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  1. Right now I am personally stuck on the dark Ninja theme. It's pretty interesting watching my wife try to type on my phone. I really enjoy the new challenge of seeing how accurate I can be, and pushing SwiftKey's autocorrect to the absolute limit. It's pretty fun.
  2. Nova Prime and Apex have served me very well. I'm still disappointed in TouchWiz and the plastic feel it comes with, although I will say that the functionality has improved, it's still quirky in some ways though.
  3. Oddly enough I haven't used an anti-virus in some time. I really haven't used obscure enough apps or apps downloaded from another source besides the playstore. I also found most anti-virus apps to be quite intrusive and demanding for both performance and battery life. Nevertheless, this is a great list, Maps definitely makes my top 10!
  4. 1) SwiftKey. There has yet to be a utility on my phone as important as it. 2) Pixlr, excellent photo editor. Huge considering the platform. 3)Instagram, vaping is a huge hobby of mine and this is the best platform for the vaping community! 4)Spotify, with Spoticast (stand alone app) I can still steam to my Chromecast, and it seems to have more of a my style of music collection than GPM 5) reddit is fun golden platinum - because reddit is amazing.
  5. I had the Nokia 3310. Thing was a monster. I think I paid 15 for it for a Cingular prepaid before AT&T bought them out. Shortly after that I upgraded to my favorite of flipphones And then started my interest in HTC as them and QualComm had got together to develop Windows phones, such as the OG HTC Touch. Fun times.
  6. I would honestly attribute this to the international use of this application. Every country dates differently than others, and numerical language is barrier proof, so it would be a sweeping generalization. For instance, EU standard is DD, MM, YYYY while US standard is MM, DD, YYYY I would presume that this is to minimize alienation of a specific standard.
  7. I'll give you that. One thing to note though, with Surface comes the keyboard, and Microsoft being the company they are will want that to stay proprietary. Windows Mobile serves a very specific group of clientele and really don't even try to expand out of that. They create great workspace environments, Android just perfects the personal experience. Windows has found a niche and will stay just that, I doubt there will be enough growth in that market to really even interest any third party keyboard/interface development.
  8. I'm fairly certain that Microsoft markets are more closed off to third party developers like SwiftKey than Apple is. Microsoft prides itself in creating a fluid experience that is unique to their devices. To allow SwiftKey keyboard on their market would cause them to admit that they fail at designing keyboards, and as it stands, Microsoft doesn't do that. I would suggest moving back to Android, friend. Simply because out of the great Smartphone race, Microsoft is behind Blackberry, and RIM almost went out of business three times in the past 2 quarters. It's simply a dying market. Too little, too late in my opinion. Even with Microsoft acquisition of Nokia, I truly don't see them doing anything worthwhile to get back in the game.
  9. That makes more sense lol! And yes I agree, but Facebook has almost NSA level brazen actions when it comes to interfering with privacy protocols. In all honesty, I'd be happy if applications would take a 'per diem' approach to applications, and use permissions as they are needed then relegate the application to isolation of the device. In other words, Facebook just needs basic permissions to run, however if you want to upload a picture it then needs access to your camera/media device, for that instance I grant it; after the operation is completed, remove the permission and thus Facebook's intrusion into my device. Although it would take more computing power to constantly adjust protocol for applications interacting with the device, I think that the small inconvenience will parlay paranoid actions toward specific applications. Facebook, of course, being the most intrusive.
  10. It is a standalone app, it even implements messenger internally rather than a separate application. It does not open in the browser, it's rather terrible looking but user interface is usually the most cumbersome in terms of performance. It flies on my Note 3, and seems to run much smoother than the Facebook application, in background or up front. I definitely appreciate Facebook trying to make their application more accessible, I just wish they could make the complete application halfway reliable and less reliant on every permission my phone has.
  11. I use Google maps almost everyday. There has yet to be a more accurate, regularly updated map service aside from GPS companies like Garmin, and I like Maps layout better. I couldn't imagine following directions from Mapquest ever again. The fluidity between devices is also very impressive. I can view directions on my PC and then send them to my phone to go into my GPS
  12. That was fun! Really didn't think I would get that many, haha! Sent from my SM-N900P | Android 4.4.4 | Tapatalk | SwiftKey Beta
  13. Hey joshg, Great topic, as I really believe that Calender apps are far too often just ignored or utilized for the most basic sense of the functionality. I also agree wholeheartedly that Google's Calendar application (while gorgeously seamless with MD) lacks a lot of functionality that I would like to see in a calendar application. I have been using DigiCal Calendar for about 3 months now. At this point, I just don't know how I lived without it! From 6 different views and 5 different widgets, there is bound to be a preferred way to view your information. My personal favorite is Agenda view. It allows me to view all important data on an hour to hour basis, and makes inputting information so quick and easy! It recently was updated to utilize information fed to it from Google Now as well, which I use quite often. It has a great fluid functionality between the application interface and my device and looks gorgeous to boot. While I'm at work, I usually track the information that I need to on an hour to hour basis, and I do it all with this app. As joshg stated above about Sunrise, I'm positive that I am barely scratching the surface on what this application is capable of; alas I've already purchased the ad-free version and was greeted with MORE theme options for the application as well as the widgets. I do like the Material Design implementation of Sunrise though, it looks great! Sidenote: I wish more applications would get on the MD bandwagon. Great topic Josh!
  14. Nice EeZeEpEe! I was looking at those! Ended up going without the 4k (I read that [on next gen consoles specifically] they had small lag waves trying to upcode the input signal to 4k output). My next TV purchase will be 4k though. Or a projector! Lol Sent from my SM-N900P | Android 4.4.4 | Tapatalk | SwiftKey Beta
  15. I usually keep them on a wishlist on Amazon and eBay, I get consistently real offers, but I'm iffy about electronics unless it's someone I know personally I don't like used. Never had an app with this functionality but you got me wondering now... Sent from my SM-N900P | Android 4.4.4 | Tapatalk | SwiftKey Beta