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  1. Make sure you toggle the world icon key that appears to the left of the space bar. It should turn into a smiley face when the SwiftKey keyboard appears. "SwiftKey" will also appear on the space bar.
  2. Whew! That's reassuring. I'm off to app store for update.
  3. When I received email (gmail) notification of this post the words "App store" were replaced by "Google Play Store"! Is that something google/ gmail does to promote itself?
  4. Thanks Prad. How can I get notified when issue is fixed?
  5. Hi Pad / SwiftKey team, I'm having the same problem trying to sign in with gmail account on iPad air. SwiftKey app says there's a problem connecting to the internet, but internet is working fine. I'm on it now and have been all morning. Previously I had SwiftKey set up on Note3 and iPad air 2, where it was working fine. Now I would like to have all that stored data synced to this device, ie current iPad air. Can you help me please? Second issue is that although SwiftKey is remembering new words that I'm inputting on current device, it won't predict my email address despite me having entered it multiple times. How do I get it to remember my email address? With thanks, Mark