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This community has now become "SwiftKey Insiders" - built around SwiftKey users who want to help shape the future of SwiftKey products from the ground up. 

Note: this community is only available for SwiftKey for Android at this time - 

But if you would like to join our iOS or Windows lists to be notified when we launch on these platforms, please let us know.

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    I have made some changes to this post to make it more clear what this new community is about and how to get involved. SwiftKey VIP 2.0 is the same thing as SwiftKey Insiders - so if you were already a part of SwiftKey VIP 2.0 and participated in projects, then you are already good. I would highly suggested you still go edit your profile and account preferences to make sure we have all the right information for you. Also as mentioned, this level of editing cannot be done with tapatalk. You will need to go on a mobile browser.
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    I was wondering if there was a way to create your own keyboard theme? Is there a template analyzing, what are the requirements and how do you install it? Thank you!
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    Hello everyone, SwiftKey has always been very interested in getting feedback from our community. There was once upon a time a private beta community helping test SwiftKey before the official launch. In fact, this was the genesis of the VIP forum. Since SwiftKey's inception, we've had a range of beta programs: public, to private, to very private. Now that SwiftKey for Android beta is completely open (and listed in the Play Store) that community and feedback has moved over to our support forums. We felt like this just made the most sense. What do we do with this forum then, you say? Launch A New Community - Of Course Keeping the spirit of this forum's creation alive - testing and early feedback - we are proud to announce the launch of SwiftKey Insiders. Wait, hold on a second...SwiftKey Insiders, you say? Sounds a lot like Windows Insiders? Well you're right, it is a very similar program. If you missed it, SwiftKey was acquired by Microsoft in early 2016 - that is part of the reason why we are using the SwiftKey Insiders name; plus it also rolls off the tongue nicely. What Is SwiftKey Insiders? SwiftKey Insiders is designed to be a smaller community focused on giving feedback on new projects we are working on. (more on this later) Since this is a smaller community, there will be emphasis on quality. What do you mean by quality? We want members to be very active and engage with us and other members regularly. We don't want this to be a chore, this should be a fun and enjoyable experience. How or why would it be fun? We're glad you asked. Why Should I Join? We are looking for people who like using SwiftKey and want to help make SwiftKey and any future SwiftKey products better for yourself and everyone else who uses them. How? By providing your honest and thoughtful feedback via the projects that we share with you. While we know that many of you who identify as "power users" and early adopters enjoy beta testing apps, we also hope that some of you who just use your phone a lot will want to participate as well. Everyone's opinions matter equally here! What Are These Projects? We will be sharing a range of different projects through this community. They will be based on features and products that are currently in development and we want to get community feedback on how to fine-tune them and make them better before they get a full rollout. Here are some examples of the types of projects you'd see: Mockups Early designs Surveys (most likely lots of them) Polls Prototypes Virtual APKs Trust and Validation Since this community is going to be focused around unreleased features and products, there needs to be a level of trust here. If you decide to signup - we do ask you quite a few questions to get to know you a little better and why you want to join. You'll also be required to sign an NDA. Supported Platforms Sounds great, how do I join? This community is currently only open to Android users. if you do use iOS or Windows, feel to sign up in the event that we open this program to support additional platforms. If this sounds like something that interests you, sign up using the signup button. Current SwiftKey Community Member If you are already have an account on this forum and are interested in joining this new community. There are a few things to do to apply for this community. You'll need to update your profile and some Account Settings. Note: these changes cannot be done via Tapatalk. You will need to make these changes via a browser Here are the things you will need to edit - this information will remain private On Mobile Click the hamburger menu on the top right Click Account Click "Profile" Fill out all the mandatory fields - there are a handful of them All of this information is needed Hit Save Go back to Account Click on Account Settings Click on "Settings Area" (it's a grey box) Click on "Change Group" Click on the the boxes of things that you are interested in Save On Desktop Click on your Profile photo in the top right Click on Profile Answer all the required questions Hit save Click back on your profile photo Go to Account Settings Change Groups Click on the boxes of things that you are interested in Save Once you have taken those two actions, send me a PM letting me know you are done and we'll take the next steps. Cheers, Ryan, SwiftKey Community Manager
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    LOL, I'm down to a respectable 292 apps. I was up to 340.
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    Hello, many requests of customized theme are received. We're evaluating. I don't know if devs are going to add it or not, either don't know if there's a date. Alpert
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    You're like a digital minimalist, very cool. [emoji41]
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    Not much, but I get meetings and other notifications straight from Google Calendar into this nice little widget. Basic, but I like it.
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    For anyone that understands more than language just a little bit should know that not everything in one language transfers over to another. What this means is that saying one thing in a language could mean something completely different or mean nothing at all in another languages. We've gone ahead and made a list of 10 words from different languages that we think should have an English equivalent. What do you think of these words? Do you have any that you'd like to add? Read the full post Top 10 ‘untranslatable’ words that should exist in English Sound off in the comments Cheers, Ryan
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    I love stuff like this. I knew about fremdscham already, because I needed a word to describe why some comedies are unwatchable for me. My wife is pochemuchka, everyone says so, although not in so few words. I've got another German word for you: Torschlusspanik: the feeling of urgency or panic to accomplish something before some imaginary gate closes and “it’s all too late.” It’s mostly used for those who sense their biological clock is running out and feel the need to settle with a partner or have children immediately. What a jem, thanks Ryan, sorry for the necromancy. [emoji33][emoji33][emoji88][emoji88][emoji88] #necroposting
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    Well done! Should be an insider soon. Good luck!
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    Thanks. I've taken care of it already Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
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    Hi, I suggest you to do it on mobile browser (Chrome, for example), or on a desktop. I doubt Tapatalk supports deep settings like these. Best Alpert
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    I would love to help you improve Swiftkey especially regardless arabic language Sent from my SM-N900 using Tapatalk
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    Wow, your phone is the app store... Not the app. lol!
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    There are a whole lot of launcher apps out there: Google Now, Apex, ADW, Themer, Aviate and others that just lock your homescreen like Cover. Check out this article here from the Next Web for more: http://thenextweb.com/apps/2013/12/06/personalization-matters-best-android-launchers-can-download-today/ What are folks here in VIP using?
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    my favorite themes my themes ..a.z.a.t..
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    To re-evaluate this question after a couple of years. I'm still a Samsung fanboy. My Note 5 has been amazing to me and has done everything I've asked and then some. I love the size, the lack of a bezel, the ease of use and the improvements of Touchwiz have made rooting somewhat unnecessary. I truly am saddened by the death of the Note 7 as it had tons of features I was super stoked about. Mostly the new implementation of a better S-Pen. Now I'm looking into a Pixel XL from Google, as well as the One Plus 3.
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    I'd like more battery capacity (with trade off in larger size of course) to the point where there's no longer a camera hump. Doesn't make sense to place it in such a vulnerable position..
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    damn right, mate! You're completely right. I didn't notice the date, I'm sorry. I hope they give us more battery! I'm power hungry, that's undeniable.
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    This thread is a bit inaccurate. I've got a OnePlus 3, which means I already am Snapdragon 820 and I've got 6GB of RAM (which option's missing on the topic). Answering the questions: This processor amazes me in every way and I'm completely satisfied by it. Of course I wouldn't refuse an improvement, but as of now... nothing beats it. The 6GB is what I need on a phone and I wouldn't buy anything more than that. And at last, I don't think 3K mAh is enough anymore. I want more. I want 4k mAh fitting 5.5'' or 5.7'' full-HD display.
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    Hi, I live(d) in Brussels, the political heart of Europe. (T)here, knowing multiple languages is a must. I speak 4. Dutch, English, French and already quite some German but improving every day. And on top of that the many many strong dialects of my core languages.. Yes, speaking another language is like having another soul. Start thinking and speaking in another language and the world changes in front of you. Very different languages offer very different perspectives on things. This is why speaking multiple languages makes you a lot smarter. I think it's even essential to be literate in the 21st century. Now I travel the world and I'm absolutely addicted to learning new languages. I eat them for breakfast. Almost literally. Finding ways to learn faster is a must for me. I'm trying to follow as much as possible the latest developments in (language) learning and neuroscience research. We're discovering a lot in this field very fast, but not fast enough. I need the best learning strategies today, not next month Ps: I like the level of curiosity in your question Prad. I think you'd make a great polyglot. Kind regards, Reiner Wils
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    Releasing a list of your top used words and phrases would allow me to learn languages significantly faster. Like they say that you only need about 3000 words to get fluent in a language... I want to know which are my top used words and phrases to put this into action since I'm travelling the world and experimenting a lot with accelerated learning. Just export in an excell sheet or something would be perfect. It's easy to follow the order of most used words or phrases and to translate them to the new language that I'm learning. Also to export to flashcards learning apps this is perfect. I really believe this can revolutionise the speed at which I can learn new languages to put them into use immediately. Also for AI understanding of which words to teach first for higher relevance this is great. Think of use in Duolingo, memrise, mondly, etc. Now I have the feeling that these apps are completely disconnected of what you should learn first.
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    This is something I've been wondering about as well, I think it would be awesome to see this implemented. I would also love to see new themes offered in the theme store more regularly. I think there would be a lot of interest (and purchasing) from users, myself included.
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    That time and weather widget is smooth!
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    I like minimalistic home with materialistic touch and here is my home screen - Sent from my ASUS_Z00AD using Tapatalk
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    Hmmm, I hadn't ever thought about evolution from that angle.. Pretty cool! I can't begin to imagine what the changes will be like, can you?
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    "@the1zia: Facebook Messenger (Android 4.0+) With Video call support http://t.co/SQ2eq2Mvqf… http://t.co/pFsb7ua7mJ"
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    UTD now know how its feel to play them when Howard Webb is incharge
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    Microsoft is forcing Messenger users over to Skype starting April 8th http://t.co/Ls13LMPF via @verge
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    Add me on LiveProfile my PIN is LP06BFXO LiveProfile is a free messenger for Android iPhone and BlackBerry. Get it from http://t.co/ztAlDwZJ
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    Peace be upon the messenger, the chosen one
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    wenn man dem neuen facebook - messenger 8 (!) Zugriffsrechte entzieht, fetzt er :-! #root #privacyguard #fb
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    RT @verge: Facebook Messenger for Android drops account requirement, taking on SMS and WhatsApp http://t.co/XUPfHvR9