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  1. Space Pictures This Week: Purple Auroras, Mysterious Moon http://t.co/C0skzHPxZx

  2. 70 km rowerem, 1.1 kg mniej na wadze. ;-)#rower

  3. SIRRAH - Nie mam s?

  4. Dzi? zamiast zrobi? z 60-70 km rowerem... Praca (obowi?zek i przyjemno?? ;-))

  5. Trzeci raz pod rz?d "na pudle". Gratulacje dla WKS ?l?sk Wroc?aw

  6. A few clouds and I feel fabulous. (via @weathermob) http://t.co/u8sGxKWGPl

  7. Overcast and I feel fabulous. (via @weathermob) http://t.co/Z1ubDSNWko

  8. A few clouds and I feel dandy. (via @weathermob) http://t.co/KxR65eI7YZ

  9. Sunny intervals and I feel happy-ish. (via @weathermob) http://t.co/arBvpEuL2E

  10. Light rain and I feel happy-ish. (via @weathermob) http://t.co/xokoO8omic

  11. Rower, rower, rower. Dzi? 3.5h na rowerze. Przyjemnie. #rower

  12. Cloudy and I feel happy-ish. (via @weathermob) http://t.co/aC2hasMfU9

  13. Cloudy and I feel happy-ish. (via @weathermob) http://t.co/biqxQzATdq