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  1. I'mhaving the same issu. II spen more time eeditin. Than typing. PLEASE EFFING FIX THIS!
  2. I checked but don't have jetpack or adblocker installed and also disabled the web view app but it didn't make a difference. I have a stock GS5 that has the same issue. Thanks all the same. (:
  3. Up until now it's been dolphin browser, but last night it happened in Evernote . I'ma creature of habit and don't want to switch browsers.
  4. As Itype in this box, sSwiftKe. Cuts off words that it corrects. If iImiss a sspaceor misspell a word or type an "i" it screws up eeverythin. If i. Type a contraction like "dont" SwiftKey corrects it like this... Don'. or dDon't The text you see above is using your keyboard. If I use the native Google keyboard, like I am doing now, it's ok. This only happens while typing in a browser - Dolphin browser. No issues in any other app. My device: Galaxy S5 (smg900t) rooted cyanogenmod 12.1 android ver 5.1
  5. I also want the option to turn off both swipe and gestures. Neither option is what makes SwiftKey so good. What makes your keyboard stand out is the prediction and auto-correct. The rest is just fluff. So how about giving us what we want?!