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    I would like to see a blue variation of the Pumpkin theme. It would look pretty good.
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    Of the designs offered A2 looks the best in my opinion. But why don't you just make a theme like this: This is just the dark theme with a black background and the ICS blue for the keys. This fits in the general ICS theme perfectly!
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    Hi there! Thanks very much for joining the SwiftKey VIP Community. We know that our success stems from the strong relationship we have from our userbase. With every day that passes, our developers are hard at work making SwiftKey even better for you. In fact, many of the features you know and love have come directly from suggestions that have come from our userbase. There are many superb places for you to start in VIP including our User-to-User (for Android), our User-to-User (for iOS), Beta for Android and iOS, our News and Info, and our Discussion HQ section. Also, by being a SwiftKey VIP you agree to follow the simple community guidelines set forth by our team. As a VIP, you’ll find friendly and insightful discussions about other keyboards, applications that your fellow VIPs recommend, and SwiftKey news. We’d like our community to be a place where everyone feels welcome. Again, thank you kindly for joining in the conversation. We look forward to hearing your voice soon. Cheers, Ryan and the SwiftKey Team
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    A1 and definitely square keys. The ideal Swiftkey X for me would look as close to stock ICS as possible, but with all the awesomeness of Swiftkey X's prediction magic.
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    Hello VIP's I wanted to reach out to everyone letting you know that I will no longer be participating as a Community Manager on these forums. I've spent the past few years talking with many of you, helping us all through betas, improving the SwiftKey Keyboard, and having all sorts of other random great conversations. It's been a pleasure getting to know many you on a much more personal basis. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at SwiftKey but it is time for me to move on and explore other opportunities in my life. I hope the best for the community and SwiftKey and leave it in Prad's capable hands. Sincerely, Evan
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    Founded in London in 2008, our mission is to build technology that makes it easy for everyone to create and communicate on mobile. We're best known for SwiftKey Keyboard, our 'mind-reading' touchscreen keyboard app, which topped Google Play's best-seller list in 2012 and 2013. Our first iOS app, SwiftKey Note, launched in early 2014 and has been selected by Apple as Editors' Choice. It all began when co-founder and CEO Jon Reynolds realized that what he dubbed "shrinking typewriters" just weren't cutting it for mobile touchscreen typing. He joined forces with his friend, now co-founder and CTO, Dr. Ben Medlock to see how they could approach this problem differently using Artificial Intelligence, and SwiftKey was born. In addition to our consumer apps, SwiftKey's technology has also been a hit with hardware manufacturers and overall features on more than 200 million devices to date worldwide. We are a growing team of over 150 people (and one inflatable dinosaur), spread from our HQ in central London to offices in San Francisco and Seoul. Together, we hold 180 degrees and have 26 different nationalities within our team.
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    None of those... The only thing that ever had annoyed me in SwiftKey is the customization area... All the themes are ugly... The need to made a public stuff for creating our own themes...
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    Swype has a way to select All, cut, copy, and paste by swyping from their options key up to A, X, C, and V If Swiftkey could do something like that, it would greatly enhance its use!
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    A1 looks like the most professional. I don't like that blue for secondary keys, they are too visible, more than primary. And to be honest this doesn't make sense. So I chose A1 with squared keys (rounded path doesn't merge with ICS layout and feel) and less blue. Good job, anyway!
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    Arrr, here be PirateKey X, the most bloodthirsty keyboard on the seven seas! Please tell us if yelike the Piratey lingo here, and [url=""]tell us what else yePirateKeyX-release-signed-
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    Hello VIPs, Are you interested in using and testing the latest and version of SwiftKey Keyboard for Android before everyone else? Then you might be interested in being part of this beta community. If this is your first time joining a beta community, no worries, I can help you or the other community members can answer all your questions. If you are new to this, we currently use Google Groups as the main platform to sign up and maintain the group. You can find all the steps on how to join by going directly to our Google Group or you can follow the instructions I've created below. As a side note, this beta app will be a separate app from the market version. This means you can switch between the beta and market app for any reason at anytime (assuming you have them both downloaded and installed). To get started, please follow the directions below and complete them in orderDownload SwiftKey for Android Beta app now from the Google Play StoreUse the Android Beta forum to post bugs reports and participate in discussionsEnjoy using SwiftKey Keyboard for AndroidWhen the app is updated, we use the Google Play, "What's New" section to add release notes. There are character limits to this, so for full release notes, please read the Release Notes thread. The only emails you will receive come from SwiftKey and will either be an update about the beta community or release notes. Cheers, Ryan and the Community Team
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    Everyone who fills in our survey will be entered into a draw to win one of three prizes - a tablet or phone of your choice. The competition's open to everyone, all around the world, as long as you're over 18 and own either a smartphone or a tablet.
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    EDIT: Due to the fact that SwiftKey Anayltics has now expired, the apk has been removed from this post. Thanks again to all who participated! Dear VIPs, We’re always looking for ways to improve the typing experience, and so we’re launching SwiftKey Analytics - an experimental new app just for VIPs that helps us improve by collecting useful anonymous mathematical data about how you interact with the keyboard. SwiftKey Analytics has the same features as SwiftKey 3.0.1, so you can get access to the new themes etc. right now. The data we collect will be used to analyze typing habits and the ways you interact with SwiftKey’s predictions. To reiterate, all stats are anonymous and do not contain any of your inputted text. We're not looking for feedback or bug reports, just for you to use this app in your everyday typing. - in fact we hope that you won't notice any differences at all. This app expires on September 25th, after which you can just go back to using your regular SwiftKey. To say thanks for helping us out, 5 lucky SwiftKey VIPs will win some SwiftKey swag. Just download the APK and use "Contact Us" within the app to say "I want to help SwiftKey and win some SwiftKey swag". Thanks for your help and co-operation to make SwiftKey even better. Evan
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    I've done some digging and it appears every theme does this - Nickel, Cobalt, Holo for sure, the others likely do (not buying Material to check it out, unless I can be sure it won't do this too)... When you tap a key, it does a popup animation immediately, which on some of my devices (or, in some apps like Hangouts on *all* my devices), lags the keyboard. I don't know why it lags like this, Android's multitasking and lack of a realtime priority for the interface irritates me a lot. That being said, I also find that SwiftKey is forcing popups when it doesn't make a whole lot of sense IMO to do so. When I tap "H" to begin "Hello", I don't need a popup telling me that I've tapped "H" showing up shortly after I've already tapped "e" to move on. (Yes, sometimes it is indeed that slow...) Please note I am NOT talking about the popups that are shown when I long-press a key, to get to an alternate symbol, such as the period (which pops up the helpful swabber thing letting me choose my punctuation). I'm talking about when I tap "H" it pops up the "H" single-selection swabber, before it becomes a "+" swabber after 350 ms (or, whatever I've defined the long press threshold to be). For performance issues, this may solve a few things. Or, it may not. I'm not an expert on performance issues. I do know that, generally speaking, reducing animations helps performance, but I digress on that topic. What it would do, however, is eliminate a useless and pointless (again, IMO - some people may like them) popup that serves very little purpose. Yes, you may argue that it serves the purpose of knowing what key you pressed. I'm rarely looking at the keyboard, however, and looking at the suggestion bar, or, the input field, so I get that same feedback elsewhere. Displaying it on the keyboard in my case is pointless. Once you tapped the key, the letter appears, even if it's the wrong one, and it's too late to do anything about it. Besides, the prediction engine in SwiftKey is decent enough that a single wrong keypress is almost always corrected for. Given the potential for performance boosts across multiple devices, and the lack of usefulness to a few of us, I would *love* to see an option to disable this shortpress popup. I would post it as feedback for specific themes, but it seems to be a more universal behaviour.
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    i was stoked for the next theme for swiftkey but now it just doesn't matter to me. you should just let the world do the themeing for you,allow third parties to create themes, or JUST PUT THE COLOR SLIDERS IN AND LET US DO IT. what you are doing just seems senseless to me (make us wait months for a new theme, give us halloween theme but not christmas). personally im not a fan of any of your new themes, and confused as to why all of them are not being added to the next update. but my fav is A2. i dont mean to whine, im gunna use your keyboard regardless cause its the BEST, but everyone has there own preference, i just think we should be able to create it.
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    Ok so one of the main reason I don't change for another keyboard despite SwiftKey's flaws is obvious for many : muscle memory. I've been using SwiftKey for years, I'm used to it and to where all the options are, I don't have to think when I type. So why move the smileys shortcut from the bottom right to the bottom left? There's no secondary option on the return key anyway, so nothing replaces it. Please reconsider. The smiley menu has become ugly and doesn't memorize the last tab we used like before (I have to switch to the smileys page I usually use every time) On the upside, the keyboard is less laggy and slow on my S6 edge. Envoyé de mon SM-G925F en utilisant Tapatalk
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    This is rather disappointing..... Just downloaded for my iPad . There is no long press numbers or punctuation or swipe to delete. Rather important features that make the android version so much better. Like this it doesn't do much more than offering some good predictions.....Like the ios8 keyboard now does! Come on SwiftKey,finish this app!
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    Hi VIPs, We just wanted to take a moment to clarify the situation surrounding a rumor that has been circulating in the press — that we are bringing our SwiftKey Flow gesture-input technology to physical desktop/laptop keyboards. Today, we’re excited to confirm that this is true and we’re calling it “Flow Hard”. It’s our answer to the problem of seamless typing on a desktop keyboard. Using Flow Hard, you can simply slide your finger from key to key to type out words, enjoying whole new levels of speed and productivity. Read more about it on our blog here: http://www.swiftkey.net/en/blog/untap-your-potential-with-swiftkey-flow-hard/ See it in action here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-QfhTWJIDCM Thanks, Evan and the SwiftKey Team
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    +1 This theme is better than any of the options above. I'm using neon right now, and it's quite awesome... the graphics of the keys only being half there is awesome. I was hoping for something to that degree of design...but I appreciate the hard work on the options above. Voted for A2. But Mauin's is best!
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    Hi there VIPs, My name is Eric Shaw, and I am the Head of Community Engagement here at SwiftKey. This means that my job is basically making sure that all of you who use our keyboard or other products have a great experience, feel heard, and understand just how much we care and appreciate your support. I have been working in the early-stage tech space for just under a decade now helping grow healthy communities in a variety of arenas. My first experience of this was in a company I started helping people access mental health care on an on-demand basis. Working with such a dedicated group of therapists and people who were truly in need of help, and so thankful to us for providing it, really shaped how I think about communities as people who come together around a passion that really means the world to them. Since then I have worked for forum platforms, within developer communities, and in open-source crowd-funding spaces, but always with a focus on how communities engage with each other and with products or projects. Here at SwiftKey, we are lucky to have such a loyal and amazing group of users who understand and agree with our goals, who have been with us through thick and thin, and who have helped truly shape the product into what it is today. As far as my personal life, I love to play ultimate frisbee and travel around the world and country playing in tournaments. If you play, let me know; let's hang out somewhere fun. I also am part of a band, playing guitar, mandolin, banjo and singing. We play shows all around the Bay Area and nothing is more exciting than being up on that stage. My goals here are to make this VIP Community a vibrant home for you to meet and discuss ideas related to SwiftKey, related tech, Android, features, jokes, or just to help each other out. I'd love to hear as much as you have about any visions you have to make this place better for you. So go ahead, say hi to me and the rest of the awesome crew here, and enjoy the conversations and everything else we have to offer.
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    I agree that it would be very nice to have the option to turn off these popups. In the past, the argument has always been against it to avoid making the settings menu unnecessarily complicated. Personally, I hope that quite a few more settings are made available in the future. Another thing I would like to mention is that the lag you are seeing on these popups is most likely just a symptom of the slowdown not a cause of it. It would probably only noticibly impact the performance of very low end devices.
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    The Google Keyboard update in the Play Store today (Aug 28th) is amazing!!! It may actually be better than SwiftKey in a lot of ways. Here is a list of pros and cons that I found so far, judge for yourselves: Pros: Long press duration added (under Advanced). This was one of the major gripes before Gesture typing allows for circle gesture so you can type double letters in words such as bees, too, hello etc. -You can even start sentences with words like "Oops" and it will work perfectly without needing context. If you set auto-correction to "Very Aggressive" the predictions are just as good as SwiftKey, if not better Seem to be always quick and responsive no matter what Gesture typing works under all circumstances I've tried including "To" fields in emails You can click anywhere in a word to replace it, even while in web-based forms and Samsung email it works well When long pressing the suggestions you get many more suggestions When long pressing the ?123 button you can gesture to a symbol and save an extra step Customizable dictionary WITH shortcuts! It remembers email addresses Slide punctuation has many more symbols available and long pressing the period automatically puts a comma Seems to manage multiple missed spaces and removal of accidental bottom row characters very well Cons: No quick emoticon button Long pressing delete is slow and doesn't speed up There is no "learn from" option so it takes longer for the dictionary to learn your custom words and typing style. It does seem to learn right after saving however Only the basic Google theme is available and cannot be changed Long press is mainly limited to numbers, and accented characters. However the symbols are still easily accessed via the long pressing of the ?123 button Doesn't look like it can handle multiple languages at once but there is a quick language switcher if you hold the space bar No gesture to delete words when gesture typing is turned off Overall I feel it is the best alternative to SwiftKey that I've found. And I have tried probably every keyboard available in the Android market and a couple (such as Minuum and Fleksy) that aren't. If Google keeps this up I feel SwiftKey is going to be in serious trouble down the line if they don't add more features.
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    please go with A1. I wouldn't let users vote on this. you'll just end up with over-done, over-the-top designs and colors. it happens all the time with custom roms... they look too colorful and are ultimately difficult to see and use. pro designs are usually very simple. please take design cues from the stock ICS keyboard.
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    Hello beta community, If you didn't read todays release notes, we released a Clipboard feature in the SwiftKey beta channel. I've pasted the release notes below as well. Have a play with the feature and let us know what you think and how things could be improved. Cheers, Ryan
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    Hello beta community, This release is focused on Neural languages and general language improvements. What's New You can now type in 5 languages at once! New Neural Net languages: French, German & Spanish You can now turn on/off key press popups New setting to turn on/off dedicated emoji key that appears to the left of the space bar Fixed No more red underlines when typing in multiple languages Bottom row now visible on stroke + emoji + arrow + landscape layout Leave bug reports and feedback in the VIP Android beta forums. Type Less. Do More Cheers, Ryan & the Android Team
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    Hi beta users! This beta continues to focus around making SwiftKey usable with the Android OS accessibility features and improving the hub in alternative layouts. Fixed More visible hub icons for some Samsung devices Hub icon will show correctly when the hub is opened in right-to-left languages Hub will open correctly in floating compact mode Personalize from Twitter login window will be the correct size in landscape mode Improvements and clarifications to several areas of Explore By Touch and Talkback Cheers, Eric & the Android Team
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    Terrible news for Swiftkey users; great news for the founders.
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    Hi VIPs, If this is your first visit to the SwiftKey VIP community then welcome! We’re proud of the community we’ve built together and we invite you to explore it and join in the conversation. We’d love to get to know all of you a bit better. This goes for our well seasoned SwiftKey veterans as well. This thread is here for you to introduce yourself to everyone. We know you’re all here because you love SwiftKey, but we also know there’s so much more to you than that. If you have a suggestion for the application, be sure to post it on our public Ideas and Suggestion forum. Our public forum has repeatedly proven itself to be very helpful for our team to make SwiftKey as fantastic as it is today. If you are experiencing a bug in the application, our awesome VIPs in our Peer-to-Peer Community section are often willing and able to lend a helping hand, but be sure to also check out our Knowledge Base on our public Support Portal. If you haven’t already, another great section to visit here in VIP is our News and Fun Stuff section. We also recommend checking out our community guidelines when you get the chance. We’re all in this together, team! We look forward to hearing from you all.
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    The clarity keyboard takes up a lot of real-estate on the Nexus 5 screen. It would be great to be able to choose a smaller version of the keyboard (keys/spacing) like with regular SwiftKey.
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    Hello VIPs, We will be changing the URL to the VIP Forums from vip.swiftkey.net to vip.swiftkey.com this is a minor change and might have some slight down time. This will be happening on Monday, February 2nd at 2:00am PST. We are told there won't be any downtime, but just to be safe there might be. Tapatalk users will be most impacted by this change. As this change will now have the forums pointing to a different ULR the current forums in Tapatalk will not work. According to Taptalk, it will take the app at most up to 24 hours to recache the forums. So, you have two options. 1) Wait for it to recache within that 24 hour period 2) Delete the forums from Tapatalk and rejoin, this will pull in the correct forum with the updated URL. Overall this should be a very low key change. If you've bookmarked this site, you can easily edit the URL to make these changes. I would imagine that still loading vip.swiftkey.net will still redirect you to the right spot but always better to have the right URL saved. Let me know if you have any issues when it comes to happening Monday. Cheers, Ryan and the Community Team
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    Hi everyone, We have some great news. We are currently building a more effective way to beta test new Swiftkey for Android features and improvements through a separate SwiftKey Beta app. The new method will include more regular and continuous updates. We have created a separate SwiftKey Beta app that can be switched with your normal SwiftKey on Android. This will let you compare new features and improvements against your current keyboard. As a member of our VIP Community, you get exclusive first access. To get started, check out this post with step by step instructions. Once you have joined up, visit the Android Beta forums to leave your feedback and bug reports
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    Hi VIPs, Not only have we included the new Ice theme, but we've also included a new Easter Egg in the application. Can you find it? I'll give you a few hints. *It's related to Christmas. *It's related to snow. *It's triggered similarly to an Easter Egg that we had in the past. Happy hunting! Evan (P.S. The inclusion of this feature was created during our free time. No serious development time was sacrificed for this little bit of fun.)
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    Please check the forum section under which this question has been posted. For your convenience - General Discussion - Other Apps. This section has been made for posting queries about apps other than SwiftKey. So, I have posted a general question regarding Android OS apps. I want to know which browser other people think is the best browser among so many good browsers, as per their daily usage. I hope now you understand the question and maybe be a part of this conversation. Regards, Ankit Sent from my Samsung Galaxy Win (GT-I8552) using Tapatalk Pro.
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    I've been using Swype exclusively for a year, and and just now checking Swiftkey out... for curiosity's sake. I can't see how having to constantly tap everything could be as fast as swyping. If my 3-4 week experiment with Swiftkey changes my mind (by producing results) I'll accept change and switch.
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    Hi there VIPs, You've been asking for a theme for Ice Cream Sandwich - so we've made you 6! Please take a look at the themes and vote in the poll - the theme that is the VIP's favorite is the one that will go into the next major version of SwiftKey. Hint: tap/click on each picture to see it larger.
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    I wanted to post a rare message for me here in our VIP forum to say a massive thanks to you all for helping us out here. It's really appreciated. We in the engineering team at SwiftKey are always hugely impressed by the willingness of our users to help us improve SwiftKey. Your help is invaluable, in this case we literally couldn't do it without you. I understand that the inability to resize the layout is a pita for many of you, but it's important that we minimise the number of variables in this experiment. If your screen size is such that the layout size we've locked it to makes the keyboard difficult to use then I suggest you switch back to the beta for now. If we repeat this experiment with subsequent iterations of the keyboard then I'll take this feedback into account and try to make it easier for everyone to help us next time. Thanks again!
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    Are we going to get a new BSOD theme?! I am just kidding; I couldn't pass that up.
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    Hello VIPs, Are you interested in joining our limited SwiftKey Keyboard for iOS beta program? What's in it for you, you may ask? Access to the newest of new features (before everyone else) Helping shape the future of SwiftKey Keyboard for iOS Being part of a new growing SwiftKey iOS Community Helping squash bugs (who likes software bugs) Maybe more... To get started, just fill out this form and we will eventually be in touch. There is no need to keep asking. We'll be sure to add people when we can. Cheers, Ryan and the iOS Team
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    My suggestion is one that been repeated several times since the feature was unceremoniously removed: re-add the option to put the arrow keys back onto one of the secondary screens! It was much easier to use the arrow keys there than it is beneath the space bar. Often whenever I attempt to use SwiftKey with the arrow keys enabled on the new versions, I will press the arrow key instead of the space bar or enter key. I have been using SwiftKey for years, and would much rather have this functionality returned over a pack of pretty themes. Sent from my SPH-L710 using Tapatalk
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    For me it is annoying, people now a days type so fast that we don't see the keyboard or just look at the prediction bag... It should be removed from my pov or at least there should be a way to disable it!
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    Hi Everyone, Today kicks off an improved experience and a brand new look to the SwiftKey help center. This new layout on desktop and mobile (for both iOS and Android) is designed to make learning about and finding answers to your questions about SwiftKey apps more seamless for you. Overall our intention in building this new experience was to make it more easier to find information, submit a request or just to learn more about the mobile apps we offer. The screen shots attached give a glimpse of what you will see in Chrome on Android, Safari on iOS or via desktop. For more information please take a look at our latest blog post. Thank you for your continued support! Cheers, Josh
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    Yes, SwiftKey has incorporated ideas similar to other keyboards before and probably will again. Competition between great products is a win for users of all of those products. SwiftKey rarely makes comments ahead of time about changes that they are considering, because the impact of that change must be thoroughly examined and may not be possible. Not making comments keeps them from being held to a concept that may not be possible and an endless amount of ETA questions. ... Cause that's how they roll ... As you mentioned here, code from any application isn't automatically able to work in any other. The developers would have absolutely no need to copy any code. The problems come in with how it affects the rest of the application. I will try to explain the colon semicolon dilemma as well as I can. First, I have always been a very avid proponent of semicolon and colon being used as they should be in grammar, not to write smileys. I have maintained that these punctuation marks should "snap back" (the term that has been widely used in this forum to discuss this behavior) like the comma or period (full stop) do and put the space after it. The only official response that I have gotten for its current behavior is so that it is easier to make smileys. That being the lone reason frustrated me greatly, so I tried to look into it as thoroughly as possible. What follows is based on my conjecture on the research that I did and tidbits of conversations with SwiftKey employees in threads; it is not official at all. The problem is a conflict with certain settings. If the semicolon/colon snapped back automatically, you would have to: A. Tap the spacebar so that there are two spaces and it only snaps back one of them. 1. This isn't possible if you have your spacebar setting on "always inserts a prediction". With that setting, you can never intentionally insert a space besides the autospace. (This is one reason that I find that whole mode of use worthless, but SwiftKey as a company is so fond of it, that it used to be the default setting.) 2. Even if you have the spacebar set to one of the other two options, it still has the potential for conflict with the "quick period" option. 3. The amount of effort required to correct the lack of snap back and no trailing space is two additional key presses. (one to delete the space after the word and one to add the space after the punctuation.) 4. To correct the snapped back behavior would require: backspacing the trailing space, using an arrow key or touch input to position the cursor in front of the punctuation and again to put it after. Like Mcarver2000 and others, I have suggested the basic logic flow of looking at the trailing character to determine behavior. I do not know if it conflicts with something else, but am still hopeful that one day that some solution would be implemented. I type an average of one smiley every month or two, so I wouldn't miss it. An option in settings could be provided to where you chose which way you wanted it to work, but Tapper always claimed feature bloat,confusing settings, and slippery slope. My very first comment on this forum contained a complaint about the behavior of the colon/semicolon. It is still my biggest problem with this keyboard. With that said, it is still the best keyboard available in my opinion, despite these frustrations.
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    Hi mdye, I know that maintaining a theme which is similar to the stock Android kb is one of the largest requests when it comes to themes. I've made a few mentions of it to the team for us and have my fingers crossed. =)
  46. 5 points
    I love Swype, but really miss swiftkeys prediction. So yeah, I can't wait for this.
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    And it's all down to you! Jon our CEO says this: “To be pitched against a company such as Google, and beat them in a public vote, is an incredible moment for us. “It goes to show you can be a small company and compete with industry giants. “On behalf of the SwiftKey team, I’d like to thank the users who voted for us – not just the well-known ones such as Stephen Fry, but the thousands of people who understand that we put innovation at the heart of what we do. “We owe special thanks to our 50,000-strong VIP forum community, whose feedback and passion are central to our success. I dedicate this win to their enthusiasm and engagement and to the commitment and skills of our growing team.” Read more on the SwiftKey blog.
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    No offense but I'd like to see all the major, real features rolled out and issues fixed before novelty languages are even entertained. Who cares about talking like a pirate when I try to delete and it repeats the last word 17 times? Or hitting the bottom row charactersvwhen I really want a space. These novelty languages seem like a gimmick that you'd use a handful of times and turn off. I'm all for fun but isn't that a waste of precious development time?
  49. 5 points
    I would like to see the main keys be darker. Closer to the stock ICS keyboard style. The keys themselves are almost a little too "bright grey" if that makes sense. Take A2 and make the base keys darker and it would be perfect.
  50. 5 points
    Pig Latin would be fun and Yoda speak would be a big hit even though I am sure copywrite issues would never let that happen.