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  1. I don't care about gifs. If I want to share them, I do. But not via keyboard. Rather I would like to see a better dictionary settings. I don't know how many words SwiftKey learned already. I don't know when Russian / English dictionary was updated. I can't add words exactly to SwiftKey. And I'll be happy when you update Russian dictionary. It's too poor. Also it would be nice to see how many words have I typed with SwiftKey
  2. Thanks. "need to add words to keyboard every time I type" - here I tried to say that there are too many words which I need to add to a dictionary so it happens almost every time I chat with my friends.
  3. So you want me to tell everyone to write here? (so you can see how many people need a dictionary update)
  4. Reinstalled, deleted all languages and downloaded them again (English and Russian) SwiftKey version is
  5. If you want me to start listing words that are missing for me and which I was forced to add to a dictionary, then here they are: Любвеобильный, шахтерский, электрический, синеватый, бирюзовая, штепсель, длинноухий, маркированный, словарные, легированная, прирученный, заложница, приподнявшись, незаменимая, фотонный, термический, ... This list is not full and includes only words which I used last hour. Also it does not include morphs like "бирюзовый", "бирюзового", "бирюзовом" etc. You can also download a Russian dictionary and reproduce it. You will see that they are really missing. Is it so hard to make a valuable update for a dictionary? According to replies on 4pda this is the main reason why not to use this keyboard
  6. Please, stop adding new languages like Maori (less than 0.2M of people) and improve existing dictionaries, which are outdated. Especially the Russian one. There are no words with affixes, so I need to add words to keyboard every time I type. P.S.: using Google keyboard now. This one knows Russian better. MUCH better.
  7. There are no words like "ирригация" or "системная" (word "system" and "irrigation" are available in predictions on english layout). So imho SwiftKey does need a dictionary update. A big one. I don't think it's so hard to do. And it is not only me suffering from this problem. Guys from 4pda already discussed this http://4pda.ru/forum/index.php?showtopic=179055 And a screenshot below. (many links to a posts where different ways for updating a dictionary are shown) There are many ways to "push" a dictionary inside keyboard, but it would be better if there were no need for it. The official function to extend the dictionary would be even better. Like you choose a file with words you need, press a button and that's it. Without any difficulties.
  8. When using SwiftKey, it's hard for me to message with others especially when it's going about any specific theme (theoretical mechanics for example. There is even no word "теоретическая" unless I add it myself) . SwiftKey keyboard forces me to teach it nearly every word I try to write. It could be great if you upgrade dictionaries with more words. P. S.: sorry for my bad English