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  1. Here is a video showing how much faster copy/paste is with gestures in Swype.
  2. Same here. Swype has these gestures built in. Swype from the Swype key to A for Select All, etc.
  3. Swype allows swiping and gestures at the same time. Not sure why we can't have the same feature.
  4. I bought the year of Dashlane because of it's old integration with SwiftKey. Really pissed off that I wasted my money...
  5. neural

    Can someone please give us specifics on what features of Neural have been included into SwiftKey and SwiftKey Beta?
  6. The store page didn't have a changelog present. Seeing as it's been several months, one would think this would be a substantial update. Anyone from the team care to fill us in? Thanks!
  7. No, this is a SwiftKey issue, not specific to Neural. It's a fundamental issue with how SwiftKey works. Please move back to previous forum. Thanks.
  8. When I'm flowing a long text - and I'm sure I'm not alone on this - I like to go fast. Meaning, I flow from one word directly to the next, and the next, and the next. I never stop between words to choose a prediction. ---------------- What would be more handy for the user, in my opinion, would be to have corrections show up after a flowed word instead of predictions. Let me demonstrate my point. ---------------- "I have to work five to sox today." ---------------- There's our example sentence. It should be obvious to most that sox is SUPPOSED to be six. However, SwiftKey's Neural algorithm still doesn't pick up on the context of what's being typed. Neural only works for predictions...not corrections. ----------------- So, while I do like to flow fast from word to word, I'm still able to check the accuracy of my words as I flow. ----------------- Here's how correcting is now: After I flow 'sox' and realize that's not what I was trying to type, predictions are shown up top, being of absolutely no help to me. I have to hit 'backspace', then choose a correction. ----------------- Here's how correcting should be: After I flow 'sox', corrections show at the top instead of predictions. This saves me time as I can easily and QUICKLY just choose a correction. ----------------- Again, I see no need to have predictions show up after flowing a word. I don't figure many people are typing a sentence by flowing, flowing, flowing, choose prediction, flowing, choose prediction, choose prediction, flowing. ----------------- Makes sense to me. P.S. For some reason, I can't break up my paragraphs with spaces? On Tapatalk if that matters.
  9. I like it, although swiping accuracy is STILL better in Swype...but that's a general critique regarding all SwiftKey keyboards. As far as 'Neural' goes, it's cool, but it ONLY works for predictions, NOT corrections. I'd like to see Neural recognize that the word you just swiped/flowed matched, or came close to matching, a word that contextually matches with another word, or your previous string of five to six words. For example, that last sentence, Neural kept changing my flowed word from six to sox... Contextually, it should have known I was trying to flow six, not sox lol, considering 'five to sox' makes no sense.
  10. I think their acquisition by Microsoft is holding up any and all updates. Just my speculation, though.
  11. I PAID FOR a year of Dashlane because of it's SwiftKey integration...wtf?
  12. After hearing about WRIO Keyboard, I started to get excited for keyboards yet again. It's been too long since we've had new developments in the keyboard market. Then THIS thing drops today! So far, I'm incredibly impressed. The predictive capabilities are so far improved over original SwiftKey. As for the corrections, it really feels like Clarity keyboard was infused into SwiftKey. It autocorrects like a beast. It corrects my fast, sloppy typing with accuracy I've only seen in the context sensitive corrections of Clarity. One thing I'd like more clarification on: does Neural take into account full sentence context or only up to 5 or 6 words? However it works, I like it! This whole post was written with SwiftKey Neural Alpha using no corrections or fixes other than autocorrect. No going back to fix typos. Also, this was all tapped out, with the occasional prediction selection. Flow is included in this alpha, and I must say, it does seem better than regular SwiftKey. Flow through space function is still either incredibly accurate or incredibly wrong. Flowing one word at a time works pretty great, however. Really excited to see where this technology takes our favorite keyboard!
  13. My HOPE is that Clarity will be integrated into regular SwiftKey and Neural will be separate from that.