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  1. Hi VIPs, I am planning to buy a bluetooth keyboard for my phone (Logitech K480), but I am not sure if I would be able to use the DVORAK layout with the keyboard on my android phone. I use DVORAK layout on my swiftkey keyboard and would purchase only if the bluetooth keyboard that I pair with it works as DVORAK. So, can any of the existing bluetooth keyboard users guide me whether this is possible or not? Thanks! Edit: I found the solution later that day when I tried a friend's bt keyboard. All you have to do is install an app that offers different layouts for bluetooth keyboard. There are quite a few apps available on the Google Play Store. It works fine not just for DVORAK, but multiple language layouts. Hope someone out there finds this helpful.
  2. Sorry for not responding to this issue at all. But yes, I have done all that previously.
  3. Nope, don't use them. The only out of the ordinary app on my phone is 'Parallel Space' which lets you have multiple accounts for each app. E.G. Two WhatsApp accounts (one of which runs within parallel space).
  4. Hi Alpert, My data was backed up, thankfully. So, I just cleared SwiftKey's data and logged back in to cloud to download my data back. It worked! However, that wouldn't have solved the underlying problem. I will try to provide as much info as needed to get this solved. ☺
  5. I didn't manually clear it or I didn't do anything out of the ordinary. I was typing something, SwiftKey crashed, took some time to load and then I was not able to use any of my previously learned words (non-English). This isn't the first time this has happened. But I felt like I should discuss this here. I type with English UK language pack but a lot my typing includes words not in the English dictionary - and I have added many over months. And my auto correct level inserts predication at every space (so I rely heavily on it.). This definitely doesn't feel like automatic deletion by SwiftKey. If it is, can anyone let me know when and why this happens? And if this is a bug, what can I do to get it resolved? More importantly, can I get my data back?
  6. RT @paulocoelho: Suffering occurs when we want other people to love us the way we expect to be loved

  7. I saw it LIVE! ⚽

  8. Hey God! You have really got a hold over your 'moral of the story' ****, but your plots are just.. meh!!

  9. I feel like a master crafter of words.

  10. RT @shekharkapur: Lessons of Life: This period of sadness u r passing through. Let it really pass through. Like a river tht flows. Dont dam…

  11. Do the slow and steady still win? Or is this another outdated quote?

  12. RT @MKBHD: Retweet and follow @MKBHD and @dbrandSkins to enter to win this skinned HTC One M8! Random winner in 6 hours. Go! http://t.co/K…