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  1. And I can't help but wonder why that is? Security issues maybe? They're big on security. It's not like they don't have the money to do it.
  2. OP, did you try that with the stock keyboard and another 3rd party keyboard? Just checked my Firefox. No issue like that. 6s Plus iOS 10.1.1 Try deleting Firefox, then reinstall it.
  3. I think one of the things that is frustrating people is the time it seems to be taking to move forward. From what I've seen and experienced, there seems to be little difference in the App from what was available two years ago? Having been a long time Android user, I discovered "Swype" a few years ago and thought it was the best thing since sliced bread, texting wise and then Swiftkey came along and blew the whole game apart for me and I went mad recommending it to others (and still do) and it was always one of the first things that I downloaded when changing phones.. Being a one finger texting person, like many of my generation, Swiftkey's ability to predict and remember and learn words and speed up the overall texting experience massively, was a Godsend. Several of my friends with iPhones would tease me and ask why I didn't switch to iOS and I always gave Swiftkey as the primary reason, even though I knew that I'd be better off in so many ways, such as syncing with iTunes, playing the phone directly through the Car Stereo etc. etc. but I couldn't be doing with the clunky, stock iOS Keyboard and all those Upper Case letters, which didn't turn into lower case after the beginning of a sentence! [emoji3] However, when I learned that Apple had finally relented and "allowed" 3rd Party Keyboards (about bleeding time!) I took the plunge and bought an iPhone 6 and yes, Swiftkey, once installed was, and is still, IMO, miles ahead of the stock texting keyboard.. Nevertheless, I gave up on the iPhone for a number of reasons and went back to Android and the Swiftkey experience was like saying hello to a long lost and much loved friend..particularly on the bigger screen of a 5.5" phone, where not only did I have the wonderful and, more importantly, time saving long press options, but I could adjust the keyboard size and all of these things, once more, made texting a pleasurable experience. However, due to all sorts of compatibility reasons, I've chosen to come back to iOS and, of course, I'm using Swiftkey, but on the smaller screen of the iPhone 6s it's not nearly as pleasant as on Android. For me, the obvious things that need sorting are: 1. The number row. 2. Long press alternative key options. 3. Being able to resize the keyboard. I'm not sure I buy the reasons/excuses why this has not come about. I'm struggling to believe that it's really that difficult! [emoji3] It's been 2 years +? Other (lesser) keyboard Apps such as Swype Touchpal and even Blink have come close to sorting, some, if not all of the above, although they all have their obvious flaws. Yet, Swiftkey remains, IMO, the best of a pretty average bunch, all of which are, again, IMO, way better than the iOS keyboard.. SwiftKey on iOS has come a long way since iOS 8. I've been using since it was first offered in the App Store. Some of the features it lacks are limitations by Apple. But overall, it's gotten much better.
  4. No issues with predictions on my 6s Plus. I'm on SwiftKey beta.
  5. You can get on the public beta any time. You register in and add the profile. That's it.
  6. LOL, I'm down to a respectable 292 apps. I was up to 340.
  7. New for my iPhone.
  8. iOS 10 stability has been great. SwiftKey has been great as well. I had a couple hiccups early on, but it's fine now. I'm on iOS 10.1 beta 5.
  9. Welcome to SwiftKey VIP! Glad you finally made it! On what phone do you use SwiftKey?
  10. Ok guys if you can't turn off prediction bar, give me the option to make it useful at least! something like replace it with numeric bar for example! Who cares about an annoying prediction bar?? I love predictive on iOS. Use it all the time.
  11. PM @Prad with your email address. There's limited availability of beta test spots.
  12. The public beta is the same as the dev beta. You can do that now. I love it!
  13. ... It's easy using the predictive boxes. And add one tap on the space bar before hitting the exclamation point.
  14. It's working great on my iOS beta. All fixed. It may be in the App Store now as well. It's already re-remembered all 7 of my email addresses, and then some.
  15. Emails and numbers are a go on beta. YAY!