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  1. Burst water pipe causes Swindon traffic chaos http://t.co/6ZlxaFrLzN

  2. Come on @twitter your android app is unusable with the new font - at least give us the option to change it!

  3. These really shouldn't have made it to print!! http://t.co/ROX7YFSHf7

  4. "its not going to work out." "Why?" "because she breathes fire & i don't like being on fire!" #disneyworldproblems

  5. I captured a panorama at Redhouse, Swindon with #Photosynth http://t.co/PeVN95GUzk

  6. Facebook Home can be interesting depending on your friend list - but no complaints here :-)http://t.co/oNuktSIvD9

  7. Now can someone tell me how to change the god awful default font on the official android twitter app?!

  8. Hacker demonstrates remote airplane hijacking using Android phone http://t.co/CM1UqJKsQ9

  9. Love this ? Hungry Like The Wolf - Best Of