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  1. Rizevnarastek added an answer to a question Themes   

    I love the two-tone keyboards like Classic White and Cobalt, ect... 
    ...but I dislike white overall and I dislike the blue accent on Cobalt. 
    ...Can you/someone please make a classic dark/black theme or something? Like inverted Classic White or Cobalt without color accents?
    I would assume that now that themes are up for purchase with SwiftKey that there would be more of them by now.
    Thank you!
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  2. Rizevnarastek added a question in Typing and Layout   

    Advanced keyboard layout
    One thing I'm really miss with SwiftKey is the tabulator key. 
    If possible it would be nice to enable the whole advanced keyboard layout by including the CTRL, ALT, INSERT and DELETE key as well.
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