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  1. It's all about how you post, if posts start off with version numbers and specifications between beta and market it makes a huge difference for us as the moderators and SwiftKey teams. I haven't had an issue regarding posting through mobile, using Chrome browser it has been substantially easier regarding notifications due to Tapatalk instability via multiple forum sources. It's much more streamlined for new users to find, which is ultimately the goal, more interaction and involvement is always better via public forums. Change is constant, and by far and away rarely received well, but I will say give it a chance and you will be surprised at the speed and clarity of the new community! Sent from my SM-N920P using Tapatalk
  2. Anything is possible Tagdan. What SwiftKey is trying to achieve (and according to the numbers, doing a fantastic job as such) is a better UX than its competitors. This means less intrusive permissions and the ability to zoom in on the keyboard that may be useful for some, if not most, of the users. I'm not saying this won't change in the future, that I cannot speak on as I'm not a developer. However, a feature request is the best way to go regarding this functionality. http://support.swiftkey.com is where you can find the feature request section. Happy typing! Sent from my SM-N920P using Tapatalk
  3. New beta released today, fixed the issue for me, please update and try it now ☺️ Sent from my SM-N920P using Tapatalk
  4. As a moderator, I was originally upset about this as well. I will say, however, that the mobile version of the Support site is very user friendly, and wonderfully formatted for mobile screens, so now instead of a third party app, you can use your favorite mobile browser to view, comment, and discuss different things over on the new U2U support site!
  5. This happens with the new beta in certain landscape applications and has been reported. For curiosity sake, what device, Android version and beta are you running? Sent from my SM-N920P using Tapatalk
  6. This is program (app) specific. For example the code used to bold in the forums through Tapatalk is very different from the code to bold in say Reddit. You're best, and more realistic option would be to take advantage of SwiftKey shortcuts through the clipboard and put the coding per application there. I'm not saying its impossible for a keyboard to make this function happen, so feel free to fill out a feature request at http://support.swiftkey.com Sent from my SM-N920P using Tapatalk
  7. SwiftKey doesn't remember, or add words to the dictionary on first tap. You can see this with email addresses, normally I have to enter the email, push the leftmost suggestion, then backspace and repeat about 3-6 times depending on complexity before it will predict the email address upon entering 3-5 letters. If you're only tapping the prediction once, that is most definitely the problem. Sent from my SM-N920P using Tapatalk
  8. I'm curious as to why you think this? There are 5 of us incredibly active in these forums and often times if we don't have a positive note to say we simply document and listen. Community feedback is more important than input from the long-time users and moderators of these forums we like to see the discussions posted and see a few sides of the issue before we come in with our reasoning and or responses. While we may not respond to every thread the day it happens they are all read. The SwiftKey team is growing, not shrinking and has very little to do with the ownership transfer as Microsoft kept the team intact. This app is always changing and always moving. In my experience Gboard has been on the come up, however SwiftKey still excels and saves me time communicating as well as adding features necessary to continue a wonderful, worldwide UX. Languages are tough, which is why we take this feedback very seriously regarding language usage and ease of use. Support for these languages take time, and it's still, all things considered, a new feature. Try offering a constructive criticism, or something youd like to see changed, feature requests are best filled out through http://support.swiftkey.com and documented by the development staff there. Happy typing! Sent from my SM-N920P using Tapatalk Thank you for the wonderful feedback, as you may be aware language models always change and improve over time, I can say it will get better because SwiftKey development is taking all of this information in on over 30 languages globally, we appreciate feedback like this because it gives our development staff a starting point, bear with SwiftKey, and from continued responses like this they should be able to improve greatly. Cheers! Sent from my SM-N920P using Tapatalk
  9. I have not had a limitation on mine so far, regarding shortcuts. The shortcuts on the clipboard as far as I know also don't back up to the cloud so, upon a fresh install, and some updates it may clear the clips. Sent from my SM-N920P using Tapatalk
  10. Quick reply is a feature of Android itself and your messaging app, with a native keyboard or gboard, or even swype (most times, unless it crashes), the permissions are there to allow full functionality. As SwiftKey doesn't control features of its phone, SwiftKey is not what allows quick reply. The Android permissions are what causes the lack of functionality, the keyboard still works, but doesn't have all the features such as flow or secondary (long-press) keys.
  11. So for clarification I said "lag can be somewhat device dependent". While the language switch may not work for you, it has not been an issues for millions of other users who have reported great things about the way the switch works, especially via a couple different layouts regardless of language used. Often times, just because a post isn't responded to or answered to usually relates to nothing constructive to say, or it being under review. I'm not dismissing your issues, I was referring to you speaking about SwiftKey "falling in love with itself" while not listening to users, when it could not be more the opposite. I was concerned as to where you got that inclination considering how much users like myself, and Alpert and Prad spend here. We do not dismiss issues, we simply catagorize and distinguish between issues that SwiftKey can and cannot fix as the limitations of a third party keyboard to how it interacts with your device is very device specific. As I said, I have never had an issue with lag, aside from running multiple instances of the different keyboards SwiftKey has to offer via Beta or Market. Again, not a dismissal, just simply an observation. None of the users here are victims, we are simply users, and sometimes somethings outside of anyone's control happens, SwiftKey and the development staff do everything they can to ensure a smooth GUI and a wonderful UX. It's what we all shoot for, and we're listening to EVERYONE along the way. Also, small note here, I purchased the app as well as the majority of theme packs before everything in this app went free. Multiple times for no less than 10 accounts. I've been using this app for 5 years, and have had issues since then, never have I thought that there wasn't a time that SwiftKey wasn't addressing my issues in a timely manner when you take in the scope of the things they do.
  12. Because there is still a swipe to unlock option. Which means there are Android security features in place, which in turn disables some functionality. Sent from my SM-N920P using Tapatalk
  13. Most of the changes made have been the culmination of a large numbers of users via feature requests, I'm confused as to why you believe SwiftKey "falls in love with itself" when they have maintained the most highly used third party keyboards and the best prediction algorithm/AI available on Android interfaces. Most of the new features come from users feedback, as is the purpose of these forums. You can also change the layout for each individual language depending on your personal usage and then swipe the spacebar to switch between layouts/languages. Lag is also somewhat device dependent. I've never personally had an issue with lag unless I had been swapping between the Beta and Market version regularly. There is a SwiftKey rep who spends the vast majority of his free time and work time on these forums listening to users, he relies on his team to address concerns and simple issues while partaking in a large portion of discussions regarding a variety of topics. While your post will be read, I believe its slightly shortsighted to say that the company doesn't listen to its users. That's been the driving force behind improvement of SwiftKey for many years.
  14. More depends on the permissions requested/granted by the keyboard. SwiftKey tends to be much less intrusive than most other third party keyboards.
  15. As far as I'm aware, this is an Android security system functionality, it also disables secondary keys and some other functionality from the keyboard. Not 100% on this, I will do some checking and update when I find out for sure. UPDATE: This is an Android issue for sure, I'm currently in a discussion with Android users on XDA, most native keyboards are NATIVE, and thus have all the permissions they need to continue platform functionality on every screen, any third party keyboard (with the exception of Gboard) will lose any extra functionality, or simply revert to stock on lock screen in order to make it easier to input passwords. This is not a SwiftKey feature, or anything that SwiftKey developers can "fix". Happy typing everyone =) Sent from my SM-N920P using Tapatalk
  16. To speak to Alpert's point, have you ever seen on Android the squares or boxes that show up behind some Apple users tweets, messages, or posts? That is an Unicode incompatiblity. To prevent this on any device ensuring that every emoji you send is seen, SwiftKey only enables universally supported Unicode Emoji. It's a standard system, to ensure every emoji used via SwiftKey is seen by every user using any platform or keyboard. Sent from my SM-N920P using Tapatalk
  17. Other than 'flow through space' I do not think so! I'm by no means a file expert as I am a thumb tap typer! And it's all good, questions are exactly what we are here for! Sent from my SM-N920P using Tapatalk
  18. Space isn't automatically inserted during flow. Best bet would be to stop flowing, insert comma, continue flowing. Sent from my SM-N920P using Tapatalk
  19. Try incognito mode when you're in the program @Lestat Sent from my SM-N920P using Tapatalk
  20. I get what you're saying. I'm simply suggesting that switching between the two keyboard setups will allow your predictions to be better tailored. The issue you're having might also have to deal with the Serbian dictionary SwiftKey has, which may differ greatly. There was the same issue with Chinese and other languages when they were added, it's a difference of dialect and personal use rather than the generic typed language. So if my solution doesn't work for you, I understand, but that is what I have. For now, it seems as though patience will be your ally as the SwiftKey team reviews and attempts to narrow down the issue. This will not happen overnight. It will be as soon as they can get to it, but three things, 1) this is not a simple problem with a simple solution. 2) threatening to move to another keyboard is not only non-constructive, it will not make the problem be solved faster. and lastly 3) we appreciate your patience and understanding, and will get the issue sorted for you. Happy typing brother!
  21. Ok, now we're actually getting somewhere. Do you have Serbian enabled in your language settings? Based on your screenshots you only have one language enabled which is why your prediction quality is suffering. It should have the language you're typing in shown on your keyboard in multilingual setups. If you do have in enabled and you do not see the switch on the spacebar, go into language settings and click Serbian, then select QWERTY (Serbian/Croation/Bosnian). These simple settings can effect your predictions quite a bit.
  22. I'm not asking for all 6000 words. I'm taking your word that there is an issue, otherwise I wouldn't spend my time here trying to validate and figure out exactly what you lost. I'm asking for precisely what I asked for, examples of specific words lost. If you say there is an issue with prediction, I am asking WHAT the keyboard is failing to predict. Screenshots of CURRENT issues, not ones in the past. For instance, if you are trying to say "Yrdvark" and the predictions are not there, then take a screenshot, and post here. Finding out exactly what issues in prediction quality that you're having will help us isolate the issue. Personal dictionaries are stored locally, and backed up on your cloud, the access to them is impossible for even SwiftKey, as its in the coding of the AI to predict words you use more often. We do not know the words, I'm asking you specifically WHAT words you've noticed gone. I'm sorry if my other users and other issues comment struck you as uncaring, so let me explain. There is a priority list, and you seem to be one of the only people across the millions of users affected, so it is a matter of priority. There are some that are not having predictions, there are some iPhone users that can't access their themes, there are literally thousands of individual problems that effect everyone in a different manner, across the globe. So, if we can isolate the issue, and have it as clear as humanly possible, there may be a simple fix. When you're the number 1 keyboard across an entire device used by hundreds of millions of users, the issues pile up quick and it can be a matter of, ok what's the BIGGEST issue across the board, that's how prioritization works. There is also a matter of making changes and new developments to the app to make it better, and maintain the number 1 spot. So yes, I'm seriously asking what words you've noticed gone. It helps fix the problem when we have the information. If you're having a problem you should be able to provide further details regarding said problem, I do not care to know all 6000 words, but if we can figure out what words and predictions seem to be failing you it might help the development team fix the issue quicker. And what do you mean words in your language? Which language?
  23. What words specifically have you lost? I've been using SwiftKey for over 5 years and I have a little under 7000 words added (at the time of this writing my "stats" card shows 6992) most of them are slang, emails, or abbreviations. I also work in the vape industry so I use words like KangerTech, Smok, etc, compound that over 40 brands used in the marketing that I do almost exclusively through my phone, and I have never lost prediction quality via an update. I rarely pay attention to the card and haven't noticed any difference of predictions. It just seems crazy that you are one of the few users affected by a statistic. Screenshots showing what you're trying to predict and what's coming up would also help a bit more locating the issue quicker by our development team. We try to help every user, but for some situations there is not enough information to zero in on a cause for the issue. Help us help you rather than judging how we deal with issues, SwiftKey is a very busy company with thousands of moving parts in an epic machine. While this issue is the one that plagues you, there are millions of users worldwide suffering from issues just as important to them, it's important to quantitatively address those issues. Any more information you can provide would assist in this matter, screenshots, exact words "lost", etc, etc.
  24. Okay well that's interesting and let's me know a little more. I have a 6s+ like I've said. Usually all apps work flawlessly on my device. It's disheartening to know that my device might not be compatible with the beta at the moment. But hopefully they can push out a bug fix or a update. Or perhaps I need to download the app another way? I'm ignorant when it comes to iOS and how applications work on here. It's a bug for sure. The iOS team has been notified, just hang tight for a few days. Sent from my SM-N920P using Tapatalk
  25. Okay thank you! I really appreciate this. Please let me know when you have some information regarding this matter. I will also reply if this issue happens to resolve itself. Will do. Sorry for the initial confusion just trying to get through the basics before escalation. It seems to only effect certain devices. Sent from my SM-N920P using Tapatalk