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  1. I just got the update right now for the new version. Designs/themes now work for me just wanted to let you know that. I guess the old version just wasn't compatible with my device. But this new update fixed my issue.
  2. Okay thanks !
  3. Okay well that's interesting and let's me know a little more. I have a 6s+ like I've said. Usually all apps work flawlessly on my device. It's disheartening to know that my device might not be compatible with the beta at the moment. But hopefully they can push out a bug fix or a update. Or perhaps I need to download the app another way? I'm ignorant when it comes to iOS and how applications work on here.
  4. Okay thank you! I really appreciate this. Please let me know when you have some information regarding this matter. I will also reply if this issue happens to resolve itself.
  5. Yes I was using the market version fine. I was able to access my themes and download them & everything worked correctly. When I installed TestFlight on my iPhone and installed Swiftkey that's when I had problems with the themes/design. So I'm not sure if this a beta bug or what. If there's a way to send my app information like a bug report where someone can take a look at it. (Im not sure why it's just refusing to work)
  6. As I said in my post I've already installed it multiple times and it hasn't fixed the issue. I'm not sure why it's working for everyone else and not me. I really need help because this is getting really ridiculous that I can't use a simple function of the app. I've installed the app MULTIPLE times. Including TestFlight. Still doesn't work right
  7. Hello everyone ! I'm sorry if this is the wrong area to post this. I couldn't find the option to post for the iOS beta. I downloaded the swiftkey beta for iOS using TestFlight. I have a iPhone 6s Plus. For some reason I can't load themes/design. I've uninstalled the app multiple times and I've tried connecting using wifi and lte and nothing seems to work! It's stuck on the loading screen whenever I try to open up the themes for swiftkey beta. I'm not sure why it's affecting me and I need help! I'm on iOS 10.2.1. I was having problems on iOS 10.1.1 also. I tried contacting swiftkey support but they really didn't give me a good answer. Can someone help?