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  1. Jinx13 added an answer to a question Old version   

    I try to use an emoji and the sms turns to a 70 character limit. To get normal smilies I have to swipe all to the right to select simple : - ) also most the new themes don't have the numbers included in the top row of letters and you have to put the numbers in a separate row which I don't like. Maybe I don't have to use the features but maybe I want to use them. Anyway with all that said I've found a version from April found in a backup on my phone so am using that.

    I know a lot of work has gone into this to provide features I and most others wanted the reason I still stick with is because it's still better than all the rest for my needs.

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  2. Jinx13 added a question in General Questions   

    Old version
    Hello, thanks for the update however I don't like it (nothing personal). Is it possible to have the last version? Does anyone have a download link?

    Thank you

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  3. Jinx13 added a topic in App Chatter   

    Password Box with SwiftKey
    Hey, is there any chance if integrating password box with SwiftKey?

    For those that don't know password box is a safe way to store passwords.

    They have android and ios apps but to use it fully you have to use their keyboard.

    Since I don't want to give up SwiftKey then what's the chance of some sort of optional integration?

    Thank you,


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