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  1. RT @HonestToddler: She's putting on makeup. Superheroes aside, you rarely see people go to such lengths to conceal their identity.

  2. RT @shorlander: Second round with some refinements: http://t.co/g4Sf6PDvZG

  3. RT @sdw: Small talk, the Content-Aware Fill of conversation.

  4. 5.4.2008 #FirstTweet "RT @thomasstache ah! sportschau!" Erstaunlich tiefsinnig! :)

  5. Terrassenwetter! Alle werden zu Sonnenanbetern. (@ Max Altstadt) http://t.co/fRPLtbvKdp

  6. RT @lowercaserho: I just realised that I belong to the only generation in human history, past or present, who will ever know how to program…

  7. Die Nespresso-App hat sich ganz sch

  8. Beautiful Winter @ Kiens / Chienes http://t.co/9ppQCV0

  9. Alles im Zeichen des Lichts... Check out my @photojojo Time Capsule!: http://t.co/b8bjFqj

  10. What could possibly go wrong? #windows8 Noch das verg

  11. Heute Mittag in der Wei