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    Hello beta community, If you didn't read todays release notes, we released a Clipboard feature in the SwiftKey beta channel. I've pasted the release notes below as well. Have a play with the feature and let us know what you think and how things could be improved. Cheers, Ryan
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    Hello beta community, This release is focused on Neural languages and general language improvements. What's New You can now type in 5 languages at once! New Neural Net languages: French, German & Spanish You can now turn on/off key press popups New setting to turn on/off dedicated emoji key that appears to the left of the space bar Fixed No more red underlines when typing in multiple languages Bottom row now visible on stroke + emoji + arrow + landscape layout Leave bug reports and feedback in the VIP Android beta forums. Type Less. Do More Cheers, Ryan & the Android Team
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    I wanted to post a rare message for me here in our VIP forum to say a massive thanks to you all for helping us out here. It's really appreciated. We in the engineering team at SwiftKey are always hugely impressed by the willingness of our users to help us improve SwiftKey. Your help is invaluable, in this case we literally couldn't do it without you. I understand that the inability to resize the layout is a pita for many of you, but it's important that we minimise the number of variables in this experiment. If your screen size is such that the layout size we've locked it to makes the keyboard difficult to use then I suggest you switch back to the beta for now. If we repeat this experiment with subsequent iterations of the keyboard then I'll take this feedback into account and try to make it easier for everyone to help us next time. Thanks again!
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    Hello VIPs, Are you interested in using and testing the latest and version of SwiftKey Keyboard for Android before everyone else? Then you might be interested in being part of this beta community. If this is your first time joining a beta community, no worries, I can help you or the other community members can answer all your questions. If you are new to this, we currently use Google Groups as the main platform to sign up and maintain the group. You can find all the steps on how to join by going directly to our Google Group or you can follow the instructions I've created below. As a side note, this beta app will be a separate app from the market version. This means you can switch between the beta and market app for any reason at anytime (assuming you have them both downloaded and installed). To get started, please follow the directions below and complete them in orderDownload SwiftKey for Android Beta app now from the Google Play StoreUse the Android Beta forum to post bugs reports and participate in discussionsEnjoy using SwiftKey Keyboard for AndroidWhen the app is updated, we use the Google Play, "What's New" section to add release notes. There are character limits to this, so for full release notes, please read the Release Notes thread. The only emails you will receive come from SwiftKey and will either be an update about the beta community or release notes. Cheers, Ryan and the Community Team
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    Just saw all themes free as of now. one word; WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just bought a pack the other day, but this new newz is to exciting to warrant sending in a complaint LOLOLOLOL
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    The Google keyboard was recently updated with a few new features and one of them was the ability to swipe across the space bar to move the cursor left or right over the text... Is there a possibility that this feature will be implemented in the future? Sent from my SM-G935T using Tapatalk
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    Some of the minimal themes are nice but the lack of symbols is really irritating. I know I can get to them the same way but it would be nice to have alternate layouts for the minimal themes. Sent from my SM-G935T using Tapatalk
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    Just a quick note to say that I've now given a quick try to this new feature and I LOVE IT! I especially love not having to go to the clipboard to find what I want to paste. This means I can save many more items without having to search for them as the number gets bigger. Of course, if we wind up adding a lot of shortcuts, it would me really helpful to have a way to sort them or search, so that if we forget what shortcut we created, we could find it easily. But even without that, I'm very happy with this new feature! I was a little unsure whether the feature could handle longer expansions that couldn't fit on the middle prediction tab. I just tried it with "lf" [that's lower-case LF] as a shortcut for "I look forward to hearing from you." I typed "lf" and "I look forward" appeared on the middle prediction tab. I hit that bar and "I look forward to hearing from you" was pasted into what I was writing. I'm not sure how long the length of the substituted text can be, but it's good to know that we're not limited to texts that can fit in their entirety on the middle prediction bar. This feature is definitely a keeper!
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    This is the single most frustrating thing about SwiftKey. As OP posted most other keyboard on Android get this right. The space after choosing an auto correct selection is maddening. I'd love to see SwiftKey do something about it. Sent from my SM-T810 using Tapatalk
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    Hello beta community, This new beta release is focused on two new community requested features: Incognito mode and Shortcuts / text expansion along with some bug fixes and Android N support. What's New - Incognito Mode - Shortcuts / Text expansion - Switch to Latin layout when in password/email field - All arrow keys can be accessed on main layout on tablets Fixed - Red underline issue for some locales and Android N - You can now use the virtual keyboard on Android N when connected to a BT/physical keyboard Leave bug reports and feedback in the VIP Android beta forums. Type Less. Do More Cheers, Ryan & the Android Team
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    SwiftKey's email predictions are incredibly useful to use on the web; every website asks for an email nowadays, and the email prediction is extremely useful. I understand why you are choosing to do this, but please rethink your strategy. Emails aren't the only thing that could've accidentally gotten synced across phones, there's plenty of other stuff. So please don't remove this incredibly useful feature!
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    Hello, I have a fairly severe issue with my SwiftKey sync behavior, I've been searching the net for a solution but I'm not even close to it yet. I would be happy if anyone can help me. In fact, this is the closest I'd get to finding a solution, because I'm experiencing this exact same issue, but I'm not using SwiftKey beta. It's the very official, market version ( Therefore, the suggestions here does not apply to me, but I tried them nonetheless, to no effect. I'm using Samsung Galaxy S5, with official ROM (6.0.1) with no root access. The Android update to the device was fairly recent, like a few weeks. I've been using my phone with Marshmallow since then, without any problems with SwiftKey or any other app or the OS itself. Then I decided to factory reset, for some other reason. After the wipe, I clean-installed SwiftKey from Google Play, regularly. Started the app, applied the initial settings as suggested and reached the account access page. I provided my Google account to SwiftKey, and wait for SwiftKey to restore my previous (enormous) typing data. This is my one and only account, which I've been using since the beginning of time. There are no other accounts I've ever used with my Android devices. I clicked "OK" and the job was done. My previously used keyboard themes are appearing, SwiftKey harvests new data from my Facebook account, etc. Everything seemed to be in order, except the fact that Sync is not happening. The suggestions I'm seeing are relatively new and not associated with my accumulated writing style. I looked into it, and found that there is a problem. I tried to "Force Sync", tried with Wi-Fi, tried with Mobile Data, I tried logging out and logging back in from my SwiftKey account, I tried deleting the cache, I tried re-installing the app, I checked the application's permissions, checked Google's sync options, tried everything. Nothing I did helped change this situation. I cannot access my typing data now for some reason, which I've been using happily for more than 3 years. I can provide my full account information, (e-mail, account ID, etc) if any SwiftKey personnel needs to look into it. I really need that typing data, but I cannot reach it. Therefore I'm really desperate for any solution suggestions right now. Thanks to everyone in advance for the assistance.
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    A quick update on this project for you... We've got a good number of users on this build and the data it's generating is incredibly useful. Thanks so much for everyones help so far. We've been testing a few small improvements to Flow in SwiftKey recently but more importantly this data is allowing us to accelerate our research into how to make bigger improvements.
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    I already miss the number row, but I will keep using this one through the trial time. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G890A using Tapatalk
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    My only concern for this clipboard functionality is with regard to password managers like LastPass that use the clipboard to autofill logins for web sites and apps. The password manager apps typically have a very short timeout so that the clipboard contents are erased to minimize exposure of this sensitive data. 1. When the password manager clears the clipboard, will the sensitive data remain within SwiftKey? 2. Is there a way to have SwiftKey blacklist data from specific apps like password managers to prevent them from ever appearing?
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    Hello VIPs, Today, I wanted to congratulate our very own @Alpert for being the VIP of the month. What this means to us is someone who's selfless in helping this community by answering questions and helping others troubleshoot. People visit this VIP Community for many reasons and myself and our mods do our best to answer all the questions and help anyone who's in need. Alpert has shown commitment to doing this and thus we wanted to highlight his work within the SwiftKey Community. As always, we showcase the VIP of the month with a set of questions to help us get to know Alpert a little more. Here is the bulk of his responses: Here's the link to the full blog post: https://blog.swiftkey.com/meet-the-swiftkey-vip-alpert/ Everyone, please join me in congratulating Alpert for his efforts. Thanks for all your help and expertise! Cheers, Ryan & the VIP Community
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    Hello everyone, I have some exciting news for you today! Read on... A few years ago, we added a User to User (U2U) section to our VIP Community. In this area, over 8,000 questions have been asked across the Android and iOS community. This means that thousands of people came to this community seeking help and were able to get answers to their questions from another member of the SwiftKey community. We're very proud of everyone that contributed to the success of this support community. As of Wednesday, February 15th, all changes mentioned below are effective. The VIP Forums will remain open and active until Monday, February 20th. After that, the forums will only be "view only" User to User Forums The U2U section was put in place to help with support while also bringing people together to help each other out. We are now taking a step forward and launching the next version of this community. Even though it's in a different location, the same level of dedication will be applied. The fantastic Mod team will transition with this move and be there to help any questions that you may have. Today, we're moving our U2U community to our support site. Now when you end up on our support site (which hopefully isn't too often) then search for your question, you'll be able to see knowledge base articles as well as answers and questions from the community. This keeps all relevant support-related content in the same area, allowing you to get in and out faster than ever. It also means that more people who are looking for help will find it all in one place. New SwiftKey Support Community The U2U forums will remain open to look at for a few more days, but new content will not be able to be posted. I want to thank everyone who posted or answered a question in these forums over the years. It was thanks to all of you that our community was so awesome! Adding a big special thanks to the Mod team: Alpert, Brandoberry, Subliminal5oh2, driftinganomaly, EeZeEpEe (retired), Ledsteplin, Iamdaymo & Martin23 for being the ones who were most on top of responding to your questions as soon as they could. Beta Forums The beta forums have also been moved to Zendesk. We have not created their own separate section. Post beta related questions in the general Android or iOS sections. The mod team & SwiftKey staff will be there to answer questions. If we feel things start to get too messy by combining beta and market support forums, we can create a specific beta one. Greenhouse Forums The Greenhouse forums will also be closed down. We have created a section for SwiftKey Symbols. The rest of the forums will not migrate over for the time being. What does this mean for the rest of the VIP Community? Great question! We have plans, and we'll be sending out more updates soon. If you have any questions or concerns, you can always post them here. Cheers, Ryan, SwiftKey Community Manager
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    Hi beta community, This is another feature hitting the beta today that has also been highly requested by the community. A few months ago, we rolled out Clipboard for SwiftKey. With this new beta, we've added the ability to assign a "shortcut" or text expansion to each clip. Example: In the "add clip" section you see the additional text field below that allows you to add the shortcut. The image on the right shows what happens when you type in that shortcut and how it then appears on the prediction bar. What does everyone think of this new feature? How could it be improved? Cheers, Ryan
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    Hey Brian, We had about ~30 people use Tapatalk on our forums on a monthly basis. Thats not much. And Tapatalk may have been the market leader in reading multiple forums, but their product still left a lot to be desired in my opinion. You couldn't tell if you were talking to a Moderator/Staff member or a regular person, because no badges were shown. Trying to Moderate content on Tapatalk was also a poor experience. I'm not here trying to bash their service. Ultimately, this is what we felt made the most sense. I'm sorry that this is not the best experience for you. This is not to say Tapatalk may not come to this service at some later point. I can't speak for what Zendesk is going to do. But we will continue to try and provide a good experience for users coming to the Forums.
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    Hello beta community, What's New We've cleaned up some names of languages in the languages settings area - Konkani / कोंकणी -> Konkani (Devanagari) / कोंकणी - Konkani / ಕೊಂಕಣಿ -> Konkani (Kannada) / ಕೊಂಕಣಿ - Sindhi Pakistan -> Sindhi (Arabic) / السندية - Sindhi India -> Sindhi (Devanagari) / सिन्धी - Burmese / မြန်မာဘာသာ -> Burmese (Unicode) / မြန်မာဘာသာ Fixed: - Long language names (RTL) in the language settings area will no longer overlap with the toggle switch - The keyboard won't go into landscape mode in the Keep app - Enter will no longer commit the word when typing in the URL area in Chrome Leave bug reports and feedback in the VIP Android beta forums. Type Less. Do More Cheers, Ryan & the Android Team
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    Great convo here guys. While I know other apps are doing this, I personally, don't find myself going back mid sentence and having to change/edit a word. I tend to fix it on the fly or I click on the word and the cursor moves right to the end of the word (which I think is faster then swiping my finger to move the cursor back) especially if the word is really far back. I DO see how a quick swipe gesture to move the cursor back a few words could be helpful. I should try and use the Google keyboard a bit to see what it feels like. But I would end up with so many errors using the Gboard because I'm just so used to how SwiftKey works, I'd end up having to edit everything (which is counter productive to me). These are just my personal opinions and not reflective of how SwiftKey thinks about this feature.
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    Ah..I'm stupid. I just noticed, that there was a blank space after shruggie, that's why it said "invalid sign". Sorry for wasting your time. Keep up the good work!
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    Hello, I think there's a basic setting that enabled by default : Accented characters. Please go to SwiftKey settings > Typing > Keys, turn off Accented characters. Then you can have fewer accented characters on the long-press key pop-up. And you can reach the frequent characters like "à" more easily. I've been studying French for 5 yrs, I can say that the chance you use other characters like "ê" or "ë" is much less (or not used at all). So disable the option would help. One step back, even the option wasn't disabled, I believe SwiftKey is smart enough to autocorrect or predict "à" when you just tap on "a" key. Same rules for accented characters like "é", because "é" is always in a word, like "problématique", tap on the "e" key would give you the same word. I relie on SwiftKey prediction quality so that I don't use the long-press key pop-up to get those accented characters, even if, it would be very few. Time saved and word typed. "Type less and do more." Alpert
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    I'd like to see that space gone too or at least an option to disable the space Sent from my SM-N9005 using Tapatalk
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    Not a fan. Assign shortcuts to number row. Long press to reveal. Simple. Sent from my SM-N910T using Tapatalk
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    Perhaps a dedicated button just like the emoji one? Then people can decide if they would like to use none, incognito or emoji. Otherwise, long press 123 for the menu to open. (sorry I keep trying to resurrect this feature, but I feel it's so much easier to open the menu this way than fumbling around with the hamburger slider) edit: Awesome feature! Especially when typing words that I don't want to pollute my language model with.
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    Hi beta community, As you may have noticed, we have been pushing a lot of language-related features in our beta cycles, including language models powered by neural networks and new languages altogether. This week's update brings some new features, highly requested by our community, that improve the core experience: Incognito Mode and shortcuts - our version of text expansion. Join the discussion on incognito mode here Join the discussion on short cuts / text expansion here Cheers, Ryan
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    On my phone, SwiftKey uses between 40-60 mb of RAM (doesn't seem much to me) and doesn't cause significant battery drain. Perhaps you could share more information about the issues you're facing with SwiftKey so that the devs can investigate.
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    This is temporary, they will be back.
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    First, this keyboard is amazing, I recommend it to everyone who has Android if I see them using stock. Thank you!! Second, would you be so kind and please add the em dash (—) to long hold "G" on the main keyboard? Right now, long hold "G" gives you two choices, "Ǧ" and a hyphen. In fact, you could add, hyphen (-), en dash (–), and em dash (—), so that they are all three handy. That would be wonderful! Any thoughts? Thank you very much!!
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    I stopped what I was doing, searched the web for your support forum, downloaded taptalk, created accounts for it and this forum, all so that I could say the clipboard feature is badass. baaaaaadassssss. I'm super happy to see it. I mean, I'll soon have a million complaints about it, but that's just who I am. In fact, I've got already. Accessing the hamburger menu is awkward. I use a phone case with a ridge making it hard to press the very edge of the screen. I also haven't figured out if I am supposed to long or short press. The result is accidentally selecting then intentionally deleting the left prediction a few times before I get the menu open. May I suggest a button to the left of the letter a key. There is just a big-ish blank space there now. Sent from my Nexus 5X
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    I may not speak for ALL the SK users but I think I speak for A LOT of them when I say that the NUMBER ONE feature of SK is it's ability to learn our predictions almost instantly and via the sync logically save those across multiple devices! Ergo, I think this problem is bigger than you folks at SK seem to realize by the staff response so far. The reason simply being that it's a royal pain in the arse to have to "teach" a keyboard all over again just when you have it exactly the way you want. I have counted up to 11 words in a row that I have been able to string together just by tapping predictions on SK without having to type! I'm sure there are users that can string together even more, and that is what sets you folks apart from any other keyboard for sure!! However, without being able to sync SK the point becomes mute and it's even annoying to have to "re-teach" the keyboard your predictions again. I personally find it so annoying I'm using another keyboard at the moment and if you guys don't fix it soon I don't see myself coming back to it. I'd just like to close by saying that I've been a loyal SK user since the paid days and it would be a shame if you let something like this kill just a great keyboard!
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    Hey everyone. It's been quite a while since I last posted anything here. I have a suggestion for the SwiftKey team. In light of the success and widespread use of the new Pokémon Go game, it may be a good idea to add the Pokémon names to the SwiftKey dictionary. _GS_
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    I was wondering if there was a way to create your own keyboard theme? Is there a template analyzing, what are the requirements and how do you install it? Thank you!
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    I understand both of your struggles. I was told that everyone has to use the same standard layout for the purposes of the data being consistent. Thanks for being good sports and using this app for the time being.
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    As do I; but for now, it is for the better of research. All hail the research!
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    I'm new to SwiftKey. So I thought I'd introduce myself to the other SwiftKey members. This is definitely the best keyboard app I've used to date. Love it!
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    This is a great question and one that will need some investigating. I'm going to pass this along to the devs as a privacy concern!
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    Just a few suggestions 1. For the love of God, please, PLEASE have the option not to insert an automatic space after punctuation. 2. Full set of arrow keys for tablets. I don't understand the logic of having all four on a phone, but on a larger device, only two. 3. Forward delete key in addition to backspace delete. 4. "Close keyboard" key. No. 1 is absolutely the most important and long overdue.
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    Thanks everyone. Just had not seen a continual beta before and was making sure I was using the right one. This is interesting and I'm glad to be a part of it. Was just curious too. Love my SK! Yall have a great weekend and keep up the good work! Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-N920A using Tapatalk
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    I'm with AdamBanzi on this - there at least needs to be an option. I feel several times slower using the no-space version,and it's made SwiftKey feel anything but swift. Oddly, some of the predictions were less accurate with the first version to introduce the no-space, too, but that seems to be mostly fixed by the latest version I just installed. The update does seem to help, so I might need the option less than I did, but I still prefer having an option from a UX perspective.
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    Add the 3D touch support. QuickType and more another keyboard support a 3D touch. With a virtual cursor, move in the text is more easy
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    I have been waiting a long time for this mode. Very excited. After the removal of the keypress animation, this was the last real request I had for SwiftKey. I have a few pieces of feedback, some of which have already been noted above. +1 for quicker access. I think this would be best done through a long-press. I use neither the long-press for emoji or voice input, so the option to remove/assign functions to particular key long-presses would be awesome (although perhaps to fine-grain for public release). The shift, space, backspace, and keyboard mode buttons also have no long-press features on them. Associating with the number row is a bad idea as many users (myself included) disable the number row by default (screen real estate is too valuable, and long-press for numbers is so fast already). +1 for choose-your-own incognito theme. I am very used to my default theme. Giving us the option to choose any theme for incognito mode would serve as just as strong of a visual indicator without forcing a particular color scheme on us. Given that some people may have use-cases for extended typing in incognito mode, the mask may also be too intrusive of a visual indicator. Another minimal way of doing it would be to just change the color of the predication bar, given that's the area of the keyboard associated with learning. +1 for auto-detect mode. Most browsers have a built in incognito mode. It would be awesome to have SwiftKey automatically switched into incognito mode when the browser did. Doing the detection for Chrome alone would benefit the majority of your users. Perhaps this would be less important with a well implemented quick access to the mode. Happy to elaborate on any of this feedback. Love to see SwiftKey responding to community requests, even if it takes a little time. This keyboard is incredibly close to perfect for me.
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    Hi, folks. After updating the keyboard to its latest release, mentioned on the title, I've been facing a lot of performance issues. It's mainly lagging to add a punctuation via gesture (sliding left or right on the full stop button). Once in a while, it also lags when pressing a key (very rare) and it wasn't happening before. I'm not using the Beta keyboard. My device is a OnePlus 3 Android 6.0.1.
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    The text expander program ActiveWords (Windows only, I think) has a check box for whether you want the shortcut (e.g., omw) to expand immediately (into "on my way") or whether you need to hit a special key first. If SwiftKey had such a feature, you could use it to have the shortcut expand automatically if you were sure you'd never type the shortcut except to have it expand. Otherwise, you'd have the shortcut expand the way it does now, by hitting the space bar or the middle prediction (I assume that's how you do it now--I haven't yet tried this new SK Beta feature). With ActiveWords, I find that most of the time, I set up shortcuts NOT to expand immediately. Better safe than sorry. I'm really looking forward to trying out this new SK feature!
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    Hello VIPs, We recently sent out a survey asking how we could improve the VIP experience for everyone. We got a lot of feedback suggesting more notifications. In order for us to make sure we notify you about the right stuff, you'll have to make some minor adjustments to your profile. It's a few easy steps which I have shown below with some screen shots. In the example below, I put that I'm interested in Android and iOS. Please check which platforms you are interested in. Clicking this should take you right to the setting for quick editing. If you would like us to add another group, please let us know in the comments and we can get that added. Cheers, Ryan
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    This is a known issue that will be fixed in a future update.
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    Just an FYI that we have added a clipboard feature to the latest version of SwiftKey beta. Find more info here
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    Hi there, Technically I would assume it is possible. We're always exploring new ways to make the typing experience better. I'll add this as a feature request.
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    Hello iOS beta testers, The next few betas will be focused on making SwiftKey more accessible. I don't mean that in the sense of easier to download or to use, but the OS level accessibility features for people with disabilities. What's New - Accessibility improvements: - Support for VoiceOver - High contrast theme available when ‘Darken Colors’ is turned on in iPhone/iPad settings - Increased contrast in SwiftKey settings Cheers, Ryan & the iOS Team