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  1. It must be some tapatalk issue, sorry. It looked normal to me.
  2. oguglao, sređivao, usisala, zavrnuli, uključilo, prekinuti, nahranila, iskrivila, iskrivilo, popravljeno, kompjuterskog That's why I don't understand asking about specific words, I could go on like this forever. In serbian there are many variations of one word. For example: word "finished" can have many different forms depending on context: završen, završena, završeno, završeni, završenim, završenom
  3. After conversation above, you sound like you heard it for the first time Alpert. We talked about this, it is happening. Still, you sound surprised. There is a problem and it should be fixed.
  4. OK, thanx for your help and sorry if I sounded rude. It wasn't my intention as I'm the biggest SwiftKey fan and I want to keep using it. Keep me updated . Thanx again
  5. I have two languages enabled and they both work. One of the key SwiftKey features for me is automatic language selection. I never change language manually like on gboard for example, I hate that. If what you're saying was the case, Serbian wouldn't work at all. What you're seeing is because I use qwerty layout only, Serbian can be written in qwerty layout just fine and I prefer it. Prediction adds missing letters for me and it worked on SwiftKey perfectly for years and it still works. It's just matter of individual words missing. Edit: now I even tested that other layout you mentioned, it works the same.
  6. I use dual language setup. English/Serbian. Serbian is very different to English, every word has many "shapes" in different uses. For example, boy = dečak. Now I'll try to type boy's in Serbian and take a screenshot. OK, I did it now and it didn't recognize very basic word that I added earlier - dečakov. I know I added that word. And now it works, I can give you literally hundreds of examples like this.
  7. Are you seriously asking what are the exact words that I lost? There are 6000 of them, random kinds of words. All different. On my language mostly. Emails are working. If there's someone that can help me with this and check my personal account, i can give all the vital details. I don't understand how can you expect me to replicate the problem when words are not there. Why would I have a screenshot of my previous situation, who takes Screenshots of their app settings/stats? If a add a word now, it works. You have to take my word for it, but you won't obviously. "There are other users and issues", I know. So, the best solution is to look at my account (or someone from development team) and see for yourself. You certainly have some backup or internal stats about every account. You know all my words after all. You can edit or delete my account. I'm sure you can see that I have 6000 words less now and automatically worse prediction. I can tell you that many, many words that I added are not there anymore. I have to type them manually again. I look at some whatsapp conversations and I see that I definitely added them. I even remember as there are many very specific words in my native language. So I'm sure that I'm not wrong here. I can believe you that you don't know what's happening. But this situation is very frustrating, not only at this moment, but imagine this happening again after, who knows, new 10000 words?
  8. OK, let's see where this takes us. And it's not just a number in stats, I hope that's clear now. Sometimes it is much more comfortable to use a paid app. Then you can expect something for your money. When we have a free app like this, developers can always say "We're sorry, you're free to look elsewhere". I didn't choose the business model for SwiftKey, but these are serious things. Just imagine Google staying silent about disappearing emails or photos because the service is free. These are just examples, I'm thankful for your help, of course.
  9. Well, I don't get those words in prediction, so the prediction quality is definitely worse. There are no words, simple as that. We'll see what happens and how fast.
  10. I contacted SwiftKey android support a few days ago, no response. I guess this is the way we're gonna deal with this, damage control , nice words and similar stuff, but my 6000 words are gone forever. There's actually no way to contact someone to personally check my account about this. . I can't contact developers. They're not responding emails. Very, very frustrating situation and very bad experience as a long time user. Fortunately, gboard is improving and if I don't get a response on this, I'm gone. Thanx everyone.
  11. Thanx for that explanation, it makes sense when you put it that way. I can definitely see that the base lacks some words I added manually, that fact makes me doubt that I lost all 6000 (very specific) words. So, prediction quality IS worse for me after all...
  12. OK, I definitely see the drop of prediction quality after latest update. Not only I have 6000 words less in stats, but this keyboard feels less "mine" overall. I have to work harder. Stock Android 6.0.1, latest SwiftKey, Nexus 5.
  13. They should definitely check that. I'm hundred percent sure I'm not entering 6000 words again if it's not a stats bug.
  14. Why should I disregard that? I'll watch prediction quality more closely...
  15. I just realized that I lost almost 6000 words from my dictionary. I had over 16000,now I have 10600.