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  1. @Brandoberry New VIP joining in, since this change now hit the production app. I agree with the many people here who don't like the new flow experience - I prefer the old behavior where you backspace, which works better for me. It's very confusing atm, sometimes it makes a space (e.g. Clicking on a prediction, typing specific characters such as ( ) - & . ) and sometimes not. The past few days I've been typing double spaces a lot... I agree with @dntpnc, @C.O., @Statici @ShevAmeMG and the many more that this ruins prediction for flow-users, and makes it slower, especially for those that flows correctly most of the time don't want that extra click on the word in the predictionbar (which is already written since they flowed correctly), just to get the next predictions. Definitely add and option for the old behavior and the new, opinions are very divided on what works best for the individual user. E.g an option named : Automatically add a space after flowing - on/off Considering downgrading myself just because of my this change. From beta version changelog: "- New Flow experience: When Flowing, we will show you three possible predictions instead of auto inserting the word "