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  1. Prad, I've loved this change ever since it was implemented! I'm also glad that you made it optional for those that didn't like it. It was also great to see you guys fix the capitalizing issues that were going along with the autospacing changes. The only real issues I'm having with the keyboard right now are flow accuracy in general and the autospace after colon. Sent from my SM-G935T using Tapatalk
  2. Apps are a much faster and smoother experience than mobile sites in web browsers. That's just how it is. Visit your forums in Tapatalk then visit your new forums... It's night and day from a performance standpoint. Then, of course, you have all the extra features an app can bring you, particularly notifications. Instead of sending me junk emails letting me know that somebody responded to my question (new forums), I could instead be receiving notifications that are easily dismissable and actually result in fewer steps to get to my post. Tapatalk is the number one forum app for a reason and now you're abandoning it for a less convenient, less feature-rich option.
  3. I really dislike everything about this announcement. No more Tapatalk, which is infinitely easier to use than your mobile support site. I just posted a question over there, so I know lol. Also, combining discussion of beta and market apps into one area? That's the opposite of simplifying things. How is it more simple to wade through a mess of posts from two products? No, simple is keeping the two separate as to eliminate confusion and allowing your users to find topics quicker. Just my two cents...
  4. "Swiping" was a specific feature of Swype, but you copied it no problem, as did almost every other keyboard out there...I'm sure you could find a way to add gesture shortcuts to SwiftKey. Add a "SwiftKey" button that you can swipe from, like in Swype.
  5. While those are handy for some cases, they still don't beat actual shortcuts for cut/copy/paste/select all/capitalize, like it's implemented in Swype. Having gesture shortcuts makes these tasks SO MUCH FASTER. When I want to copy and paste something, most of the time it's something new that I stumbled upon, not something that I would already have saved in my text expansion list...
  6. Just bumping this.
  7. I absolutely love it. It makes correcting spelling errors so much faster! No more having to backspace! However, there is one thing that's been infuriating. Capitalizing words. For example. I swipe "Happy new year". Crap, I wanted all three words capitalized... "happy new Year". Nope. If you swipe a word, hit shift, then swipe the next word, it undoes your previous word's capitalization and works correctly on the next word. It happens because of the missing autospacing. Because the cursor is at the end of the previous word, hitting shift is telling the keyboard to change shifts on the previous word. I hope I'm explaining this well lol. Type Happy. Happy Type shift, swipe New. happy New Type shift, swipe Year. happy new Year See? That seriously needs fixing, but I'm so glad you guys have finally went with no space!
  8. In your example, it's actually faster for you. You flow a word. SwiftKey doesn't get it right. Would you rather press backspace to delete the auto space and then select your correct word? OR Not have to press backspace to correct the word? Just immediately choose the correct word from the bar and move on to either flowing the next word or choosing predictions? It's faster this way because you're skipping the step of having to backspace then choose correction.
  9. Seriously, this is the way it should have been from the start. It makes correcting mistakes so much easier! I no longer have to backspace, then choose a correction. The whole typing flow is so much smoother now. However, my one bone to pick is that colons still auto insert spaces between it and the previous word, resulting in this : It's Supposed to look like this: This is the last spacing issue I want fixed and I'll be a happy camper!
  10. Here is a video showing how much faster copy/paste is with gestures in Swype.
  11. Same here. Swype has these gestures built in. Swype from the Swype key to A for Select All, etc.
  12. Swype allows swiping and gestures at the same time. Not sure why we can't have the same feature.
  13. I bought the year of Dashlane because of it's old integration with SwiftKey. Really pissed off that I wasted my money...
  14. neural

    Can someone please give us specifics on what features of Neural have been included into SwiftKey and SwiftKey Beta?
  15. The store page didn't have a changelog present. Seeing as it's been several months, one would think this would be a substantial update. Anyone from the team care to fill us in? Thanks!