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  1. sabret00the added an answer to a question Cannot switch keyboard   

    Uninstalled and reinstalled and that seems to have fixed it.
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  2. sabret00the added an answer to a question Cannot switch keyboard   

    The keyboard icon shows just fine. The issue is that when you tap it, the pop-up to switch keyboards doesn't appear. I'm not sure if a picture will help to demonstrate that?
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  3. sabret00the added a question in Performance   

    Cannot switch keyboard
    On Android 5.0, I'm finding that I can't switch keyboards if I'm using SwiftKey.

    If I'm using Minuum I can switch to SwiftKey, but I can't switch from SwiftKey to Minuum.
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  4. sabret00the added a post in a topic Material Design Theme Pack Now Available   

    I'm always switching between SwiftKey and Minuum, the latter has introduced a chameleon theme that sets the background to the same colour as the status bar, any chance of seeing that on SwiftKey? Even at an elevated price?
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  5. sabret00the added a topic in App Chatter   

    Touchwiz Keyboard
    One thing that they've done excellently with the Touchwiz keyboard is the ability to have T9 in portrait and normal keyboard in landscape. I know that Swiftkey aren't huge supporters of T9, but it's an awesome feature.
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  6. sabret00the added a post in a topic Stock Android 4.2 Keyboard   

    Gotta admit that being able to gesture-type and tap-type on the same keyboard is pretty awesome.
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