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  1. RT @zionsaal Bookmark this site a useful Hebrew Calendar http://t.co/epiWpC96

  2. Angry birds, attack! RT @LipaSchmeltzer Not the every day Bar Mitzva. Area 51. http://t.co/EGlRqogs

  3. Whose idea was it to put a reusable cover on the Pringles?

  4. Groupon's discounts are bigger than a dinosaur on a stepladder. Sign up here for their daily deals! #pd - http://t.co/bfeR7h0A

  5. I love Dropbox because I have my files wherever I am! http://t.co/y9Am0R1t

  6. Check out this amazing app on Google Play. Android only, sorry iPhone & Blackberry users. - https://t.co/SSc6KBSW

  7. I don't like to use the "siri replacement" term loosely, but Maluuba @MaluubaInc is doing a hack of a good job! http://t.co/o2Ooxrt9

  8. And then waited for the light to turn green. RT @Zevipink http://t.co/rC3k5XR7

  9. No problem, I'll wait. RT @LGFN RT @wired RIP, I mean RIM, announces Blackberry 10 launch date http://t.co/izUqkkJO

  10. Fwd: Whoever is in need of a place to sleep or to wash laundry call 783 2106 .pls. fwd. msg. to friends and family [CHAVEIRIM of KJ]

  11. This place still has gasoline. Quick Chek - 383 New York 17M, Monroe, NY 10950 http://t.co/H4uDMwEN thanks @KJSmS

  12. Nice cover for your next album. RT @LipaSchmeltzer In the dark reaching the light. http://t.co/YpcKfanL

  13. Hahaha... Made me smile... RT @LGFN Dear @sprint, please proofread ur tweets before sending. That's hurricane #Irene, not #sandy!