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  1. I understand you'd like emoji to be better but understand from our point you're running a modded device where most people are not. This is not to say we care anyless but building this feature for modded users doesn't help the rest of our users. It would be better if we were able to build something that worked for everyone. =D Building? You mean adding support for a specific emoji font? You wouldn't have to build anything. Besides users who haven't got the upgraded emoji would just not see the updated new emoji. So don't see the problem. Eventually it would be something you would have to do anyway. Your already spamming us on Twitter with emoji here and emoji there tweets so emoji is apperently a big deal Sendt fra min SM-G925F med Tapatalk
  2. Well many Android users like my self are rooted and I already have the font installed like many others do. And right now I'm using a modified version of the Google keyboards with the ios 9.1 emoji. So it wouldn't hurt maybe to add the emoji to the keyboard and maybe put a toggle in settings where users could choose to use new or old emoji if their device support it. Sendt fra min SM-G925F med Tapatalk
  3. Could we get support for the new ios 9.1 emoji. You just added them to the iPhone version of swiftkey so shouldn't be to hard to add them to the Android version as well? Sendt fra min SM-G925F med Tapatalk
  4. I actually prefer the emoji key on the left like it is now. I always thought it was awkward that it was located on the right. So big plus from me with the new beta Sendt fra min SM-G925F med Tapatalk
  5. Thx found it
  6. I've been looking for through the theme store in both beta and appstore version and for the love of God I don't see a theme called Carbon. Could someone post a Screenshot of the so called carbon theme cause I don't see it
  7. Nope, really don't need a watch on my wrist. Why would I? My phone is just in my pocket. Besides don't know what apple is thinking. It's butt ugly. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. I'm sorry, but the excuse that we didn't have long time to build the keyboard or Apple is to blame is just excuses now. Little things like keyboard not showing up on lockscreen with quick reply and basic things just not working is just lack of getting things done by the swiftkey team. If you spend half the time you guys spend promoting new themes for android on Twitter like the cash cow you made it into and started working on bug fixing and getting this keyboard in a state were it would be just close to release ready. It pisses me of that you were fast out stating you were the first keyboard out for iOS but you sure also were the worst keyboard out and the "litte" work so far with minor fixes that really is just laughable considering some of the other keyboard out have already put our several huge updates and funny enough some of them didn't have trouble fixing the issue with keyboard not showing on lockscreen. Sure once in a while they still have problems. But at least they work 9 out of 10 times. Swiftkey work on lockscreen quick reply 0 out of 10 times and all I've heard from the team is: it's apples fault. Or we only got 3 months. Yeah well others did hell of a lot better in 3 months then and now it's been 4 months since release and swiftkey didn't move an millimeter. A very disappointed customer Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. I just unlocked a premium theme for my keyboard @Fleksy for Android- Try it free at http://t.co/iawyDtaRcL http://t.co/uIPvyCbSOl

  10. Touchscreen typing revolutionized by Fleksy. Experience it for yourself. http://t.co/0TFn6wxRk4

  11. I've just reached 197 meters in #BananaKong. Download it from the @AppStore and try to beat me! http://t.co/voQCDIimIu

  12. That's your opinion, Swype has only gone down hill and is not very good anymore after they were sold. Swype don't give a rat's ass anymore what the users want. I can only see positive things coming out of swift key making this keyboard the way it's ment to be with prediction like no other keyboard Sendt fra min GT-I9300 med Tapatalk2