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  1. Yes. As long as you're signed into your SwiftKey Cloud account with the same Gmail as before clearing data. If you've personalized from Facebook, Twitter, etc., I suggest re-personalizing with those services again afterward.
  2. Unfortunately, this would be the work of your voice-to-text program (most likely Google Voice Typing). As such, SwiftKey has no control over how it is addressed. While I am also curious as to why you prefer such behavior from the keyboard, I cannot tell you that SwiftKey would be able to implement it. Please create another thread for this issue, so that we can better assist you there.
  3. Currently, the only way to delete them is by going into your device settings and selecting the "Clear Data" option for SwiftKey. You can find this under Apps > SwiftKey > Storage. Note: As the button's name suggests, you will lose all 'local' data that is stored on the device. While this means that you will lose your heat-map and some of your stats, you can log back in to your SwiftKey account to recover your "purchased" themes and personalization (such as predictions). Hopefully this helps you out a bit!
  4. Hello there, jrpaerk. When you first press on a word, SwiftKey should automagically move the cursor to the end of said word. Then you can press and hold the backspace key to delete it. If you're looking for a way to delete everything you typed, your device may or may not have the "Select All" option when you press and hold the word itself. Then, when all of the words are highlighted, you can simply press backspace once to delete everything. Hope this helps!
  5. As @Alpert had suggested, have you removed SwiftKey from both the "battery optimization" and "Smart Manager optimization" lists?
  6. Your colleague Alpert referred me to you about this issue. Neither of the solutions offered on the forum worked unfortunately; Swiftkey app is not on my SD Card and despite a "force stop" on the Samsung app it still defaults to it 


  7. Hey there, mcdong! While there isn't currently a way to personalize SwiftKey via Reddit, I'll shoot the devs a message and mark this as a feature request, to see what they think about the idea. In the meantime, I can't guarantee that sending yourself an email with your preferred posts will work (as I'm not exactly sure what SwiftKey looks for in emails for personalization), but logistically-speaking, it should. Do let me know of your results if you end up giving it a shot! Best, -Brandon
  8. While there isn't a specific setting inside the SwiftKey app to achieve this, you can clear your SwiftKey cache/data (which will also remove downloaded Themes) by visiting your device settings, under Application Management. As long as you sign back in to your SwiftKey Cloud account, you'll be able to choose which themes to re-download.
  9. Odd. Have you also tried uninstalling/reinstalling and/or clearing data? There's a high chance this might help.
  10. This is in every app you've tried, correct? Are you able to reproduce the issue with other keyboards? Or just SwiftKey?
  11. Hey there, VIPs! If you've updated to the latest beta build (v6.4.8.xx) recently, you may have noticed that a space no longer appears after you've finished Flowing a word. We're testing some stuff out and want to know how you feel about this particular mechanic. The idea is that it'll now be easier to correct words SwiftKey may have predicted differently than what you wanted. Feel free to lay some feedback on us here, and even let us know if there's something wrong. Happy Flowing! -Brandon
  12. Thanks for the suggestion, Kevin! While I'm unable to confirm future plans, I'll definitely pass this along to the devs to see what they have to say about it. In the meantime, though, we hope you'll enjoy some of the multitude of themes we've made free in the Theme Store!
  13. Thanks for the report, @clem.niem. Our latest beta release aims to help improve the use of autocorrect by relieving you of the extra space that SwiftKey normally inserts and allowing you to further correct the word you just typed rather than having to backspace into it over and over again. While this means that there shouldn't be a space after a word until you've entered a new word, pressed the spacebar, or continued to Flow, a second space (after hitting spacebar) is not. We'll look into that part of the issue, but hope you won't have much trouble adjusting to the new way Flow is being tested.
  14. Thanks for the suggestion, XLT_Frank! I'll pass this information along to the devs to see what they say.
  15. While the behavior of our enter key is mostly dependent on the messaging app developer's coding, you can try going into your SwiftKey settings, under Typing > Keys, and turning the "Emoji access on enter key" option on. If this doesn't work, then it is the Allo app that has the preferences of the text box set to disallow "returns".