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  1. I have number of email accounts that I use for different purposes but they are all forwarded to my Gmail account. It works the best on Android imo.
  2. Congratulations on the sale, I hope things are not changed too much once Microsoft gets their fingers on it. I l love Swiftkey as it is, time will tell.
  3. I have been trying with i.e. and e.g. and they are a pain to get them to type properly without them wanting to insert all kinds of odd predictions. It would be nice if this was sorted. (Typed on computer)
  4. GMail, links between my mobiles, tablet and computers. Safe and secure, never had any problems with it.
  5. The update has not got through to me yet but it is a great idea, the majority of my passwords have numbers in them so anything that saves a few clicks is good.
  6. Whether it is using the cloud or not it is pretty good at predictions, after about half an hour of use it is almost as good as the standard SK keyboard. Good work!
  7. I get the occasional hang with Clarity and it is still pretty useless in lists with check boxes, not allowing deletion of the box or hanging all together requiring a reload of the page.
  8. I stick with the dark themes, Material Dark as an example. I don't like the colored ones or those with busy backgrounds, too confusing. Guess I am just boring!
  9. I never realized how far out my key hits were until I checked. That is awful!! **Must tap higher**
  10. I have 5.0 on my S5 and 5.0.2 on my S6 Edge. I certainly prefer both over any of the previous versions, I had a play with my Samsung Tab 7 yesterday and it was horrible (v.4.4.*).
  11. OK, like DBH I was a little worried that it had been dropped as not much was being said on this sub-forum so because of that and a couple of other little niggles I went back to the Beta keyboard. I am leaving the beta keyboard on my S6 and giving Clarity a run on my S5 - I assume the latest version is 0.4.1?
  12. I have just added the Twitter beta so up to 3 now. @jiveturkee Wow, how do you keep up with them all?
  13. I use the stock Twitter app, simple to use and reliable. I may have a look at the Google Groups beta for something else "to play with".
  14. I dropped Clarity, I prefer seeing the predictions on the top bar, plus Clarity is a lot slower when doing something like a shopping list.
  15. Only SwiftKey. Edit: Oops I forgot Evernote, so 2.