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Everything posted by Alpert

  1. Have you tried to delete "Hi" and "Park" from the predictions? So next time when you type "h" key and "I" key, there would be "hi", tap on that. Same method for "park". I think this might help you.
  2. Yes. You posted in the wrong section. For iOS beta you'll need contact @Prad for more info. Before that, make sure the Testflight is installed on your device.
  3. Understood. Can you give us some examples (screen shot, videos) of this kind of issue happens? And more details like : does it happen in a specific app or overall experience? During daily use, what percentage would you give for the chance you run into this issue?
  4. If you found any examples (just like the OP did), which doesn't make sense to you, you are very welcome to post them here. And we are listening. Thanks!
  5. First letter of the first word in a sentence to be cap is the grammar rule. In my experience the grammar rule overwrites the word form. Because both prediction of cap and not cap exists in SwiftKey, the rules make the cap one in the front of sentence. And yes, if you want to have non cap word in the beginning of a sentence, you will need to tap on the shift to switch because this is not a normal use or a correct form. It's the same idea that you won't see SwiftKey cap a word automatically in the middle of the sentence. Because it's not the right grammar. SwiftKey aims to fast daily communication typing, regular stuff, so to follow the regular rules is easy and fast, more importantly is most people got used to and understand how they work. If you need something more specific, more professional, more personal use, you'll need a fully customizable keyboard to adjust everything. The plural issue, I just replied in your thread. Please check.
  6. If they make sense to be plural, personally I won't consider it as a problem because SwiftKey got things right. This thread is looking for the plural predictions which doesn't make sense.
  7. Hi, You can search SwiftKey Beta directly in Google Play. But, remember, the beta version is not stable. For daily use, we suggest you to stay with stable version. Alpert
  8. Hello sir, Nice to have you on board. What help do you need? Also, be careful, this website would be closed during this weekend, we are moving to another site. Please read this thread . Thank you for choosing SwiftKey! Alpert
  9. I don't think that's a right thing to do - consider this as a user reply. Not every keyboard mean to be Swype-like. I'm not saying SwiftKey is the best or Swype is the best, but if it's always one copies another, it would be so boring and leaves no differences among all the keyboards, which also means no choice to be made by users because all are the same.
  10. Since it's the gesture of Swype, and a specific feature of Swype, I'm not sure copy it could really be legal or may cause some other related issues. And as only 3 users in this community so far need this feature, I'd say we should gather more info. Meanwhile I suggest you to submit the request on our support page.
  11. Hello, We've added the clipboard and the textpand-like shortcut for faster editing experience. Alpert
  12. The legal thing Prad talked about, I guess you thought wrongly. Even if it's available in device folder, it doesn't mean anybody can use. Especially for when another company who wants to use them, many discussions and tons of paperwork must be done behind it. The customization of sound hardly cover keyboard sound. Most people don't want to change them one by one because it's difficult to get the ogg file they want. Seldom keyboard has this feature, nearly none. As SwiftKey brought this feature couple of days ago, it's too soon to talk about it.
  13. Hi Khaled, Thanks for the detailed suggestions. Hope your contribution could make a difference of Arabic typing. Alpert
  14. Thanks Ryan. As I always use Chrome to browse the forum, there won't be difficulties for me to switch. But I do see some webpage compatibility issues of the new community. Hope it could be better. Glad that I can help this great app and service! Applause for all MOD members! And thanks for the great support from all VIPs ! Alpert
  15. I get that, thanks. The change was made to correct the bug of deleting emoji in WeChat as @Prad explained. But this unfortunately caused another issue.
  16. @Subliminal5oh2, I think @sadaa7 is talking about the font options of SwiftKey display, the letters on the keyboard. Some keyboards have the customization, for example, TouchPal. But SwiftKey uses the default font directly from the system, so not possible to change separately. But as Mike said, feel free to submit the request. Alpert
  17. Hello, Thanks for the report. Please read posts above. Thanks Alpert
  18. Thanks for the very detailed suggestions. As there's few feedback from Arabic speaker, especially for the layout, I think we need more time to collect more opinions. Not to be rude, but "guess it would be convenient" is far from the actual development. Need more points of view and daily usage to give it a real test. Meanwhile, me personally I find your suggestions are very detailed and have some reasons, but as I don't speak Arabic, I wouldn't know how it's going to optimize the typing experience. My best advice here is : please go to the support page, click the "request" button, and submit it as a new request. Copy all the details you typed above into the box. Hope it could get some attention. Best Alpert
  19. Hi, Technically, it's very easy to change the layout. But, what's difficult is to find a layout adapted for most users. It works like : To continue a bit your suggestion : Which keys to be secondairy and which keys leave as primary? If you decide those keys to be secondairy, do other users feel also convenient to use? That's just 2 examples of the hard part behind the app developement. Alpert
  20. Hello, First of all : What's you current device? 2nd question : have you flashed a 3rd party ROM (XOSP, CM, etc)? The change you showed in the screenshot is for optimization of Samsung S6 Edge(+) and S7 Edge only. Alpert
  21. Please look after your post. With 677 pages of empty spaces and returns makes it impossible to read and huge loading lag of webpage. Please keep our community nice and clean while reporting an issue. Otherwise it's difficult for us to work. The different forms of a verb happen in French too, however I have no difficulties to type or let SwiftKey learn about them. Not sure how SwiftKey works for predicting or learning Serbian. Alpert
  22. That's really strange. In our tester group, we have phone cover from 6.0.1 to 7.1.1, no one got this.
  23. I just checked with all android mod team members, they can't reproduce at all. Can you upload a screen record video? With touch locations showed (android settings > developer options > show taps) of course. If you can help, that would be great. Thanks in advance. Alpert
  24. Hello, Have you read my reply above? Thanks Alpert
  25. Again, I try to understand. If it's like your first post that you actually see the dictionary words is losing numbers? Because as I said above, if you don't use the word in weeks, SwiftKey surely won't predict it as the top 3 words, because the word usage is less than other words. it's normal.