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  1. To be honest, this keyboard doesn't really work. Fantastic idea though. Maybe if we could feed more shakespeare documents into the keyboard and if its learning as you type functionality had been disabled.
  2. I think it was more a lack of comunication than a misunderstanding, if you think of forum users as ideological stockholders instead of a relatively inactive community and act accordingly. I think you'll find much higher profits and popularity. We are basicly your user advocates, beta testers, branding focus, Public Relations, and in some cases even useable coders. IE: very cheap assets.
  3. I agree.
  4. So I use hexy every day. I know it shouldn't be used like that at this stage but I do. But folders would be awesome. I don't even care how the folder's ui looks. I'll take whatever I can get.
  5. RT @colormymood: foxes are under appreciated https://t.co/68BWSWSyUh

  6. RT @colormymood: foxes are under appreciated https://t.co/68BWSWSyUh

  7. I'm missing some of my apps aswell. I have to go to the play store and look at my installed apps to get to some of them.