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  1. I'm also facing laggy performance on my OnePlus 3 since the last update (the one that allowed up to 5 simultaneous languages, although I'm using currently only 2).
  2. All right, I'll let other mods know. http://cloud.tapatalk.com/s/580644069d543/Video_Zip_20161018_124633.mp4 here's the recording showing how much it lags for me. if I don't use the gesture and rather press and slide, it works fine. Sent from my ONEPLUS A3003 using Tapatalk
  3. I've already clean install because swiftkey is an embedded app on OxygenOS, so the only thing I could do is uninstalling the updates, I also tried cleaning cache, had no positive results. To make sure that I wasn't doing anything wrong, I tried the SwiftKey Beta (clean installed) and the lag remains. The quick slide gesture for punctuation is unbearably laggy to me. Sent from my ONEPLUS A3003 using Tapatalk
  4. Hi, folks. After updating the keyboard to its latest release, mentioned on the title, I've been facing a lot of performance issues. It's mainly lagging to add a punctuation via gesture (sliding left or right on the full stop button). Once in a while, it also lags when pressing a key (very rare) and it wasn't happening before. I'm not using the Beta keyboard. My device is a OnePlus 3 Android 6.0.1.
  5. damn right, mate! You're completely right. I didn't notice the date, I'm sorry. I hope they give us more battery! I'm power hungry, that's undeniable.
  6. This thread is a bit inaccurate. I've got a OnePlus 3, which means I already am Snapdragon 820 and I've got 6GB of RAM (which option's missing on the topic). Answering the questions: This processor amazes me in every way and I'm completely satisfied by it. Of course I wouldn't refuse an improvement, but as of now... nothing beats it. The 6GB is what I need on a phone and I wouldn't buy anything more than that. And at last, I don't think 3K mAh is enough anymore. I want more. I want 4k mAh fitting 5.5'' or 5.7'' full-HD display.
  7. I'd very much appreciate it, mate.
  8. I disagree with you on that "that's what makes SwiftKey awesome". What makes this keyboard awesome is the accurate prediction feature and the gesture on the punctuation button, not the gesture/flow on the keyboard. Whether or not the developers find it awesome, the user should be in control of what they want on their keyboard. It wouldn't hurt to turn the gestures off, just as much as wouldn't hurt to add the option to turn off the Keypress Pop-up (which, by the way, is something that most of the community has been asking for a while now and you guys haven't listened to it). Regarding the gesture itself, I've wanted to turn it off, too. You see, oftentimes it can ben a real pain when one types too fast and one finger touches the keyboard before the other finger has been lifted, which triggers the gesture/flow. It can be quite annoying, assuming that someone that's typing fast doesn't want to undo the keyboard's misinterpretations.
  9. Hello, people. This morning, I noticed that Swiftkey had an update on PlayStore and the changelog says "Sync fixed". It got me happy instantly, but I also noticed that, after syncing, I lost my predictions. Emails, saved words, my own word flow (the keyboard knew what I was going to say before I had the change to type often times). They are all gone. Is that expected? Should I wait a while longer? Thanks!
  10. so loyal that you're willing to give up on it just because of a major problem that I'm sure they're working their arses off to solve. It's not as simple as turning on the sync servers, mate. A small googling and you'll find that the server was mixing account information from SK users all over the world. I guess they haven't found the problem, so they had to shut it down in order to preserve our privacy. It's not like they're just going to hop off and turn it into a train wreck. I do agree it's annoying as hell, 'cos I had to wipe all my device data 3 days ago and now I have to teach the keyboard all over again...
  11. 1. Option to turn ON/OFF the Pop-up keypress. Come on, swiftkey... what's the use of that? 2. Emoji UI is extremely old and laggy. 3. More easy access to other symbols, like percentage, $ and the < > keys. 4. Option to turn on/off the pop-up keypress! 5. The prediction bar colour should match more the rest of the keyboard. Right now I'm using Carbon White and the pred. bar colour sometimes bothers me.
  12. Hello, all! First time using the VIP Community, strangely enough drawn here by an issue happening this week. Nice to be here! I'm a native portuguese speaker and an avid learner of English How're you all doing?