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  1. I have used SwiftKey for as long as I have had an Android device, back when I paid for it, so I have a lot of experience of it. Please can you make the layout between devices consistent, or at least allow me to set it so? Significant keys are in entirely different places as I move between the devices. I keep making errors due to it. It REALLY is irritating. Enter Delete Full stop (period) Comma Flow in particular is DIFFERENT between the devices. If I try the same shape on each, it gives different words. The bottom row on the phone is much narrower proportionately than the tablet, so I keep hitting m instead of n. Z and M are directly below S and K, rather than being half way further out. Because the proportional distances vertically are bigger on the phone, I also find I keep hitting n or b instead of space, both typing and flowing. That vertical spacing difference is a pain. The tablet has an additional swiftkey logo key which is unnecessary, and an extra shift key which is in the place I expect the delete key on the phone. You claim that SwiftKey "Kills your typos". It actually creates more for me because I use it on two devices. What I want to be able to do is set the same layout on all devices where I use Swiftkey, including making the proportions the same. So if a key is square, as it is on the tablet, it should be square on all devices. The phone keys are actually 1.3 times taller than they are wide, whereas on the tablet they are square. Square would be good, as that would make the phone keyboard shorter and allow me to see more of what I am typing. Others may prefer taller, or not care because they type little.
  2. I get this too. I can type or flow, and the suggested words all appear as I am doing so. Then I look at the space I'm supposed to be typing into, and it is many words behind. Worse, as I watch, it merges then autocorrects words half way through leaving spare letters out the end. The problem has been there a good while, but I didn't get time to report. It only happens from time to time, so it is difficult to pin down. I cannot link it to any one web page or forum software. This morning it was Roboform browser, get satisfaction system.
  3. The update came through overnight on phone and tablet. I have just been typing in comments on a Microsoft forum, and the punctuation marks worked first time every time. However, suggested words doubled on pressing a punctuation!
  4. I try to just use one, because SwiftKey decided to make the layout of the keyboard different on the tablet and phone. It makes for errors, and currently I'm using the tablet. I have previously posted a wish for the same layout on both. It really is a shame that you can't at least offer that. The phone keyboard is better but the tablet screen is bigger. The new beta version hasn't yet been announced on the blog or in Google play store. I'll keep looking.
  5. Sorry, but you asked which app. On the tablet, I did not realise there were lots of different sections to post to. I hit the feedback button in Swiftkey and typed where it sent me. Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 running Android 4.4.2 Stock Samsung ROM ie Android overlaid by Samsung's TouchWiz Swiftkey Beta i will have to work out how I might record with screen presses
  6. Prior to today, typing in this forum, it happens everywhere. The Yahoo Mail app was the specific one today where none of the punctuation worked first first time. (Odd - why did first get put in twice?)
  7. When typing and adding punctuation marks with a long press, it gives a blank space but nothing else. No full stop, no comma no bracket, etc. Today when typing an email in the Yahoo app, it became beyond frustration. Interestingly for the first time in weeks, it is working on this topic. Mostly I use Firefox or Dolphin Browser. Ooh this posting, When trying to change my insert point, the SwiftKey keyboard keeps jumping on and off leading me to press where I think I need to be to find the screen has jumped asked it has submitted this
  8. It has always inserted the word for me, which limits the usefulness of SwiftKey. 20 years ago dragon dictate did it perfectly.
  9. Please can we have an option for the same layout on both phone and tablet? It would improve my typing and lead to less frustration. It is utterly illogical to have important keys like enter, delete, comma and more in quite different places.
  10. So many errors I make are because I use SwiftKey on both phone and tablet. When I had the paid for version years ago, I could install the phone version onto my tablet and have consistency. Now I keep hitting the wrong key because it is in a different place. Please can we have an option for the same layout on both phone and tablet? On my phone, backspace is right of M, but on tablet it is next to P. Enter is along space bar row, contrasting with next to L. Up and down arrows on phone, only right and left on tablet. Comma is left of space bar, contrasting with right of it. It is doing my head in! ................... I use the full keyboard, shrunk as small as possible, but with the number row and the arrow keys. There are times when it is too tall .