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  1. Please make the clipboard to not expire saved texts. Thank you, @Prad
  2. I love my SwiftKey clipboard, very useful for me. Thank you much SwiftKey! 💗
  3. Thank you so much, SwiftKey! All themes free now. Beautiful.
  4. Hi @Prad ! Please add Blogs in this menu SwiftKey Blogs missing.
  5. 1. SwiftKey 2. SwiftKey 3. SwiftKey 4. SwiftKey 5. SwiftKey 😁
  6. I love MIUI. Xiaomi mi4c
  7. Now i don't use any custom launcher. I have xiaomi mi4c and i love his inbuilt launcher.
  8. Facebook Lite is more performant. Just test it.
  9. Ohhhh, bad news. Microsoft will ruin Swiftkey. I should try to get accustomed with another keyboard Good Bye, SwiftKey, my lovely keyboard.
  10. Later edit. Cloud service is back, working fine now. ;)
  11. I have the same issue. :(
  12. My lollipoped G2, i love it
  13. Facebook, ofcourse :D looool
  14. For uninstall some intrusive app from android go to Settings - Security - uncheck/untick that app. After this you can uninstall it.