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  1. Ok uh....upgraded to that version, and it worked for a second, then randomly I'd swipe a word and it would instead duplicate the word I just typed, without a space before it. Seriously weird. So this time I went back even further (to 5.0) and not only does everything work, but the weird problem where things were being incorrectly capitalized is fixed too. SwiftKey guys...if you're gonna upgrade, at least fix your bugs before release! Ugh :/
  2. Awesome. Good to know I can update the app now. Thanks!
  3. Any updates on this? I'm still using the old version.
  4. Yeah...while I'm sure that these BUGS COULD be addressed (also btw, while looking to make the next word all caps, I accidentally turned "bugs" INTO BUGS etc lol) it would be infinitely easier to simply revert the spaces change. The default Android keyboard operates in the way that things have been changed to, and that is a major reason for why I use SwiftKey. Please change it back >.< Edit: I got tired of waiting, so I went ahead and reverted to version (just picked one at random)...gonna watch this thread for to see when it is worth going back.
  5. Ok I also have to add: This change is not only annoying but it is littered with bugs. Spaces appear before ;and yet not afterwards, and the inability to just add an S to something to make it plural (also why was that s capitalized??!) is quite annoying (the s will appear after a space, as if you wanted to create a new word with it). Capitalization is forced after periods, even when auto Capitalization is turned off in the settings, and as you can see, it is remembering capitalizations from such scenarios! I might just download an old apk to get around this...after all,at least two versions ago ,spacing worked correctly and words didn't get auto capitalized after "..." (though that seems to have been fixed?)
  6. If I might just say: It makes sense to hit backspace to correct an error. In fact, at this point, it's hardwired into my reflexes to hit backspace when correcting an error. Similarly, it's hardwired into me to tap the predicted word that I know will be there, and now that just...adds a space. Totally unnecessary change that makes things feel clunkier.
  7. Hey guys! I'm new here but I've been using SwiftKey for idk...three or four years now? Something like that. It's still the best keyboard I've ever tried by far, but recently I've been experiencing something weird: Common words (such as "after") are entirely forgotten (oh and "are" was gone just now) or even nearly replaced by non-words (such as "aster"). What I mean by "forgotten" is that when a word is swiped, it is not written (something else is) and when it's typed out, it is not the primary (middle) word completion suggestion. (or a suggestion at all, rather) It's always been kinda aggravating that it forgets words like "chronodynamics" (which I do write occasionally) but never forgets to capitalize "god" no matter how many times I tell it not to, but I got surprised when it started to forget things like "the". Anyways, I'm just wondering if there is any way that I might be able to idk, tell the app to stop learning new things from other users. Or if there's any way to achieve the end goal: For words to not be forgotten.