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    Hello everyone, I have some exciting news for you today! Read on... A few years ago, we added a User to User (U2U) section to our VIP Community. In this area, over 8,000 questions have been asked across the Android and iOS community. This means that thousands of people came to this community seeking help and were able to get answers to their questions from another member of the SwiftKey community. We're very proud of everyone that contributed to the success of this support community. As of Wednesday, February 15th, all changes mentioned below are effective. The VIP Forums will remain open and active until Monday, February 20th. After that, the forums will only be "view only" User to User Forums The U2U section was put in place to help with support while also bringing people together to help each other out. We are now taking a step forward and launching the next version of this community. Even though it's in a different location, the same level of dedication will be applied. The fantastic Mod team will transition with this move and be there to help any questions that you may have. Today, we're moving our U2U community to our support site. Now when you end up on our support site (which hopefully isn't too often) then search for your question, you'll be able to see knowledge base articles as well as answers and questions from the community. This keeps all relevant support-related content in the same area, allowing you to get in and out faster than ever. It also means that more people who are looking for help will find it all in one place. New SwiftKey Support Community The U2U forums will remain open to look at for a few more days, but new content will not be able to be posted. I want to thank everyone who posted or answered a question in these forums over the years. It was thanks to all of you that our community was so awesome! Adding a big special thanks to the Mod team: Alpert, Brandoberry, Subliminal5oh2, driftinganomaly, EeZeEpEe (retired), Ledsteplin, Iamdaymo & Martin23 for being the ones who were most on top of responding to your questions as soon as they could. Beta Forums The beta forums have also been moved to Zendesk. We have not created their own separate section. Post beta related questions in the general Android or iOS sections. The mod team & SwiftKey staff will be there to answer questions. If we feel things start to get too messy by combining beta and market support forums, we can create a specific beta one. Greenhouse Forums The Greenhouse forums will also be closed down. We have created a section for SwiftKey Symbols. The rest of the forums will not migrate over for the time being. What does this mean for the rest of the VIP Community? Great question! We have plans, and we'll be sending out more updates soon. If you have any questions or concerns, you can always post them here. Cheers, Ryan, SwiftKey Community Manager
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    Hello beta community, What's New We've cleaned up some names of languages in the languages settings area - Konkani / कोंकणी -> Konkani (Devanagari) / कोंकणी - Konkani / ಕೊಂಕಣಿ -> Konkani (Kannada) / ಕೊಂಕಣಿ - Sindhi Pakistan -> Sindhi (Arabic) / السندية - Sindhi India -> Sindhi (Devanagari) / सिन्धी - Burmese / မြန်မာဘာသာ -> Burmese (Unicode) / မြန်မာဘာသာ Fixed: - Long language names (RTL) in the language settings area will no longer overlap with the toggle switch - The keyboard won't go into landscape mode in the Keep app - Enter will no longer commit the word when typing in the URL area in Chrome Leave bug reports and feedback in the VIP Android beta forums. Type Less. Do More Cheers, Ryan & the Android Team
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    Issue now resolved with latest beta, nice work devs
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    As a moderator, I was originally upset about this as well. I will say, however, that the mobile version of the Support site is very user friendly, and wonderfully formatted for mobile screens, so now instead of a third party app, you can use your favorite mobile browser to view, comment, and discuss different things over on the new U2U support site!
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    Hello, The feature is already announced and added to the latest version. It's combined with the clipboard. Tap on (or slide to the right) the hub menu key, tap the clipboard button, then tap edit clipboard. You'll be redirect the SwiftKey app settings. Now you can add a new clip, and you can see the "shortcut" is an optional box for the clip. Best Alpert
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    This feels like it should go in the Feature Requests. https://vip.swiftkey.com/index.php?/forum/901-feature-requests/ A big +1 for this though. Anytime I have to set up Swiftkey again, it takes a while for me to remember how I had every setting adjusted. I would love to just be able to sign-in with my google account and have it restore my settings and saved data.
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    It would be awesome to access directly to the Gifs panel by long-pressing the "emoji" button and sliding the thumb to "Gifs". That way, we would be spared a long-press to access the emoji area and a tap to select "Gifs" from that area. I hope I have been clear!
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    I think that after using SwiftKey for a few weeks I just understood the meaning of "flow through space!" Thanks again for the comment. Sent from my Moto G (4) using Tapatalk
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    Hi Khaled, Thanks for the detailed suggestions. Hope your contribution could make a difference of Arabic typing. Alpert
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    In our latest beta update this past Monday, we added keyboard sound profiles. You have about 5 to pick from. One of them is the default Android sounds. Go check them out.
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    I sent these to request I had a conversation about this with a one of the mod team in the forum, and he advised that I send this with details to developing. I did send these couple of days ago, I will just add details. - The Mod said he does not speak Arabic, and you don't have much Arabic experience and feedback from users. - I did see few suggestions for the Arabic Keyboard layout which apparently came from people who uses large screen tablets. - I am using a Note 4 with one of the largest smartphone screens, and I am still having troubles with accurate typing using 11 buttons in each line in Arabic layout, while the English layout has only 9 and 10 - You can always keep the current Arabic layout and call it "Arabic Tablet", and make less and bigger buttons one and call it "Arabic Smartphone" for example. - The advantage of having large sized buttons is much more important than the disadvantage of arguing of which key should be primary and which is secondary - Most people will be used to the new layout and use it without arguing. - The keyboard with the photo attached has a good large buttons layout. - Other Keyboards even have added to the Arabic layout: undo, redo, arrows, copy, paste, select all, copy all, as secondary to other keys. - The Persian swift layout already has 10 keys per row - I included all special characters used in Kurdish, Pashto, Persian, Sindhi, Urdu, Uyghur. They all use same characters, in case you want to combine them in one Arabic keyboard, like you already do with other languages. Lots of users use Arabic with Kurdish and Persian Keyboard in the same time - I can Happily, as Arabic native user, engineer, working in software field, to help by doing a special formatted file or table that you can implement in your software to get the final results. Attached are files 01: A screenshot of original hardware Arabic keyboard layout. 02: A screenshot of good sized Arabic Smartphone keyboard layout. 03: A screenshot of Swift Arabic layout, you can easily see the difference in size, convenience and accuracy 04: An Excel file with a table of suggested Primary and secondary keys I named the keys starting from up left "1.01" Which is ( Q ) in English layout, to bottom right "4.10" which is ( Enter ) in the English Layout I used Swift keyboard for android to type all he characters in all the languages in Excel file, so they have same coding it includes - Arabic Primary keys - Arabic Secondary keys - Persian secondary keys added to original Arabic layout - Kurdish secondary keys added to original Arabic layout - Sindhi secondary keys added to original Arabic layout - Pashto secondary keys added to original Arabic layout - Uyghur secondary keys added to original Arabic layout - Urdu secondary keys added to original Arabic layout I did the other layouts in case you want to do the same in these characters as you do for he Lain ones, one single keyboard with different languages suggestion and proofing. As these languages use original Arabic characters with some adding, same as Latin languages use English characters with adding. Thank you for your understanding and fast reply Khaled 04.xlsx 05.txt I sent the above to Request
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    @Subliminal5oh2, I think @sadaa7 is talking about the font options of SwiftKey display, the letters on the keyboard. Some keyboards have the customization, for example, TouchPal. But SwiftKey uses the default font directly from the system, so not possible to change separately. But as Mike said, feel free to submit the request. Alpert
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    I got an update on this The problem is fixed in version 56 of either Android System Webview (for Android 6.0.1 and below) or Chrome (for Android 7.0 and above). https://plus.google.com/communities/105434725573080290360 Webview 56 is in staged rollout, and webview 57 is in beta. I don't know how long it will take either one to go to 100%. So long-term it's not worth working around this. Short-term I could try a different composing region editor, but it could well introduce other bugs that are harder to track down. Let me know if this helps.
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    This is just my personal opinion, but is it really that much of a problem to press on the mic key a second longer? It's still very easy to access.
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    Hey. New user in beta app. I install it in order to costumize themes. But not much of improvement. It would be nice to choose our colors for the main body of the keyboard as well as preferred colour for the prediction line and number line. I would like white version of "high constrast" which is only available with black as main colour. More bright white themes would be nice!
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    It must be some tapatalk issue, sorry. It looked normal to me.
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    I'm curious as to why you think this? There are 5 of us incredibly active in these forums and often times if we don't have a positive note to say we simply document and listen. Community feedback is more important than input from the long-time users and moderators of these forums we like to see the discussions posted and see a few sides of the issue before we come in with our reasoning and or responses. While we may not respond to every thread the day it happens they are all read. The SwiftKey team is growing, not shrinking and has very little to do with the ownership transfer as Microsoft kept the team intact. This app is always changing and always moving. In my experience Gboard has been on the come up, however SwiftKey still excels and saves me time communicating as well as adding features necessary to continue a wonderful, worldwide UX. Languages are tough, which is why we take this feedback very seriously regarding language usage and ease of use. Support for these languages take time, and it's still, all things considered, a new feature. Try offering a constructive criticism, or something youd like to see changed, feature requests are best filled out through http://support.swiftkey.com and documented by the development staff there. Happy typing! Sent from my SM-N920P using Tapatalk Thank you for the wonderful feedback, as you may be aware language models always change and improve over time, I can say it will get better because SwiftKey development is taking all of this information in on over 30 languages globally, we appreciate feedback like this because it gives our development staff a starting point, bear with SwiftKey, and from continued responses like this they should be able to improve greatly. Cheers! Sent from my SM-N920P using Tapatalk
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    Quick reply is a feature of Android itself and your messaging app, with a native keyboard or gboard, or even swype (most times, unless it crashes), the permissions are there to allow full functionality. As SwiftKey doesn't control features of its phone, SwiftKey is not what allows quick reply. The Android permissions are what causes the lack of functionality, the keyboard still works, but doesn't have all the features such as flow or secondary (long-press) keys.
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    Hello, It's actually for all the languages, not just German. And it's difficult to get it right because less letter we type, harder for the keyboard to predict. Flow is a good and fast typing method, but not always the case. Alpert
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    Most of the changes made have been the culmination of a large numbers of users via feature requests, I'm confused as to why you believe SwiftKey "falls in love with itself" when they have maintained the most highly used third party keyboards and the best prediction algorithm/AI available on Android interfaces. Most of the new features come from users feedback, as is the purpose of these forums. You can also change the layout for each individual language depending on your personal usage and then swipe the spacebar to switch between layouts/languages. Lag is also somewhat device dependent. I've never personally had an issue with lag unless I had been swapping between the Beta and Market version regularly. There is a SwiftKey rep who spends the vast majority of his free time and work time on these forums listening to users, he relies on his team to address concerns and simple issues while partaking in a large portion of discussions regarding a variety of topics. While your post will be read, I believe its slightly shortsighted to say that the company doesn't listen to its users. That's been the driving force behind improvement of SwiftKey for many years.
  21. 1 point
    More depends on the permissions requested/granted by the keyboard. SwiftKey tends to be much less intrusive than most other third party keyboards.
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    As far as I'm aware, this is an Android security system functionality, it also disables secondary keys and some other functionality from the keyboard. Not 100% on this, I will do some checking and update when I find out for sure. UPDATE: This is an Android issue for sure, I'm currently in a discussion with Android users on XDA, most native keyboards are NATIVE, and thus have all the permissions they need to continue platform functionality on every screen, any third party keyboard (with the exception of Gboard) will lose any extra functionality, or simply revert to stock on lock screen in order to make it easier to input passwords. This is not a SwiftKey feature, or anything that SwiftKey developers can "fix". Happy typing everyone =) Sent from my SM-N920P using Tapatalk
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    To speak to Alpert's point, have you ever seen on Android the squares or boxes that show up behind some Apple users tweets, messages, or posts? That is an Unicode incompatiblity. To prevent this on any device ensuring that every emoji you send is seen, SwiftKey only enables universally supported Unicode Emoji. It's a standard system, to ensure every emoji used via SwiftKey is seen by every user using any platform or keyboard. Sent from my SM-N920P using Tapatalk
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    I was unaware "flow through space" was a thing. Thank you for opening my eyes. (Not that it actually seems faster, but cool!)
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    The good thing about software is nothing is really set in stone, right? Changes can always be made. We cant make changes unless we know people want them. Incognito mode is still fairly new, so we are taking feedback on it and how to improve it.
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    Hello, I think there's a difference between your issue with the issue of the OP. Double space to insert a period is a feature, an option. Which means you can turn it off. You can go to the SwiftKey settings > typing & autocorrect >quick period, toggle it off. And, there is a tab key: tap 123 button, then tap {&= button. The arrow one is the tab key. Third one, that's a good idea. Can you submit a request on our support page? For now there's only Google Voice input does that I believe. Alpert
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    Hi, Those names should be in somewhere of your device or other social media that you personalized. Does the long press on the prediction to delete works for you? Alpert
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    This wasn't listed as an option in the survey, so I will state it here (even though it may just be too obvious to include in the survey)... The GIF selection needs to be searchable _GS_
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    @Prad I think he means even we do things like this : type "what do you do" in for example Facebook messenger, then send it, after that if I want to type "what do you do", this sentence should be suggested. But in recent versions it doesn't work like that. I don't remember when it begun, but sometimes I have this issue. If I enable "insert predictions with space bar" in older versions and I start to type first few initial words, then keep tapping on the space bar, the previous sentence would be typed, just like be copied to there. I guess that's what the thread owner @Bzpwhx means. Alpert
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    Okay thank you! I really appreciate this. Please let me know when you have some information regarding this matter. I will also reply if this issue happens to resolve itself.
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    Yes I was using the market version fine. I was able to access my themes and download them & everything worked correctly. When I installed TestFlight on my iPhone and installed Swiftkey that's when I had problems with the themes/design. So I'm not sure if this a beta bug or what. If there's a way to send my app information like a bug report where someone can take a look at it. (Im not sure why it's just refusing to work) Very odd indeed. I will report this and give updates as I get them. Sent from my SM-N920P using Tapatalk
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    Hello Maarten, SwiftKey does the backup automatically, there's no need for tapping on some kind of buttons. I noticed you have the Gmail account, so you can use that to login on your iPhone by choosing Google+. Gmail and Google+ shares a same Google account. I switched to iPhone 7 last year (I switched back to HTC now tho), I chose the Google+ and it worked. Hope this will work for you as well. Best Alpert
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    I am sorry to hear that, hopefully on further review the developers can figure out what's going on between updates. As all your words are stored in the cloud it should be a recoverable option, pending the review! Keep typing and we will hope that the problem is sorted soon my friend!
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    @Ray01 You definitely shouldn't need to. I have lost over 10,000 words added over the course of the 5 or so years that I've been using SwifKey. While the stats cards are helpful and somewhat trophies, they are not always 100% accurate. While you have a specific cloud attached to your account, sometimes the words become part of the Universal SwiftKey dictionary, and pull them out of "your added" words. This is one of the many reasons I imagine SwiftKey doesn't have a local dictionary you can view to see all the words you added. As you type, the predictions become tailored to you, thanks to the sophisticated technology behind SwiftKey prediction. The stats cards have always been viewed by me personally, as Achievements or Trophy's rather than Raw Data collection. Case in point, the heatmap isn't always 100% accurate, but it's close. As it has been 3 days since your last update here, how is the prediction quality? Has it tapered at all? Do you notice any significant change between your 16k dictionary and 10600 dictionary? Between updates, with the exception of one beta about a year ago, my prediction quality has improved, not diminished, even with "lost" words in my "words added" card.
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    Welcome to the SwiftKey VIP Forums! As @Alpert said above, check out the resources, and feel free to join the beta program if you're not in it already to get access to some of the cutting edge features, early access! Feel free to look around, and check the posts if you have any issues, we have covered a lot of ground here in the few years that I've been a part of the community! Welcome, have a great day, and Happy Typing!
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    Hello and welcome, I'm Alpert, one of the mods in the community. By first step, thanks for choosing SwiftKey, take some time to read our blog. You can find useful tricks and latest product information there. I assume you're using an Android device (as you posted in another thread), here's where you can join or create topics. And here is for beta program feedback if you're in. Oh, one more thing, don't forget to add your device information in your profile. So that we could know more details if you're reporting an issue. Happy Chinese New Year Alpert
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    Thanks for answering, I will check your recommendation. Skickat från min BV6000 via Tapatalk
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    Again this isn't an issue to do with SwiftKey, this is an issue starting with your version of Android. If your Android language is default something different, all foreign to that language words are going to be underlined red, unless you add each individual word to the Android dictionary. There is no protocol aside from the top bar for spellchecking within SwiftKey. I would look to your manufacturers forums or support for further guidance as I'm not familiar with OPO or Cyanogen OS. This doesn't stem from SwiftKey. Sent from my SM-N920P using Tapatalk
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    Instead of deleting the capitalized letter, make sure to click the lowercase suggestion instead of hitting space. Eventually it should make it to where e is the predicted capitalization instead of capital, please keep us informed as to if this works or not! Happy typing! Sent from my SM-N920P using Tapatalk
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    I get this too. I can type or flow, and the suggested words all appear as I am doing so. Then I look at the space I'm supposed to be typing into, and it is many words behind. Worse, as I watch, it merges then autocorrects words half way through leaving spare letters out the end. The problem has been there a good while, but I didn't get time to report. It only happens from time to time, so it is difficult to pin down. I cannot link it to any one web page or forum software. This morning it was Roboform browser, get satisfaction system.
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    Instead of GIF support, I would rather like to see: -full acces to personal dictionary, to edit, delete or move words between languages, -richer dictionaries, I use your keyboard and other ones since 6 years, still missing a lot of words in Polish, I'm aware that supporting this language is hard, but Swype is far away with its dictionary since I remember -possibility to switch between languages without using different layouts -possibility to switch recently used emojis to most used emojis -themed emoji panel, to mach it with used theme -delete last word with swipe on delete key -theme based on top panel of application -fix double spacing after word (i write word with flow, ends it and press space - gives me double one) Cheers!
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    I will continue to try and be better. Even though I don't reply, I see and read everything on here. For feature requests specifically, I hardly respond. I mark it down on a sheet and I move on. Sometimes will I engage in those. Those discussions are really best for the community to talk to each other. And I will jump in when I feel I'm needed. Any idea is a good idea. So please, don't think that coming here is a bad idea. Everything is read and tracked. Cheers, Ryan
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    Yes please. The Arabic layout really needs to be changed. This shouldn't be so difficult to implement, but it's extremely important to us (Arab users). I really love your keyboard in the English layout but every time I switch to Arabic, I feel frustrated. Please change it. If you make a poll for those who type in Arabic, I guarantee you that you will get over 90% of people who support changing the layout. Simply because it's not the standard/common layout. I hope you consider this. Thank you
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    agreed, similar to how chrooma keyboard is doing it. keyboard should match the app.
  45. 1 point
    This seems like a fair question to me considering the fact that SwiftKey has included multiple alternative keyboard layouts on Android since before its official release. I cannot speak for the team, but based on explanations about other iOS feature requests, this is my speculation: I have read before that Apple places very limiting restrictions on memory and RAM use for an app to be approved. The intelligence of the SwiftKey AI uses a lot of that quota without including other features. Which additional features claim any of the remaining resources will probably be focused on what benefits the most people. Hopefully things will change so that this and many other features that we Android users take for granted will become available to the iOS community as well.
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    Just wanted to share the newest bi-weekly poll about theme color https://vip.swiftkey.com/index.php?/topic/15546-bi-weekly-poll-do-you-prefer-a-dark-or-light-theme/ Looking forward to seeing the results.
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    Swiftkey, just sent you an email. At least, PLEASE give the option to shut this off while using a physical keyboard. While using it on my Galaxy Tab S 10.5", I have a physical keyboard (Samsung) that I use during RDP into my Home PC to get work done. As soon as I start typing, the predictions come across the bottom cutting off the bottom portion of my screen (start bar, etc), as you can guess, that renders your keyboard useless to me and I have to find another solution. I love Swiftkey for when I turn the physical KB off, and the tablet easily undocks from the physical KB as well. Please fix this/add this option. You have a section for physical keyboard handling and options, simply add this please!
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    Can we get away from the "minimal" themes please? At least offer some of the new color combinations in something other than the minimal themes. Call me weird but I prefer to see the outline of each key and not just the letters.
  49. 1 point
    I'd like to see this app provide user ability to adjust gui via settings. As a minimum the choice of colors. None of the themes do what I like; holo is closest & I use day to day. Additionally font sizes and key shapes & sizes.
  50. 1 point
    Could we have the developers themes that show the long press characters and then one without? I love some of the themes but like to have long press characters.