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  1. ♥ A Portage To The Unknown by Turisas #lastfm: http://t.co/HAsgXrl amazon: http://t.co/9kl1GuG

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  3. Testing out swiftkey flow beta.

  4. ♥ The Bard's Song - In The Forest by Van Canto #lastfm: http://t.co/Yr5rEEM

  5. ♥ Crossroads (feat. J. Ralph) by Matisyahu #lastfm: http://t.co/X4kFywp amazon: http://t.co/TdQEBIx

  6. I am most like a Wizard! Which Middle-earth Character Are You? In Theaters December 14. http://t.co/0sWPGam

  7. ♥ In a Deeper World by Borknagar #lastfm: http://t.co/LYmVYvl

  8. ♥ Bullet to Binary (pt. Two) by mewithoutYou #lastfm: http://t.co/ccFZdHr amazon: http://t.co/0pDgSs1

  9. ♥ Rime of the Ancient Mariner by Iron Maiden #lastfm: http://t.co/nxnwb8S