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  1. luckily youll have cursor control to fix your errors ;-D
  2. Like you I have been using SK since day one, and have trained it similar to you, single words lead to full sentences. I also keep switching to google bc i love their gestures but always come back to swiftkey because of the prediction. Thats why im trying so hard to find a way to have the best of both worlds. SK prediction with a cursor control that is both easy to maneuver without taking up screen realestate or completely retraining myself on where the spacebar is. I made the suggestion a while ago, was just hoping to explain my reasoning. Appreciate your insights.
  3. Theres a few of reasons i don't use arrows: 1. it takes up a bunch of screen real estate to have an extra row of keys 2. its below the space bar which causes more typos than not having them. - maybe this is just a side effect of giving up on them after getting to frustrated when attempting to use them, but i then refer back to point 1, screen space is gold. How would you feel about a row of languages below the keyboard in place of the arrows? Obviously im not suggesting this, just pointing out that it would be equally as annoying if you were to accidentally switch langs instead of hitting the space bar as it is to move the cursor using the arrows. 3. its far more time consuming to locate which arrow you want, tap repeatedly/hold etc than it is to slide your finger along with the cursor. I also challenge a few of you who havent used the spacebar cursor control to try it out. Google Keyboard does a fantastic job of implementing both cursor control and deelte swipe actions. I think you will be surprised how handy it can be in your daily typing.
  4. is swiping along the suggestions bar for cursor control a possibility? It shouldnt get in the way of the menu as most people wouldnt start that far to the left and allows the spacebar functionality to be left untouched. seems like a way to make everyone happy.
  5. I find myself using it a variety of situations. Few examples off the top of my head. For additions, adding full sentences or words in the middle of an email/text/post etc. When you want to change the way you said something/rearrange a some words in the middle of a sentence. In any field that does not allow auto correct.
  6. agreed, plenty of different ways to implement this, major missing feature from swiftkey. Prediction is awesome but only so good everyone still make mistakes, need an easy way to navigate to those typos. the arrows are just unrealistic waste of screen real estate. How about swiping across the suggestions bar to move cursor?
  7. guess ill add my +1 to this feature, although it seems like languages are the primary focus based on recent releases. Android really lacks the ability to move the cursor in an easy to use fashion. The ability to move it accurately with the keyboard makes it much easier and faster to correct or edit words. SwiftKey's prediction engine is too good and knows me too well after using it since the day it came out, makes it hard to switch to google keyboard. I also think some sort of delete selection would be extremely useful
  8. agreed, similar to how chrooma keyboard is doing it. keyboard should match the app.