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  1. Uninstalled and reinstalled and that seems to have fixed it.
  2. The keyboard icon shows just fine. The issue is that when you tap it, the pop-up to switch keyboards doesn't appear. I'm not sure if a picture will help to demonstrate that?
  3. On Android 5.0, I'm finding that I can't switch keyboards if I'm using SwiftKey. If I'm using Minuum I can switch to SwiftKey, but I can't switch from SwiftKey to Minuum.
  4. I'm always switching between SwiftKey and Minuum, the latter has introduced a chameleon theme that sets the background to the same colour as the status bar, any chance of seeing that on SwiftKey? Even at an elevated price?
  5. One thing that they've done excellently with the Touchwiz keyboard is the ability to have T9 in portrait and normal keyboard in landscape. I know that Swiftkey aren't huge supporters of T9, but it's an awesome feature.
  6. Gotta admit that being able to gesture-type and tap-type on the same keyboard is pretty awesome.