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  1. Hello guys, I know the new features and Neural models on the latest beta are so cool and make me exciting. But after a couple of hours of usage, I feel that SwiftKey lags while typing Chinese simplified (I don't speak Chinese HK or TW, so didn't test them). Here's a little video to show the lag: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BwNLLf13CxQXMjZXQ294OGJmX0U It's a little compare between SK beta and Google Pinyin input. Pay attention to the lag between when I tap on the prediction on the prediction bar and when the tapped prediction inserted into the text. SwiftKey got a small but noticeable lag, Google Pinyin just inserted immediately once my finger tip hits the screen. @Prad, it would be interesting to know if it's caused by 5-language support, because that's what I guess. Maybe it's not only for Chinese Simplified, could exist on other language models too, need more time to verify. Device: HTC 10 Android version: 6.0.1 with Aug security update SK: App: not related to special apps, it's a general problem. And if anyone can share related information, appreciated! Best Alpert
  2. Hello, Unfortunately you're posting in the wrong section in a wrong forum. Please read the article below: Current thread closed for comment.
  3. Hello, Indeed that you're posting in the wrong forum. Please read: Current thread closed for comment.
  4. Hello, Please go to our new forum to give feedback about this issue. Main Thread. Thanks Alpert
  5. Hi there, Looks like you missed our announcement. Main activities are not on this site anymore. Please read the linked post. Best Alpert
  6. Hi there, Looks like you missed our announcement. Bug report is no longer available on this site. Please read the linked post. Best Alpert
  7. Looks like you missed out our announcement and email notifications.
  8. Please read:
  9. Hello, I'd like to say welcome but it's too late. Please read this : See you in the new forum. Alpert
  10. Then I'd think it's because the AndChat has a bug for resizeable flowing window. The best advice is to contact their devs. Alpert
  11. Thanks for the video, I watched it. I think it's a problem with the app, because I just tried to use SwiftKey undocked to type in other apps with multiple text boxes in one page, there was no problem to switch. Do you have the same problem while using other apps with multiple fields? For issue 2, I saw your post. Thanks.
  12. Hello, Welcome aboard. It looks like you missed out our announcement and emails about the change of forum. Please take necessary time and read it. If you have any questions, bug reports, or feature requests, please post in the new forum. See you there. Alpert
  13. Hello, It looks like you missed out our announcement and emails about the change of forum. Please take necessary time and read it. Next, please follow the announcement and post your content to the new forum, here is not active anymore. Thread closed. See you in the new forum. Alpert
  14. For issue 1, can you record a video, plz? There're some details that I want to know and by text it would hard for you to explain. Use this app to record your screen. Enable touch in the settings. (Android settings > developer options > show touches. Sometimes it's aka glove mode) Upload to Google drive then share the link to here. For issue 2, as you said it's a feature request, so can you post it in the new forum with the title "Customize width of SwiftKey" ? Here is not activated for feature request anymore. Once you did it, I would be able to locate the content and pass it to the mod team. See you there. Alpert
  15. Hello, I believe you missed our announcement and emails about the change of forum. This feedback site is closed. Please take time to read the content and to consider to post your further questions or request to the new forum. To answer your question, the popup by long-press on the cursor, the long-press to select a word, or anything related to the cursor is brought up by Android system, SwiftKey has nothing to do with it. And unfortunately SwiftKey couldn't change the behavior of the cursor either. I suggest you to send the feedback to Google, because sadly we can't help you on this problem. Meanwhile, if you have other questions or concerns, we're listening, but make sure you post it in the right forum. This thread is considered solved and closed. Alpert
  16. Hello, A late welcome. But please notice this site is closed for bug report. More info please read my signature. But as you're new here, I'll follow the issue you have on S7e. Can you explain more? Some screenshots or videos might be helpful too. Best Alpert
  17. Hello, 1st of all : this community is closing. More info please see my signature below. From the screenshot I assume it's from Android to iOS? And it's working by using other keyboards? I have a couple of questions : Android version? SwiftKey version? On android, it's a customized ROM? On android, it's a customized font? iOS version? Can you post all the information I asked and the problem you discribed above in the new support forum? Alpert
  18. Hi there, What's exactly your device and ROM? Is it a customized ROM? And what's the default DPI of your device? I'm able to reproduce this issue on my device. But If I decrease the display size meanwhile increase the font size, the keyboard would be normal. Have you noticed this issue happens for other keyboards too? Please read my signature information and post your problem to the new forum. Thanks Alpert
  19. In that case I'd recommend this app to take screen recording videos. Be careful if you record your screen : Enable touches (phone settings > developer options > show touches), in some phone it's aka glove mode. Upload to Google Drive or YouTube then share the link. Thanks !
  20. Hi Amaan, Welcome to SwiftKey community. But unfortunately we are moving to another site. Current site is closing, and we're going to SwiftKey Support Forum. More detailed info, please click here. We will see you there ! Best Alpert
  21. Hello, Not sure how this happened. Very 1st time hearing this. First of all, as usual please share following information : Android version SwiftKey version Then, can you make screenshots or record a video of this issue and share them with us? If it's not hard to do so, of course. Please note : this site is closing down, we're moving to SwiftKey Support Forum. More info please click here. Alpert
  22. OK, don't worry, I'll send your screenshot to the team. Thanks.
  23. Try to type "It' not even a computing data structure and algorithm ...." and see if it's still suggesting "problems" ?