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  1. I've logged out of SwiftKey Cloud and logged back in and that doesn't help at all. I've even deleted the app data and cache and it still doesn't behave correctly. If I try and personalize my cloud (Facebook, GMAIL, SMS, G+) they just sit there and say processing, for days. Sometimes it lasts over a week and when you initiate the personalization the keyboard gets super laggy.
  2. It's gotten really bad lately. Sometimes it will take 5 seconds for the keyboard to pop up and if it does pop-up it will take 2-3 seconds to recognize a key press. I have gone to the Google Keyboard, which I never liked before, but is way faster. I really hope this can be corrected because I miss being able to swipe to the left to delete a word. I guess I will try the latest beta and see how that works.