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  1. Coderedpl added an answer to a question Weird apostrophe issue?   

    Not sure when it started happening as I didn't always see it. Kind of ignored it a few other times.
    Yes now that you mentioned it, it seems to happen in hangouts primarily. I don't really, if ever, put in an apostrophe myself so it's put in after accepting a prediction and being sent.

    I have Google voice integrated into hangouts but this happens on regular hangouts conversations
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  2. Coderedpl added an answer to a question Weird apostrophe issue?   

    Edit: I've come to realize that when the characters are posted they get changed to the actual apostrophe.

    I'm attaching a screenshot of said issue.

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  3. Coderedpl added a question in General Questions   

    Weird apostrophe issue?
    Hi there,

    Lately I noticed an issue with SwiftKey which I believe is related to the use of the apostrophe.

    For example, when I was chatting with someone and wrote out It's cold outside, it sent as It's cold outside.

    I haven't noticed this issue with any other keyboard I've used.

    Any ideas?
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