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  1. I meant SwiftKey theme, that changes its color to match the color of actually used app, based on primary color of layout, usually placed on top panel/bar. Thanks!
  2. Hello, It's modified official beta of Nougat for S7, there must be problem inside ROM, because some other apps also was misspaced, I think this one would be fixed when official one will be released. I've swtiched to recently to other ROM based on CM (android 7.1.1), and everyhing looks alright now. Thanks!
  3. Instead of GIF support, I would rather like to see: -full acces to personal dictionary, to edit, delete or move words between languages, -richer dictionaries, I use your keyboard and other ones since 6 years, still missing a lot of words in Polish, I'm aware that supporting this language is hard, but Swype is far away with its dictionary since I remember -possibility to switch between languages without using different layouts -possibility to switch recently used emojis to most used emojis -themed emoji panel, to mach it with used theme -delete last word with swipe on delete key -theme based on top panel of application -fix double spacing after word (i write word with flow, ends it and press space - gives me double one) Cheers!
  4. Hello, my keyboard looks like at attached image, its a bit less wide than screen. Android 7.0, SGS7
  5. For me SwiftKey adds extra space each time after flowing a word and pressing space then. I want to put an emoji after a word and one space, but it's impossible without making space double, remove one of them and then finally add an emoji. Adding emoji right after a word causes that emoji is glued to word. Please fix this one, it's really annoying. Cheers!
  6. Hello, Spacing between word and emoji is wrong. When putting emoji without space after word, it glues to the word without space actually, on the other hand when you will make space after word and then add emoji, it gives you another useless extra space. What I've saw, it doesn't happen always, so sometimes it's hard to reproduce this bug. I would like to ask you to automatically separate word and emoji with space, when emoji is selected right after last word, without space. Sometimes keyboard 'hangs', and it's impossible to input long-press symbols. It's a bit strange, because sometimes it does affect only some symbols (recently I wasnt able to put 3 and 5 with long-pressing on e and t, rest of numbers worked great). Cheers!
  7. Hello, Could you please consider adding possibility to easily acces and edit personal dictionary? I can't believe that such thing isn't in this keyboard yet. Thanks!
  8. Hello, Could you please consider adding possibility to move cursor with swipes on space, or add an button point similar to wp10 keyboards' one? Cheers!
  9. Hello, Could you please consider adding a theme that matches color of using app as Chrooma? Thanks in advance!
  10. Thanks for reply. Sure, but changing keys layout makes keyboard completely unintuitive, useless to me.
  11. Hello, I often switch between languages, i would like to ask you to implement simple swipe left/right on space key to select language input. I saw something similiar in other keyboards, and it's really useful. Parallel input in several languages doesn't satisfy me because they iterferes each other, making mess in my messages. Switching through settings is too complicated, not really a solution when changing many times per day. Thanks in advance!
  12. Android Nougat is around the corner, with all quick reply features, this can't be true that you are abandoning such feature in one of the most used keyboard on this platform.
  13. I'm on Marsmallow and issue still exist - can't use flow when trying to reply on message directly through lockscreen. I can't believe that this issue exists since one and a half year. 😉
  14. There could be slider as well as possibility to put exact value. Just pressing on current value could open keyboard with possibilitity to edit it manually. Also, I think that 5ms steps would be more than enough.
  15. Hello, Is there a shortcut/way to open layout only with numbers, as in attached image? Cheers