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  1. July can’t get here soon enough

  2. Win an All-Inclusive Trip for Two to Groove Fest 2015 in the Dominican Republic via http://t.co/lwBnVGXE4L

  3. #Repost @kyekei with repostapp. ・・・ You can't get time back. There is no do over. So make it count. https://t.co/E0dlYQkBJe
  4. Lackey is horrible tonight

  5. Thank goodness for call blocking.. been blocking numbers left and right all day

  6. These ****s are popping fireworks and I’m trying to go to sleep

  7. Um that fish from Schnuck’s tore my stomach up

  8. Waiting on 8:00 to get here.. #Power

  9. Hotel booked for Memphis. Can’t wait for the #4thofJuly to get here

  10. This has been the longest day ever!!!

  11. My annual review is coming up soon. Now who the hell is going to do it since my manager quit?!