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  1. Hi any sneek peaks? Im not asking for eta or anything [emoji3] just being curious about the direction SwiftKey for ios is heading Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Hi, first of all - Merry Christmas ) And now to the bug - since I upgraded from iphone 5 to 5s I don't get SwiftKey on lockscreen anymore either. Just the default keyboard. SwiftKey worked only on iPhone 5 when on lockscreen. So it solved it self Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. request

    Hi thanks for passing it by. Any news? At least negative ones? I'm curious
  4. Hi, sadly the problem is back. SK comes up every time, pretty fine. But the new lockscreen really sucks with SK. No comma, no accent characters, no language changing anything I can do to help?
  5. For me it works just fine now just tried it with pin protected lockscreen and it works too if I find any issues, I'll report them
  6. Well, for some reason I was now able to write properly even in imessage quick answear.. Wierd, but good (no updates done in meanwhile)
  7. Well, expect for some random hiccups it showed and worked properly
  8. Thanks for great questions! I actually didn't believe it was possible, but 2 - in viber it works, I will try other apps too and report back 1 - no punctuation or accented characters work, nor changing languages work. Sometimes you might accidentally press some, but it doesn't really work. Anything more I could try out? EDIT: Facebook messenger working fine too.
  9. Yes I'm on latest ios and SwiftKey beta you guys don't have this issue??
  10. Yes, I was able to do this on iOS 9. Now that the lockscreen behavior changed it also broke this SwiftKey functionality. I believe that it's caused by the new lockscreen gestures.
  11. I can't actually say if it's since the very first built, but it happens for a very long time. My guess is that is since the very first one UPDATE: The problem still persists even on the golden build.
  12. This would be the single most wanted feature on IOS for me is apple the problem or it's just not a priority?
  13. I would actually like to see some new themes in the store but I prefer dark themes, as they don't hurt my eyes in the evening and also some more minimalistic ones, as they go better with the design of the system. So - minimal coal and nickel dark
  14. Hi, since ios 10 betas I'm unable to write a comma when answering from lockscreen. I'm currently running ios 10 developer beta 8 and SwiftKey beta 1.5.4. When you try to write a comma you swipe the background instead. To make it clear I made a video. Cheers https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B3lYopZf2_IQWkZwbXpRZWMxeWM EDIT: I just realized that it is the same with writing accent characters like á and so.