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  1. 22 points
    I would like to see a blue variation of the Pumpkin theme. It would look pretty good.
  2. 20 points
    Of the designs offered A2 looks the best in my opinion. But why don't you just make a theme like this: This is just the dark theme with a black background and the ICS blue for the keys. This fits in the general ICS theme perfectly!
  3. 18 points
    A1 and definitely square keys. The ideal Swiftkey X for me would look as close to stock ICS as possible, but with all the awesomeness of Swiftkey X's prediction magic.
  4. 14 points
    None of those... The only thing that ever had annoyed me in SwiftKey is the customization area... All the themes are ugly... The need to made a public stuff for creating our own themes...
  5. 12 points
    Swype has a way to select All, cut, copy, and paste by swyping from their options key up to A, X, C, and V If Swiftkey could do something like that, it would greatly enhance its use!
  6. 12 points
    A1 looks like the most professional. I don't like that blue for secondary keys, they are too visible, more than primary. And to be honest this doesn't make sense. So I chose A1 with squared keys (rounded path doesn't merge with ICS layout and feel) and less blue. Good job, anyway!
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    Arrr, here be PirateKey X, the most bloodthirsty keyboard on the seven seas! Please tell us if yelike the Piratey lingo here, and [url=""]tell us what else yePirateKeyX-release-signed-
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    Everyone who fills in our survey will be entered into a draw to win one of three prizes - a tablet or phone of your choice. The competition's open to everyone, all around the world, as long as you're over 18 and own either a smartphone or a tablet.
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    EDIT: Due to the fact that SwiftKey Anayltics has now expired, the apk has been removed from this post. Thanks again to all who participated! Dear VIPs, We’re always looking for ways to improve the typing experience, and so we’re launching SwiftKey Analytics - an experimental new app just for VIPs that helps us improve by collecting useful anonymous mathematical data about how you interact with the keyboard. SwiftKey Analytics has the same features as SwiftKey 3.0.1, so you can get access to the new themes etc. right now. The data we collect will be used to analyze typing habits and the ways you interact with SwiftKey’s predictions. To reiterate, all stats are anonymous and do not contain any of your inputted text. We're not looking for feedback or bug reports, just for you to use this app in your everyday typing. - in fact we hope that you won't notice any differences at all. This app expires on September 25th, after which you can just go back to using your regular SwiftKey. To say thanks for helping us out, 5 lucky SwiftKey VIPs will win some SwiftKey swag. Just download the APK and use "Contact Us" within the app to say "I want to help SwiftKey and win some SwiftKey swag". Thanks for your help and co-operation to make SwiftKey even better. Evan
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    i was stoked for the next theme for swiftkey but now it just doesn't matter to me. you should just let the world do the themeing for you,allow third parties to create themes, or JUST PUT THE COLOR SLIDERS IN AND LET US DO IT. what you are doing just seems senseless to me (make us wait months for a new theme, give us halloween theme but not christmas). personally im not a fan of any of your new themes, and confused as to why all of them are not being added to the next update. but my fav is A2. i dont mean to whine, im gunna use your keyboard regardless cause its the BEST, but everyone has there own preference, i just think we should be able to create it.
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  13. 8 points
    +1 This theme is better than any of the options above. I'm using neon right now, and it's quite awesome... the graphics of the keys only being half there is awesome. I was hoping for something to that degree of design...but I appreciate the hard work on the options above. Voted for A2. But Mauin's is best!
  14. 7 points
    please go with A1. I wouldn't let users vote on this. you'll just end up with over-done, over-the-top designs and colors. it happens all the time with custom roms... they look too colorful and are ultimately difficult to see and use. pro designs are usually very simple. please take design cues from the stock ICS keyboard.
  15. 6 points
    I've been using Swype exclusively for a year, and and just now checking Swiftkey out... for curiosity's sake. I can't see how having to constantly tap everything could be as fast as swyping. If my 3-4 week experiment with Swiftkey changes my mind (by producing results) I'll accept change and switch.
  16. 6 points
    Hi there VIPs, You've been asking for a theme for Ice Cream Sandwich - so we've made you 6! Please take a look at the themes and vote in the poll - the theme that is the VIP's favorite is the one that will go into the next major version of SwiftKey. Hint: tap/click on each picture to see it larger.
  17. 5 points
    Hi guys, I think I've fixed this? I can now browse the posts in a forum via the 'Forum' menu in Tapatalk 2. Can you take a look for me and see what you think. If there was any other issues with Tapatalk then let me know. (I've limited ability to support previous versions that are not the most recent market release, sorry.) Sent from my Galaxy Nexus using Tapatalk 2 and SwiftKey Flow
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    In the Swype Beta, I like being able to click anywhere on a word after I've moved on and change/correct it to one of the other alternatives. For SwiftKey, I have to specifically go to the end of the word to get the predictions because if I click in the middle of a word it won't correct the entire word.
  19. 5 points
    I love Swype, but really miss swiftkeys prediction. So yeah, I can't wait for this.
  20. 5 points
    And it's all down to you! Jon our CEO says this: “To be pitched against a company such as Google, and beat them in a public vote, is an incredible moment for us. “It goes to show you can be a small company and compete with industry giants. “On behalf of the SwiftKey team, I’d like to thank the users who voted for us – not just the well-known ones such as Stephen Fry, but the thousands of people who understand that we put innovation at the heart of what we do. “We owe special thanks to our 50,000-strong VIP forum community, whose feedback and passion are central to our success. I dedicate this win to their enthusiasm and engagement and to the commitment and skills of our growing team.” Read more on the SwiftKey blog.
  21. 5 points
    No offense but I'd like to see all the major, real features rolled out and issues fixed before novelty languages are even entertained. Who cares about talking like a pirate when I try to delete and it repeats the last word 17 times? Or hitting the bottom row charactersvwhen I really want a space. These novelty languages seem like a gimmick that you'd use a handful of times and turn off. I'm all for fun but isn't that a waste of precious development time?
  22. 5 points
    I still think having the Pumpkin theme in ICS blue would work well. Neon is just an awful theme even if you change the colours.
  23. 5 points
    I couldn't pick one thing I like, I like everything about the keyboard. I'm typing this with it right now.
  24. 5 points
    I would like to see the main keys be darker. Closer to the stock ICS keyboard style. The keys themselves are almost a little too "bright grey" if that makes sense. Take A2 and make the base keys darker and it would be perfect.
  25. 5 points
    Pig Latin would be fun and Yoda speak would be a big hit even though I am sure copywrite issues would never let that happen.
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