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  1. You should be a spokesperson for SwiftKey. But for real. I was having a problem when I switched to the Galaxy S7 from the S5. I didn't have the problem with the S5 because it was slightly bigger. I was just looking for a way to turn it off. So I hit the forums and people ran with it. Given just the feedback in this forum alone. That could warrant adding one toggle button to turn off both features imo. Several people said they would switch keyboards or have already because of it. It's not like you would have to rebuild the whole app, or add a bunch of different layers of GUI. Just a "none" option under flow and gestures. I moved from the Galaxy S7 to the Note 5 because of that reason (and because I hated the curved glass screen) and since, I haven't had much of an issue. It happens from time to time, but nothing to write home about. It is an issue with some phones though apparently. People get heated because this is the keyboard they have likely used forever. They could easily switch, but would rather find a work around because it is a great keyboard (and more). And creating one toggle button. Minor.
  2. Think I've proven my point that it's not just me. I could understand not listening to the customers every demand. Especially if it was a new feature that didn't have a real use. This however, is just making it so we don't have to use a particular feature. You say that using one of the two features is what makes the keyboard great, and that might be for a lot of people. But why not pull in that much more fans, that just appreciate the basic functions of the keyboard, by letting them turn off the more advanced portions of it. The bigger the user base the better? We haven't heard anything from the makers in awhile. Would be nice to hear their input here.
  3. I think the problem lied with the s7. The phone is pretty thin width wise and I have bigger fingers so it was a awkward motion. Positive it wasn't hitting the back button because I have Haptic vibrations and I didn't feel it. I swapped phones to a note 5 and it doesn't happen nearly as often as it was. Still the option would be nice to toggle, but it's not so pressing anymore. Thanks to everyone for your input. Let's make SwiftKey even better!
  4. There is no video necessary and it isn't a touch issue. I know what is happening, I am swiping down just a little bit while swiping horizontally to get the ?. Enough so apparently that it closes the keyboard at times. So my goal of this was just to see if there was a way to shut both off or not. Flow I don't use, and if it is on, a lot of times if you are typing and end up dragging your finger or something a bit, it will pull of a swipe gesture and just is annoying. Then the gesture option is as explained. So, guess its just something I'll have to deal with, but at least have raised awareness to it. I understand you shouldn't/can't be just creating different options for every little reason, that's just ridiculous. This one though, In my opinion at least. Should be a basic setting to be able to turn both off. Thanks anyway.
  5. The video capture software I was using doesn't have that feature apparently. Do you know of one that does? I thought I was rather clear on my statement. Obviously I understand that u can just tap outside the screen, or press back.. I just said that. My problem is... Apparently because I have an S7 and my thumb is longer it isn't very easy to, and is actually an awkward movement to do while typing, swipe horizontally with this phone. What happens is more of a swooping motion from down to right like a curve, rather than a straight movement from the period straight right to get the ? (happens only to the ? because of the movement) . Obviously this isn't SwiftKey's fault. I was simply asking if there was a way to turn the gesture off, along with the flow so this does not happen. This was never an issue with previous versions or with my s5 because it was slightly larger width wise so I could easily swipe directly horizontal. The main reason I use this keyboard is because of that quick access to the punctuation. That's what really sets it a part. You don't have to stop and hold anything to reveal the symbol you're after. Or tap the "123" button like with iPhone default keyboard just to gain access to the ?. Not quite sure how not being able to have the ability to turn off a feature like gesture, makes SwiftKey "awesome". Which it is, but not for its lack of customization.. Gestures again is useless because it imo is quicker (yes some may find it easier to use gestures) to press back key. So if Its messing me up and I have no use for it, why would I want it. Hence the benefit to allowing it to be toggled on/off. I would assume I am not the only person experiencing this issue. You even took my side in the below screen shot. "We provide the features, it does not mean users have to use it one by one. It also means maybe a group of users don't think this feature is useful". Problem is... Exactly.. But you give me no choice. I have to use either Flow, which I don't like, or Gestures, which I don't like because it causes problems.
  6. Here is a video of what is happening.
  7. Well maybe I have larger hands because when I come to use the swipe feature to access the ? Etc i must be doing a long enough downward swipe to pull down the keyboard. Initially I asked again how you turned it off, I am now editing it because I misread what you said. I Thought you said there was a way to turn it off. I'm confused why SwiftKey wouldn't have an option to turn either off. The gesture imo is useless. Why would I swipe down (when it often doesn't work, Instead typing letters or something) when I can just hit the back key? Or tap outside the keyboard.
  8. How the heck do you turn both of these settings off? I hate flow so that immediately is gone. So it gives me an option to choose between gestures or flow writing. Both of which I don't want or use. I put it on gestures as its the lesser of two evils. Problem I find though, when trying to use the swipe ? or ! or , I am actually closing the keyboard because I'm apparently swiping downwards just a little to much. Please help!