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  1. Hi, I would like to tell you about problem with SideSync on Samsung devices. I use Swiftkey on my both devices (galaxy s6 and galaxy tab s), on tablet I connect with my phone and when I wanted to write someting I coudn't start writting.
  2. here I can find page for vote it?
  3. On android when I write some sentence and on end of it I will write dot, automactly I get space and I can write next sentence without click space button, on iOS I can't do this.
  4. it's shame, it's very usefull for better typing. Okey so for automat space after sings I can expert that?
  5. so, on iOS you can't move emoji to enter key by long pressing it?
  6. Hello, Could you finally add comma on left side like it is on android version? It is very usefull for faster typing a sentence, another important missing thing is automatic space after sings like dot. I hope I will see it in near future.
  7. Thanks for answering. I wrote message on this link which you sent me, I hope SwiftKey will be the same keyboard on iOS like android is.
  8. Why anyone with SwiftKey group haven't answered yet?
  9. Hi, Yesterday I changed android for iOS and I wanted to use the same version keyboard like before, so I decided to download SwiftKey, but I can't find a lot of future from Android on iOS version, for example 3 most important for me: - deleting words by swipping when flow is disabled, - automatically space after marks (dot, comma etc.) - missing special mark when hold one letter (for example, for 'a' I can write @) Please add this future.
  10. Hi, I would like to tell you about my idea to create new language package for programmers. Sometimes I have to do something on my tablet in PHP and there is hard to write this code on portable devices, because I keyboard destrub me in writing it, so I thought that you can add new package to download like PHP, C#, C++ etc. which could help developers write programs on these devices. Regards, Tomek
  11. On Galaxy Tab S 8.4 I have the same problem like Sohail Gagai
  12. I would like to tell that I have problem with laging on every my device: HTC One, Xperia Z1, HTC One S and Tab S 8.4 (in this device extra I have problem with vibration, it works very strange in SwiftKey). Please fix it as fast you can, because now it isn't to use. For example when I try to write some word, I write fast this word, but after 5-10 sec I will see this word.