  11. Have you tried to delete "Hi" and "Park" from the predictions? So next time when you type "h" key and "I" key, there would be "hi", tap on that. Same method for "park". I think this might help you.
  12. Yes. You posted in the wrong section. For iOS beta you'll need contact @Prad for more info. Before that, make sure the Testflight is installed on your device.
  13. I have ios so does that make a difference??
  14. Here are some examples. Note that I have caps at the start of sentences disabled. 'Hi' always appears capitalised even though every time I type it, I select the lower case version. Park (as in Korean surname) always appears capitalised, and I'm sure I type park (as in garden) and park (as in park the car) more than I type a Korean surname. I have done the usual training by selecting the intended word everyone time, and also removing the word and retyping it. Both methods have failed to produce any result. This happens for any app and frequently enough that I'm used to it. I can type and correct quickly on SwiftKey, but this is a frustrating experience.
  15. Dear mr swiftkey guy. Just tapped space key three times and yes, still zooming and not supposed to happen when tapping the screen? Its the most annoying thing. It has started a few weeks ago. I believe my memory is filling or phone is a little slower now that its triggering this. What we are trying to tell you is explained with analogy. Its like having a motorcycle without a backrest. All the other motorcycle companies can have a backrest but not yours? Just tell us if it not possible for swifkey to do what other companies can. Just trying to relax here, Dan
  16. Understood. Can you give us some examples (screen shot, videos) of this kind of issue happens? And more details like : does it happen in a specific app or overall experience? During daily use, what percentage would you give for the chance you run into this issue?
  17. This only happens for certain words though, others obey the non caps setting. I wouldn't mind if the grammar rule is applied to all words, but the issue is that it is non-standard and so I, as a user, have to remember these deviations and self-correct. Exactly, so I'm pointing out that SwiftKey deviates from the rules it is supposed to apply consistently, as a user whose main use of SwiftKey is to type English.
  18. If you found any examples (just like the OP did), which doesn't make sense to you, you are very welcome to post them here. And we are listening. Thanks!
  19. First letter of the first word in a sentence to be cap is the grammar rule. In my experience the grammar rule overwrites the word form. Because both prediction of cap and not cap exists in SwiftKey, the rules make the cap one in the front of sentence. And yes, if you want to have non cap word in the beginning of a sentence, you will need to tap on the shift to switch because this is not a normal use or a correct form. It's the same idea that you won't see SwiftKey cap a word automatically in the middle of the sentence. Because it's not the right grammar. SwiftKey aims to fast daily communication typing, regular stuff, so to follow the regular rules is easy and fast, more importantly is most people got used to and understand how they work. If you need something more specific, more professional, more personal use, you'll need a fully customizable keyboard to adjust everything. The plural issue, I just replied in your thread. Please check.
  20. Ah ok, I understand. My issue then is different from the one in this thread. I consider it to be an issue because it just takes longer to type with SwiftKey's extreme preference of plural words. But I'm used to it so just putting this out there so you guys know about it!
  21. If they make sense to be plural, personally I won't consider it as a problem because SwiftKey got things right. This thread is looking for the plural predictions which doesn't make sense.
  22. Hi, You can search SwiftKey Beta directly in Google Play. But, remember, the beta version is not stable. For daily use, we suggest you to stay with stable version. Alpert
  23. I'm not sure if this is relevant to this topic, but after the switch to the neural prediction, SwiftKey seems to ignore my training of the language model. For example, I have turned off auto caps at the start of sentences, but SwiftKey keeps making some words capitalised at the start of sentences even though I have been typing and manually selecting the non capitalised word. The extreme preference to predict plural forms over singular forms is another bugbear that I've posted about on another thread. I still type quickly with SwiftKey by getting used to these quirks, but I'm not sure if settling for these issues is the right way moving forward.
  24. Can I check what are you looking out for in the screenshots? I have some screenshots that show SwiftKey preferring plural over singular forms. Though the plural form does make sense in the sentence, my point is that it's easier to prefer singular forms and then add an "s" than to backspace to remove the "s".
  25. Where is the beta downloads??
  26. Hello sir, Nice to have you on board. What help do you need? Also, be careful, this website would be closed during this weekend, we are moving to another site. Please read this thread . Thank you for choosing SwiftKey! Alpert
  27. I don't think that's a right thing to do - consider this as a user reply. Not every keyboard mean to be Swype-like. I'm not saying SwiftKey is the best or Swype is the best, but if it's always one copies another, it would be so boring and leaves no differences among all the keyboards, which also means no choice to be made by users because all are the same.
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