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  1. Thanks for your response. I use flow all the time. The idea though is that this kind of functionality would require a tap sweep, meaning the gesture would have to start on the space key, therefore it wouldn't be triggered during normal flow use. Regarding gestures, as I use flow, I'm not very familiar with the accuracy and the way gestures work. That being said, I've noticed these two modes, flow and gestures, are separate, meaning you could integrate it firstly onto flow mode and later on potentially find a way for it to work on gesture mode as well. This would take users a week or two getting used to, but would certainly reduce wasted sweeps later on. I
  2. Hello, As a user of 4 languages {Hebrew, English and French (stacked together) and Japanese} I find the language switching method quite annoying... Yes, we're talking one extra swipe in case you've swept in the wrong direction, but swiftkey, as all of today's mobile keyboards, is all about diminishing typing /swiping to the minimum. Why keep switching to a single dimension? Instead, use right swipe for Lang 1, swipe left for Lang 2, and swipe up for Lang 3.