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  1. Finally got all my device records deleted. As I setup devices as new every time I did a FDR, I had numerous copies of data. Eventually got the remote data down to 64 "learned words. I have SwiftKey Beta installed an my Note 10.1 2014 and Note 4. Now in process of teaching them my forestry specific words in both Afrikaans and UK English. Thanks for the assistance! Spikes
  2. Thanks for the feedback. Much appreciated.
  3. Hi, I want to the direct opposite. I have done numerous FDR on my various android devices and have a number of "redundant" devices on the account. I would like to clear all and start SwiftKey with a clean cloud database.
  4. Thanks, Tried it just now and cleaned all my present devices. I see the option to see which devices are registered on an account is no longer visible. At one stage I had several "duplicates" of the same device after doing a FDR, I do not do auto reinstall of all previous apps. I'd like to make very sure there is no redundant data associated with my account before I reinstall SwiftKey. I have removed the swiftkey account on all my devices bar one as would like to confirm that no copies are around
  5. Ok, I will try a bit later on. Thanks
  6. Thanx. But that option does not work. It tells me to try again later. Which I did(about 10 minus later) same result.
  7. Ok, I am pulling swiftkey off my devices. Will be using Swype for a while. Not funny.....message to try again later Please advise how I can clear my current remote data. I want start my dictionary afresh
  8. I continously swipe "tge" for the. No matter how many times I long press "tge" and select to not display/user it again it appears again and again. Will deleting my database from my account fix this?
  9. Cannot take a screenshot. The keyboard area moves away as soon as I take the s pen out.
  10. Thanks for the offer to test in alpha stage. Downloaded to my Note 10.1 2014. Dismal results. No keyboard showed up. The keyboard area was active. I rebooted the note with the same result.
  11. Tab used to work way back between a bluetooth keyboard and a HP 6500 for t9 selection
  12. My Note 4 is the most sophisticated device in/on my Lada NIVA

  13. Swiftkey for Afrikaans support Printhand for supporting older printers Business Calendar Planmaker for closest to MS excel Maildroid for permanent bcc option and keeping copy on server in IMAP Dropbox for sharing files to clients
  14. Ps to the above! Long term user refers to swiftkey application. It was the second app that I purchased in 2012
  15. Thanks! The continous failing of SK and whatsapp on the lollipop Lockscreen. I enjoy being able to reply y directly from the Lockscreen to family messages(in Afrikaans) Could not find any meaningful information just googling the issue and I could not read posts here on the VIP section. As for deleting my cloud(SK)information and loose a vast collection of forestry specific words in both Afrikaans and English was not an option, I validated and found some reassurance.