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  2. My Samsung Galaxy S8+ Android 7.0 "Hacker Live Wallpaper" but all I see is blonde, brunette, redhead... I find the lack of customization in the native launcher mildly irritating, so I may take Nova Launcher for a spin.
  3. Earlier
  4. I know this is an old post but any update on adding Chinese language support (or other East Asian languages like Korean or Japanese) on IOS platform? Thanks.
  5. Ok uh....upgraded to that version, and it worked for a second, then randomly I'd swipe a word and it would instead duplicate the word I just typed, without a space before it. Seriously weird. So this time I went back even further (to 5.0) and not only does everything work, but the weird problem where things were being incorrectly capitalized is fixed too. SwiftKey guys...if you're gonna upgrade, at least fix your bugs before release! Ugh :/
  6. Awesome. Good to know I can update the app now. Thanks!
  7. All of the bugs I see mentioned in this thread have been fixed. The spacing and correction/prediction issues were fixed and a toggle added in "typing and autocorrect" to switch auto space on and off. It's been covered extensively here: https://support.swiftkey.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/115000564265-Improved-Flow-swipe-feature-in-SwiftKey-for-Android-Beta
  8. Any updates on this? I'm still using the old version.
  9. I have used SwiftKey for as long as I have had an Android device, back when I paid for it, so I have a lot of experience of it. Please can you make the layout between devices consistent, or at least allow me to set it so? Significant keys are in entirely different places as I move between the devices. I keep making errors due to it. It REALLY is irritating. Enter Delete Full stop (period) Comma Flow in particular is DIFFERENT between the devices. If I try the same shape on each, it gives different words. The bottom row on the phone is much narrower proportionately than the tablet, so I keep hitting m instead of n. Z and M are directly below S and K, rather than being half way further out. Because the proportional distances vertically are bigger on the phone, I also find I keep hitting n or b instead of space, both typing and flowing. That vertical spacing difference is a pain. The tablet has an additional swiftkey logo key which is unnecessary, and an extra shift key which is in the place I expect the delete key on the phone. You claim that SwiftKey "Kills your typos". It actually creates more for me because I use it on two devices. What I want to be able to do is set the same layout on all devices where I use Swiftkey, including making the proportions the same. So if a key is square, as it is on the tablet, it should be square on all devices. The phone keys are actually 1.3 times taller than they are wide, whereas on the tablet they are square. Square would be good, as that would make the phone keyboard shorter and allow me to see more of what I am typing. Others may prefer taller, or not care because they type little.
  10. #NewProfilePic https://t.co/o34fdLQUpI

  11. #NewProfilePic https://t.co/o34fdLQUpI

  12. Prad, I've loved this change ever since it was implemented! I'm also glad that you made it optional for those that didn't like it. It was also great to see you guys fix the capitalizing issues that were going along with the autospacing changes. The only real issues I'm having with the keyboard right now are flow accuracy in general and the autospace after colon. Sent from my SM-G935T using Tapatalk
  13. Thank you for your feedback! Happy typing!
  14. Thanks Alpert, By switching of Google spellchecker, in the setting of my phone, the redline disappeared! I'm running LineageOS, so I'm not sure what kind of settings the others have, but eitherway it worked!
  15. I know this has been lingering. We have something in the works. I'll update you when we have a fix rolled out. Thanks for your patience.
  16. Hello, Is there any updates regarding the issue? It still happens in and this issue has been there for more than half a year now...This issue can be a blocker for any Chinese input user like me. One very common use case is in Wechat app: * Steps to reproduce: Type chinese pinyin -> tap any word/phrase from top bar -> tap Enter to send the message * Actual behavior: After a noticable delay, the Chinese pinyin gets popped up together with the Chinese word/phrase you selected into input field. * Expected behavior: The typing experience should be seamless and smooth as I'm typing fast. That delay kills all the joy of using SwiftKey. Thanks, Yao
  17. I found this post from a google search on my issue. My configuration is different but the behaviour is the same. SwiftKey on iOS when using chrome browser in incognito mode in the address bar only (pretty specific set of conditions) the first letter typed gets doubled in the prediction bar. Let me know if I should open a new bug.
  18. CNavabannama
  19. Hello, Unfortunately you're posting in the wrong section in a wrong forum. Please read the article below: Current thread closed for comment.
  20. Hello, Indeed that you're posting in the wrong forum. Please read: Current thread closed for comment.
  21. I guess this the wrong forum but the only one I could choose. I accidentally deleted two predictions (this is before I made backup) and now I can't get those emojis back. What do I do? I used them lots and they still don't show up
  22. Hello there. Why cant i send stickers on sms when i am writing on my Samsung S7 Edge when i had my Sony Z3+ it was no problem. Why is that??
  23. what about the themes for swiftmoji as minimal themes are the only thing to switch to swiftmoji and no updates are provided last one was in the dec i think also i got no reply for asking the them earlier
  24. Same issue Nexus 6p 7.1.1 Lang English-speaking (primary) Hebrew SwiftKey with English-US and Hebrew downloaded
  25. I do not only agree with this as well as I'm asking the same thing. Still wondering if now that SK was acquired by MS, will be there Desktop and Windows Phone versions.
  26. Hi Prad, 


    Any update on the wechat issue posted here?:


    Just updated and ran into this bug, I use swipe to delete and wechat is a primary app for me. The experience typing now is really clunky/slow since I now need to hold down delete and wait for the word to delete letter by letter instead of just one quick swipe. May have to try and revert to a 2016 version if this isn't going to get looked at.


    Cheers mate.


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