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  1. If I had no work tmr I'd follow Apple's WWDC live. #firstworldpains

  2. At my favourite food place in singapore! http://t.co/2qF97n0i

  3. "Let nothing disturb you, let nothing frighten you; All things pass." Theresa of Avila

  4. I'm at The Paragon (Singapore) w/ 9 others http://t.co/mfdrch0z

  5. Join @Kiva: Get $25 free trial and help alleviate poverty. http://t.co/TDNhu0lq via @Kiva

  6. I just finished a workout with runtastic PRO Android app Sport: Running Distance: 2.69 km http://t.co/DfNAXYrE

  7. Fantastic book a colleague lent me! http://t.co/rAlQEhWO

  8. Apollo music player in cyanogen mod 9 for one x. http://t.co/MaBVNZdd

  9. Missed train (7mins) bcos fellow standing at lift buttons didn't press e floor so we stood motionless for crucial few secs #firstworldpains