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  1. Hi there, It's not currently an option. It's only possible to completely clear all learned data, or single words you have added to the dictionary one at a time. There's a similar thread on the regular support forum you could add your votes to: http://support.swiftkey.net/forums/116689-1-ideas-and-suggestions/suggestions/2289835-add-the-option-to-stop-swiftkey-from-adding-every- For now i think the only solution is to switch out of swiftKey to a keyboard that won't develop a language model, like a few stock keyboards, or one that you can completely wipe.
  2. Nice summary. Good to see that Google is keeping it updated with more features. It was already a solid keyboard. Sent from my GT-I9300 using Tapatalk 4
  3. I have to confess that even though I found it a bit pricey, curiosity got the better of me and I bought into this now that it is in open beta. To put it into perspective I have an almost inexplicable interest in quirky keyboards. For example I was a big 8pen user, but keep that to yourself. Anyway, I've been using it a few days. Too early to really say much but the accuracy of minuum was better than I expected from a one line keyboard, I can't imagine it ever getting to the accuracy that swiftkey has because of it's limitation, but it does really well. The main difference is that swifkey is much more forgiving when you make a mistake. I also wonder how it would perform on a smaller screen. There's still a way to go for the rest of it's features, it's definitely still a beta product. The real test for these keyboards is being able to enter passwords and add non-dictionary words easily. There's a full keyboard option to do this now, which is ok I guess. I like it, but I agree with the previous comments. I don't think I need that extra space badly enough to sacrifice accuracy. Ideally a keyboard needs to be invisible, as in it can't get in the way of your thoughts too much, otherwise you end up getting too frustrated by making corrections to want to type.
  4. Thanks for all the info. Concept sounded interesting but the beta looks like a real hassle. Think I'll stay out and wait for a release version.
  5. You can tap on the word or hit delete after you've typed it, then pressing the shift key will cycle through lower case, initial cap and all caps. - Type 'cat' - Press delete (or tap on the word) - Tap shift until you get the option you want
  6. Discovered Swype is on the play store now. Much handier, if you're into that.
  7. Running pretty smoothly, like a buttered dolphin.
  8. Ok ... It's at 99,041 just now. So that's like 200 in 3 days, carry the 1 ... Ok, divide by X, Multiplied by Planck's constant ... Factor in beta release schedule compensation algorithm ... Dammit my pen is running out ... Should have just went to wolfram alpha My money is on the 22nd
  9. Working for me after hitting refresh. Thanks!
  10. Yeah, noticed this when you view the forum sections. It doesn't show up in a browser for example, I assumed it's off limits for us civilians. The SwiftKey betas section is what you want.
  11. Indeed, yowza. Here's mine for flow. I'm not sure how long this is after, I know I cleared data since the latest beta to test something out so it's roughly 3 or 4 weeks. Wish I hadn't now And for swiftkey 3, after 5-6 months that I've had this phone. I think the heat map is interesting in general so I'm going to post mine as well. I tend to tap everything sloppily and rapidly with two thumbs alternating when I can. Sometimes I'll reach and hit an 'n' with my left or an 'f' with my right for example if I think it's faster. I'm left handed and I think it looks like I do more with my left thumb.
  12. I've tried TouchPal on and off for quite a while. It has a few nice features, and is quite complete for a free option. I quite like the double quote button, the edit page and the shortcut to turn predictions on or off. They've smartened up the appearance in the last main upgrade as well which helps. On the whole I don't really like it though. I think the interface is quite busy and clunky with all the buttons on the predictions bar and three pages of symbols.
  13. Not to bash it too much, some of the features are great, but until they make it easy to type '
  14. Kii

    First impression, it's exactly like 4.2 keyboard but with options for pretty much anything you'd want. Can't go far wrong there. Seems really promising, but I'm not really a fan of 4.2 myself.