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  2. Hello everyone,


    I'm very happy to be a part of this community and I look forward to contributing.

  3. Get_config issue with tapatalk

    I've been dealing with their support (which is still slow). It seems to be working now though for some reason. On the latest version of Tapatalk for Android. I was logged in and able to view stuff yesterday.
  4. Get_config issue with tapatalk

    I had the same thing. I had to revert to an older one that this still works on.
  5. Get_config issue with tapatalk

    Glad to hear it's being looked into ... I have a feeling tapatalk messed up something real bad on their end because your forum isn't the only one to disappear... Which could also explain the back up In tickets
  6. Get_config issue with tapatalk

    I'm still working with their support staff to get it all sorted. Sorry about the delay. We've been hitting a lot of road blocks. They've also mentioned they are backedup with support tickets, so response time has been a little slow, but I'm still on it!
  7. Get_config issue with tapatalk

    Any news @Prad... Because now I've noticed SwiftKey insiders no longer listed in tapatalk
  8. Hi Max, This forum is no longer a support forum. Please post all support related issues over on support.swiftkey.com. You can submit a ticket or post on the forums there.
  9. Multiple language mishaps

    Hi, Please notice this forum is not for bug report or submitting feature request. Only VIP topics are allowed here. Here I'll give you the answer considering you posted for the first time: SwiftKey supports multilingual input by default and as a primary feature. It cannot be turned off. If you want to ask further questions, please visit our support forum: https://support.swiftkey.com/hc/en-us Current thread is locked. Thank you for your understanding Alpert
  10. Multiple language mishaps

    I am using SwiftKey for years, now on my Motorola Moto G5 plus and Galaxy Tab s2 9.7, both run stock Android 7.0 On both devices I have 3 languages installed, English UK, Dutch (NL) and German. My native language is Dutch and so most of my messages and mails are typed in this language. Since a couple of months however it appears that when typing Dutch texts there are a lot more "foreign" words predicted or inserted by SwiftKey. It completes Dutch words with English or German suggestions. This happens way more than before and is very annoying. My wife is having the same problems on her Galaxy S5+ by the way. Can you please fix this? Make the predictions more intelligent and based on the language of words which are already typed in the same text? Or make it possible to choose a primary language?
  11. What would you like to share from your keyboard?

    Cropped screenshot of typed text and keyboard suggestions. It's hilarious sometimes)
  12. [D] What's Your Phone Hardware?

    Motorola Droid Turbo 2 (SD810 / 3Gb) aaand... I destroyed it. Old Xperia Z1 (SD800 / 1Gb) for now. I don't understand, why do people need more than 3Gb of RAM. I had 3Gb RAM and almost 1Gb was always free. Also, don't understand why people need SD 8xx if they don't play games on phone. I do, sometimes. Next phone will have 820 or 835. And yeah, I will never buy phone which isn't based on Snapdragon.
  13. Project Ara

    Thread is dead? Nobody excited about Moto Z / Z2? Thinking about buying Z2 Force, waiting for price to come down. Project Ara was a great concept, but too modular and a bit utopic.
  14. There's an issue with the Arabic keyboard. The accent on one of the most used letters (like A) in Arabic, أ should be the default on all phones. It is so on my Galaxy note 4, but not on the Galaxy S8+. On the S8+, it's a much less-often used accent (إ) For what it's worth, I checked the settings on both phones and they are identical. Here are pictures Note 4 S8+ As you can see, the default accent should be what is actually written on the key itself in the top right corner of the key.
  15. Spacebar usage

    It is not only language, it is also different character sets like Hebrew, Arabic, etc.
  16. Spacebar usage

    Don't know about you, but I have 2 languages polish and English and I have no option to change between them, I just type in the word that I want and SwiftKey detects if it's this language or that. Maybe it becomes a problem with 3 or more, but I don't see a need to actually type in like 5 languages at once in one sentence for example. I would pick letter by letter then. So tl;dr my SwiftKey auto detects language and provide solution without picking any particular language.
  17. Spacebar usage

    I use several languages and also different character sets. I also swipe a lot. My issue is that often by mistake, when swiping, I end up with a request to change the language, since this is done by swiping on the spacebar. Is there a way to change this? Maybe a long press on the spacebar instead of a swipe? //Awi
  18. Get_config issue with tapatalk

    Thank you
  19. Get_config issue with tapatalk

    Let me look into this. I was working with them as I noticed some stuff not working too.
  20. Having issues with accessing SwiftKey insiders VIA tapatalk keep getting a Get_config error
  21. I sent a mail to the support team about a week ago, but haven't got any response as yet. I thought contacting you directly would yield success. The problem: I cleared my typing data from swiftkey beta, because the words were kinda messed up. Then I went to get the cloud personalised with my Google plus account. But, what I received was a notification of "failure". I have attached the screenshot from the swiftkey beta personalization tab. I have tapped about a hundred times. I gave tried reentering my account details to login to swiftkey again. But nothing at all! Please, help!
  22. Using Swiftkey Keyboard for 3 years.

  23. Here is more comprehensible version with examples: http://toolpaq.com/en/guide_to_polish_curse_words/ Basically you can pick base 'pieprzyć' or more vulgar 'pierdolić' and by changing context and prefix or suffix you can convey virtually ANY action, like run, steal, blow up, to dig in dirt, to have an intercourse, and so so so much more. What is really adding to the depth is hard 'R' sound accompanying every swear.There is a short video at the end, that shows us some examples, those are very powerful words here. It's not like Ijust go around and say '****' all day long. It doesn't have that aggresiveR find this exclusive to Polish language, and thus I decided to share this language oddity. Sorry if you feel that it is in bad taste, if I offend anyone, please let it be known I have no intention of doing so, I am only sharing information.
  24. Show your home screen!

    @Prad this wallpaper is awesome, I really like the idea. It's great to see some quality live wallpapers, because most is horrible...
  25. Show your home screen!

    This os my latest. I have a Google live case and wallpaper. So the map moves srojjd as I do. Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
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