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  1. Utkarsh added a topic in App Chatter   

    Hey guys has anyone checked out the new Kii keyboard. It is fast, accurate, highly customizable, has gesture typing and plus it is in beta state so it will only get better and better. I really recommend trying it at least once.

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  2. Utkarsh added a post in a topic Where did you first hear about SwiftKey?   

    This is quite funny but I also heard about swiftkey on android central. I was just searching for some good apps for my tablet when I came across Swiftkey and i have been using it ever since and i absolutely love it.
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  3. Utkarsh added a post in a topic Swype   

    Really Swype has worked very well in its prediction and autocorrect.I use it along with swiftkey and I am satisfied with it. Waiting for swiftkey flow also.
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  4. Utkarsh added a post in a topic How do you view the VIP forum from your android?   

    It is fine on Firefox for me and I personally use that only. I don't like chrome as it does not offer desktop sites well and no flash. But swiftkey has some compatibility issues with Firefox.
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