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  1. 2 points
    I second that, I've been pulling my hair off trying to figure out a way, thought it was a bug or something, and found this thread saying it's not. This way makes prediction kinda useless, maybe that's not the best word, but, well, it's not automatic anymore. Having an option to disable/enable would be the way to go, everyone happy, company happy, maybe mad devs trying to figure out a way.
  2. 2 points
    I desperately want it to go back to automatically adding a space after flowing. When I type a message now, I have to touch the screen twice as often because I have to put in a space after the word I just typed in order to see the predictions. I rarely had trouble with it misunderstanding the word that I was flowing, but now it "suggests" the word that I've already typed. I absolutely despise this new feature and I don't understand why there isn't an option to have the space automatically dropped in.
  3. 2 points
    Please give an option to go back to an autospace after flowing a word. I have loved my Swiftkey keyboard for years now and I rarely make mistakes. Now there is an extra tap every time I flow a word. It makes me insanely frustrated to see it "correcting" my word to the exact word I already typed. Bring back the autospace after flowing, please. I beg of you.
  4. 2 points
    I'm with AdamBanzi on this - there at least needs to be an option. I feel several times slower using the no-space version,and it's made SwiftKey feel anything but swift. Oddly, some of the predictions were less accurate with the first version to introduce the no-space, too, but that seems to be mostly fixed by the latest version I just installed. The update does seem to help, so I might need the option less than I did, but I still prefer having an option from a UX perspective.
  5. 2 points
    Hi Khaled, Thanks for the detailed suggestions. Hope your contribution could make a difference of Arabic typing. Alpert
  6. 2 points
    I absolutely love it. It makes correcting spelling errors so much faster! No more having to backspace! However, there is one thing that's been infuriating. Capitalizing words. For example. I swipe "Happy new year". Crap, I wanted all three words capitalized... "happy new Year". Nope. If you swipe a word, hit shift, then swipe the next word, it undoes your previous word's capitalization and works correctly on the next word. It happens because of the missing autospacing. Because the cursor is at the end of the previous word, hitting shift is telling the keyboard to change shifts on the previous word. I hope I'm explaining this well lol. Type Happy. Happy Type shift, swipe New. happy New Type shift, swipe Year. happy new Year See? That seriously needs fixing, but I'm so glad you guys have finally went with no space!
  7. 1 point
    Hi Devs and Userbase! I am ZAP XAV and ready to roll. ♖
  8. 1 point
    If I might just say: It makes sense to hit backspace to correct an error. In fact, at this point, it's hardwired into my reflexes to hit backspace when correcting an error. Similarly, it's hardwired into me to tap the predicted word that I know will be there, and now that just...adds a space. Totally unnecessary change that makes things feel clunkier.
  9. 1 point
    I think the only problem here is that beta is not auto inserting a space after user is done swiping. Non-beta app does that. Since the beta app is not auto inserting a space, prediction engine thinks that user is not done typing word yet and does not make accurate predictions (that is my guess), cause predictions show up correctly as soon as I manually insert a space (which then actually inserts 2 spaces as OP reported) Switching to non-beta until this is fixed and hoping this buggy behavior does not end up in non-beta app.
  10. 1 point
    No auto space when using flow has really killed my efficiency and speed. I, quite honestly, can't stand it. As others have mentioned I get tripped up when trying to capitalize the next word, but most frustrating is I no longer get predictions when I use flow because the cursor is stuck on the last word. I only get suggestions for the last word flowed and no predictions for the next word or words. It's a good idea in theory but if you're going to make a feature like this at the very least make it optional so we can turn it off if we hate it. I only just got the update today and I'm already extremely frustrated by it.