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  1. Mike Observer added a topic in Bug Reports   

    Changing orientation in Whatsapp impacts scroll position [Bug reported]
    I think this is a bug, but it is a strange one because it affects the behaviour of the app SwiftKey is working with.
    The bug affects the scroll position in a WhatsApp chat conversation by unwantedly scrolling to previous messages instead of the most recent ones. To reproduce the bug,
    Open a WhatsApp chat with enough messages to scroll up and down the screen.Tap on the chat box to open SwiftKey.Tilt the phone horizontally and then back to vertical. (Screen orientation should change)The chat should scroll to the previous most message WhatsApp can display without manually loading earlier messages.Repeat twice or thrice if messages don't scroll to previous ones.This bug is also reproducible (seldom) by changing back and forth from Google Keyboard to SwiftKey.
    I tried doing the same thing with Google Keyboard but the chat remained in its place as should have been expected.
    SwiftKey Version:
    Device: Moto G 2014
    Android Version: 5.0.2
    Hope this helps.
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  2. Mike Observer added a post in a topic Blank Text Field Predictions not customizing [Bug reported]   

    Okay first off, if I created any confusion, the bug I am reporting is only about first-word-predictions (when the text field is empty) and not every prediction that appears once you have begun typing.
    I'll try to be as clear as I can. *deep breath* Okay, on to the bug now!
    First-word-predictions may not be app specific, but definitely they are text field specific (i.e., for swiftkey, WhatsApp's chat box is different from chrome's omnibox, and the omnibox is different from the SMS app's message box).
    Moreover, I am pretty sure this is a bug because I used to rely on the first word predictions to write birthday wishes. Besides, these predictions still work and change based on my use on a few apps.
    Now, assuming that SwiftKey's first-word-predictions are constant across apps, shouldn't they at least change based on my frequently used first word ? My first-word-predictions in those apps where SwiftKey does not display predictions based on my use are 'The - I - Okay'. And these three words are to be found after a clean install, i.e. no personal language data plus deleted SwiftKey cloud data. (These never changed even after use)
    I am attaching a few screenshots below. (Sorry, I couldn't resize them)
    The first one is of WhatsApp, where the predictions don't seem to be working. My first words are usually never 'The' or 'I'. However, 'Okay' might be the most used first word for me.
    Almost every app I use has these as their first predictions.

    Now the apps where First-word-predictions Work as expected.
    Below is Chrome's omnibox. You can see the first three predictions are different. Moreover, I was successfully able to insert the word 'happy' after repeatedly entering it as the first word and closing the keyboard after 7 or 8 tries. Now every time I open the SwiftKey in chrome, 'happy' makes the cut.

    Below is the screenshot from the default SMS app in Moto G (2014). I seldom use this app, but the centre prediction is accurate based on my use.

    Below is the screenshot of the contact's app in Moto G (2014). It is probably showing the most recently entered names in the contacts.

    I have tried my best to explain. If I was still not clear on anything, I'll try to clarify.
    Thanks Prad!
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  3. Mike Observer added a topic in Bug Reports   

    Blank Text Field Predictions not customizing [Bug reported]
    SwiftKey Beta version:
    Device: Moto G 2 (XT 1068)
    Language Packs active: English (UK) and Hinglish
    I have been facing this issue for quite some time now. Had reported it more than 6 months ago and it was resolved back then, but it has resurfaced again (since quite some time). So here is the issue:
    The initial three predictions that show up when the text field is empty, never change. That is, the predictions which used to be displayed after a fresh install do not change even though you use different words to begin sentences. This problem persists in most of the apps, but works in few. I am listing down the apps and their text fields where the problem can be reproduced and apps where this feature seems to be working fine.
    For text fields where initial predictions fail, the predictions 'the - I - Okay' show up
    Apps Where Predictions Do NOT Change:
    Google Now App & the Search Bar on the Home ScreenWhatsApp chat box and WhatsApp search boxGoogle CalendarAny.doText Fields on pages browsed in ChromeAll Text fields in Google's Inbox.Contacts app's search boxDolphin Browser's search / address barMessaging App's Contact / Phone number field (Moto G default app) 
    Apps Where Predictions Work:
    Contacts app's Add contact's Name field (prediction in other fields like company, titile, address, etc do not seem to work)Chrome's Omni boxMessaging App's Text Field (Moto G default app) 
    Having written this list so far, I now realize that names of apps where predictions do not work need not be mentioned. I checked every app on my phone which I believed could use a keyboard and the initial predictions didn't work... Except for the three apps mentioned above.
    Moreover, this problem is not specific to my device. My family members have android phones and they use swiftkey (market version) and there is a similar problem in their devices too.
    This is all I have to share for now, will be glad to share more info as needed.
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