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  1. Well done! Should be an insider soon. Good luck!
  2. Hi, I suggest you to do it on mobile browser (Chrome, for example), or on a desktop. I doubt Tapatalk supports deep settings like these. Best Alpert
  3. Hi Alpert, 


    I realise that the thread I was posting on was about loss of words rather than prediction quality. So thought I'd send you a pm to better describe my issue. 


    With my wiped SwiftKey (not beta) install and without logging into my account so that I can start with a clean language model. I noticed that some of my existing words were already in the model (perhaps reading from the beta app?). The issues faced were the same, inconsistent caps of words (even as I type this, I am capturing some inconsistencies). 


    Here are the screenshots:





    1. Jiraffe7


      Do note that I have caps at the start of sentences turned off. 


      Additional screenshot with the issue as I was typing this post:


  4. Happy Lunar New Year !


  5. Merry Christmas everyone !

  6. Well, here's mine.
  7. Wow, your phone is the app store... Not the app. lol!
  8. Hello, You should notice that this thread was posted back in early March, back to when 99% android users don't own a 6GB RAM phone. My purpose was to ask VIPs (back then, of course) their current setup and if they were pleased to have that kind of performance. For those who owns a device released before 2016, and also for who wants to upgrade their device in 2016. That's my purpose. Your answer is not what I'm looking for, but it's interesting enough to know obviously just after half a year, android users' requirements are doubled. Although there're still new phones even flagships equipped 3GB RAM are coming. Bigger phones, bigger screens, and of course larger batteries. 3000 is the least level for a 5.5 inch display phone. For me currently I'm using HTC10, 5.2 inch but 2K display, also 3000 mah battery, which allows it to last a full day of normal usage, but struggles sometimes when I take picture a lot or playing games a lot. But yeah, let's see what Google and Apple can give us later this year. Cheers Alpert
  9. Yeah, you're not wrong at all! Hopefully Google is getting there.
  10. Exactly! But Android is still kind breaking apart, Hangouts, Google Messenger, and Allo...I hope Google can assemble then as one powerful mega app!!!!
  11. yeah, n6p is too big. Nowadays it's easier to make a big phone than a small phone, lol
  12. I think Apple is rethinking about iMessage, grab users back from 3rd party chatting apps such as WhatsApp.
  13. Hello, many requests of customized theme are received. We're evaluating. I don't know if devs are going to add it or not, either don't know if there's a date. Alpert
  14. Hello, Thanks for reaching out to us! Developers of SwiftKey don't show up here often. But if you really need to talk to them, you can have a conversation with @Prad our community manager to see what exactly can we do. Cheers Alpert