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  1. Having just noticed this feature during a forum crawl, I would like to +1 two already requested changes. First, the clipboard feels prohibitively hard to access (which is compounded by how hard the hamburger button is to press). I would love to see access by long press on a key somewhere. Second, the ability to control how long it remembers things. I would really like it to remember copies from a whole work day. The swipe right to delete makes it easy enough to clean up quickly, and the most recent copies will be on top anyways, so it shouldn't waste time. Going to the clipboard to discover your copy has timed out is a major time waster though. In keeping with my feature request of the day, "Advanced User Mode", these both feel like excellent candidates to test in an advanced user mode before scrounging through that data to determine the best defaults for the general user. The long-press is added to the list of features I wish I could access by a long-press on a key of my choice (I use incognito mode and the clipboard daily, but never emoji... yet the ease of access is flipped [I know this is atypical, but it's my personal reality]). I would love an advanced user mode to allow me to allocate specific features to long-press access on specific bottom row keys.
  2. This feels like it should go in the Feature Requests. https://vip.swiftkey.com/index.php?/forum/901-feature-requests/ A big +1 for this though. Anytime I have to set up Swiftkey again, it takes a while for me to remember how I had every setting adjusted. I would love to just be able to sign-in with my google account and have it restore my settings and saved data.
  3. I was unaware "flow through space" was a thing. Thank you for opening my eyes. (Not that it actually seems faster, but cool!)
  4. Perhaps this is another good candidate justification for an advanced settings mode. If the devs think three options here is too many for the general user, give us an advanced mode where we can still access this level of fine tuning.
  5. Yeah. I've always been on board with Swiftkey's goal of being relatively simple to use. But at the same time, you have more advanced settings than most keyboards (I'm here for the long press secondary characters, and the ability to adjust the long-press time... No other keyboard gives me access to symbols in 150ms). So while Swiftkey is a top ranked keyboard for general users, you've also attracted more advanced users with the fine-tuned settings you have made available. And these users will never be quite happy with a AI based approach to settings tuning. Perhaps the Beta version of the app should be a place where you let the settings get a little more out of control, then you collect the data on how beta users are adjusting their settings to find which settings have common defaults, vs which settings are used in a wide gradient. I also can't help but feel that putting an advanced settings button somewhere wouldn't be general user unfriendly. Let me unlock "advanced user" mode as it were, and give me access to more fine-tuned settings options. I'm happy to have this usage data collected in exchange. I guess my point is that for things to "just work" you need the data on what works and what doesn't. If it turns out the average user hates prediction in incognito mode, you'll never know without giving someone the option to turn it off. Cheers!
  6. Perhaps a good way to address everyone's various formatting/setting issues with incognito mode, would be to have an incognito settings mode? Allow people to adjust the whole suite of settings/themes/options specifically for incognito mode. That way people could choose their incognito theme, adjust whether autocorrect/flow/prediction/numberrow etc is on/off, even change the size/layout if desired. You could add an incognito mode toggle to the settings, so both typing and settings have an incognito mode. Just an idea. It feels cleaner than having a sub-setting for "when incognito" under all of the options people may want to adjust for each mode. Late reply... but I've been using the "Magnetite" theme since Incognito Mode debuted. I find it similar in feel and like the way they transition.
  7. I've been using and enjoying Magnetite for a few days. Is there something not black enough about this theme?
  8. You should submit these as feature requests: https://support.swiftkey.com/hc/en-us/requests/new?ticket_form_id=27342 I wouldn't expect any of these to be implemented publicly. There push is to improve the AI until it's not making mistakes like this. It seems a ways off of this (It needs some human language and word frequency training) but I doubt they'll ever implement manual training or editing of vocabulary. I think changing the size if the space key (arguably the most important key on the keyboard) would upset far more people than it would please.
  9. This option has been present in the app since it's implementation. SwiftKey App - "Typing" - "Keys" - "Emoji access on enter key" This is off by default. Turn it on. I'm not sure how this interacts with the "Dedicated emoji key" option, as I don't use the emoji menu in SwiftKey at all.
  10. Love this idea. I always feel awful typing in Landscape due to the strange stretching. And I can't adapt to the Thumb layout given how seldom I type in Landscape. This would feel much more natural. You should submit it as a feature request: https://support.swiftkey.com/hc/en-us/requests/new?ticket_form_id=27342
  11. Totally agree with this. You should submit it as a feature request: https://support.swiftkey.com/hc/en-us/requests/new?ticket_form_id=27342
  12. You'll want to submit this as a feature request: https://support.swiftkey.com/hc/en-us/requests/new?ticket_form_id=27342 I personally don't use the emoji key (I have it as an enter key by default) but your point about the comma key is good. I always use long-press on the period key for all punctuation. I've never used the comma key, and it seems it could be put to better use.
  13. What App are you using to send text messages? Some Apps will do this. For example, I used Facebook Messenger for SMS for a while, and it will auto change text based emoji to images automatically. I wasn't able to replicate what you described, and couldn't find any relevant settings, so I'm guessing it's not SwiftKey that's causing this behaviour.
  14. I don't see that theme anywhere in the theme store. Is that an older version of SwiftKey, or perhaps a modified version that came pre-installed by Sony? "Classic White", "Nickel: Light", and "Light" are probably the most similar.
  15. Ah... Horizontal space. That's strange. I never noticed if that happened on my Note 7. I wonder if that is SwiftKey or Samsung trying to compensate for the edge screens.